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How Your X-Men S.O. Deals with You Being Human

Charles/Professor X:

He makes a lot of jokes about it (”What are you talking about, darling? Auburn hair, that’s a mutation. That long second toe–you’re a textbook mutant!”). But when you don’t feel like laughing, he reminds you that it would take much more than one gene for him to look at you differently. And, of course, he’s careful not to use his abilities to keep secrets from you.


You two don’t discuss this subject much. You know she struggles with accepting her mutation, so you don’t feel right wishing for an x-gene. She asks once: “Do you like being normal?” The only mutation you’d ever want is the power to make her life easier (and maybe to kiss your girlfriend without risking your life). She loves you for this answer.


Logan just straight-up forgets sometimes. This leads to more than one instance of play-fighting getting a little too rough and him freaking out and apologizing repeatedly. He’s so in love with you that he sees you as almost supernatural, angelic. The biggest struggle is knowing that you will age without him, but if the relationship has taught you anything, it’s to enjoy each moment for what it is. 


Storm is a pretty no-nonsense woman. A difference in evolutionary status is, to her, no more significant than a difference in eye color. She pushes you to get involved with activism surrounding mutant equality (”You’re in a unique position, Y/N. You have one foot in each world. Do you know how powerful that is?”).


Erik never thought he would fall in love with a homo sapiens. At first, he wanted to have you tested for the x-gene because he mistook his affection for you as a mutant persuasive ability. Not the case. The more he gets to know you, the more he softens towards humanity (and the world in general). You fascinate him more than any mutation could.

Jean Grey:

Jean was initially a little suspicious. A human getting involved in mutant affairs had rarely ended well. Now, she knows your intentions are good, so she lets herself fall for you. Being with a non-mutant actually makes her feel safer, more stable,than being with another mutant. You two balance each other out in so many ways.


Similar to Rogue, he often feels burdened by his powers. However, he has a little more fun with you over it, letting you try on his extra visors and dutifully shooting down any target you point out. He makes sure you’re never left out of any important decisions at the school and routinely reminds you that he would retire if his position became too much.

mypunkpansexualtwin  asked:

With Greyson and his earlobe, I'm reminded of a thing in Fallout 2. If you take too much radiation damage you will grow an extra toe. The next time you use an auto-doc it will remove the mutated toe and put it in your inventory. Your character is very profoundly sad about this when you interact with said toe, then you get a series of options for what to do with it. One of them is to eat it, to which the game responds in horrified confusion, "YOU JUST ATE YOUR FUCKING TOE!"


[greyson voice] big mood

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Paw edits are allowed, either as weight edits along with the rest of the body, or by themselves as natural mutations (bigger, smaller, more toes, etc). Don’t cause a witch hunt just because someone told you no.


Fic Writers Week 2017: Day Five

Day 5 - Verbatim

Readers: Share your favorite quotes - You read a fic, and a sentence sticks to your mind for days. A passage has such beautiful imagery that you can almost see it, conveys so many feelings that it makes you cry. Let us know what some of your favorite fic quotes are!

Writers: Share your favorite quotes from your fics - There’s always those passages that you’re the most proud of writing. This prompt is so you can proudly showcase them to your readers!

Seeing is Believing (X-Files/X-Men crossover)
“You can’t possibly think they really exist. I mean, yes there is biological evidence working in your favor this time Mulder, but other than a few genetic mutations giving babies six toes or webbed hands, it’s – what you’re suggesting doesn’t make sense. If this really is a possibility, then why wouldn’t more people know about these, these-”

“You can call them ‘people’ Scully. And why can’t they exist? How many cases have we worked on where someone had unexplainable psychic ability, or other strange powers we’ve only happened across a handful of times?”

The red head gave an exasperated sigh, frustrated with her partner’s constant willingness to always believe in the most outlandish of tales. Her pursed lips and raised eyebrow always gave away her skepticism. “So, you’re telling me that I should not only accept the idea of people who can walk through walls or have radiation powers but that we’re actually going to meet some in person?”

“Oh, there’s even a guy who can shoot lasers from his eyes!”

“You don’t say.” She rolled her eyes and followed after him, squinting into the New England sunlight.

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