mutated tiger

Golden Tigers (or Golden Tabby Tigers) are an extremely rare color mutation that is thought to affect only 30 tigers in the world - all in captivity. The genetic mutation in captive tigers can be traced back to a recessive gene that was in a white tiger named Bhim. Bhim was a carrier of the gene that caused this color mutation, what is thought to be the wide band gene (a recessive trait), and was mated to his sister who also held the wide band gene. Neither of these tigers showed the characteristics of a Golden Tiger but one of the cubs did. The cub was born in 1987.

It is thought that Golden Tigers once roamed the wild but the last two were shot and killed in 1932 and only through captive breeding was this color mutation brought back.


Since the 1800s, people have sometimes reported seeing pure white tigers, these have become known as Stripeless Tigers (or Ghost-Striped Tigers). Written descriptions can be found in many places, including the 1829 book Le Règne Animal written by French zoologist and naturalist Georges Cuvier. “A white variety of Tiger is sometimes seen, with the stripes very opaque, and not to be observed except in certain angles of light.”

However these cats are far from a mystery animal from historic documents - they are an extremely rare color morph. These tigers not only hold the genetic mutation in the pigment gene “SLC45A2″ (this mutation causes pigment changes in red and orange colors while not affecting black colors at all). They have another mutated gene on top of that one which causes them to lose the color in their stripes. 

In 2004, a stripeless white tiger was born to two normal healthy bengal tigers at a wildlife refuge in Alicante, Spain. This cub was named Artico (left photo). In 2008, another was born at Cango Wildlife Ranch, near Cape Town, South Africa. Her name is Fareeda (right photo). Fareeda is thought to be the first white tiger born in Africa, even with her lack of stripes. It is said that these tigers are two of only 20 stripeless tigers in the world, all living in captivity. 

Bloody Reunions |Wastelands|
  • Bayou:
  • The Starker did something and they all disappeared.
  • (Serpentine): "The rapture? That cant happen yet what-"
  • "I do not want to here your gypsy take on it!"
  • I snap at our princely charge and only wish the Starker did not leave before killing him. I was tired of this tag along.
  • I look at Lagoona she seems irritated the unicorn got away..again.
  • "You know where they are going right?" I smirk at her.
  • Lagoona wouldn't say it but I did.
  • "...'home'...?
  • The mutated snakeish tiger squeezed between us looking out.
  • (Serpentine): "Wheres that?"
  • Before I could answer him I spoted a company across the icey cliff side.
  • One of them was Zelda....
  • ....
  • So shes alive...
  • (Lagoona): "Huh..Who is she working for?" She said in a judgmental tone looking out
  • My keen hearing picked up a bit of the conversation
  • (Torrid): ..damnit he was right there! ?" A large feline beast with fire flaming out of him growled in anger at the loss. They were wearing gold and red colors and looked organized
  • (Lagonna): "Its the new group we saw on the other side.."
  • "Yeah? think she'll be friendly if we say hello?"