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I had a dream last night that there was this little known Shrek horror movie that started off in a cheesy “so bad it’s good” fashion but then suddenly it was about people losing things into the sewer system where nothing but mutated rats could survive.

Fiona loses a shoe or something down there along with this plot relevant key, because they live in this slum apartment building where the washing machine drum inexplicably has a doggy door to a chute that leads to the sewers.

Eventually both are brought back to them by Donkey, who is soldiering on somehow in the sewers and begging to be rescued (all openings have thick bars over them). He’s caked in mud and thin as a rail, blathering about rats. One scuttles in and Donkey cowers in a corner as it goes into a nearby hole…into a room filled with poisonous gas. The rat calls out in its death throes for revenge to be taken on Donkey and there’s a cut to this huge, buff bipedial rat who sends out assassins.

This plot thread never gets resolved.

Shrek and Fiona also keep coming across this small Japanese man who looks like he’s about 200 years old, and who moves around like he’s stop motion animated. His face sometimes flashes over the screen at seemingly random times to scare the viewer.

So anyway, Shrek and Fiona somehow manage to take a look into the past where they learn that at some point Yubaba slipped on some children’s drawings that were on display in the sewer for some reason and died. There’s also a trip to like sengoku jidai Japan where they see a mail carrier kid they later realize is the old guy they keep seeing.

Then all of that gets abandoned and it becomes a live action film where a cop finds a man responsible for a series of heinous crimes pleasuring himself in the bathtub while being arrested.

In the dream I had suggested watching the Halloween Shrek not knowing what it was and my horror-loving friend was enthusiastic. After watching it though I was trying to figure out how to let him down gently when said friend walked in, smacked the movie out of my hand, and began to stomp on it.

laxor0519  asked:

As somebody who started gaming when 3d was the standard, what was gaming even like in the 80's? What direction were you even expecting games to go?

Oh, gosh.  Honestly, I could never have anticipated back then the kind of games that we have now.  As a kid back then, I was blown away when Jurassic Park came out for the SNES with the indoor segments that were pseudo-3D:

It looks absolutely archaic now, but back then, it was some amazing shit to a little girl (yes, I’m aware that Doom had come out the year before, but I didn’t learn about that until years later, and that was on PC).  Then the Nintendo 64 came out, and later the Playstation, and suddenly you could genuinely move around things!!  When I played GoldenEye with my brother, I was just amazed, which I’m sure is hard to imagine, given how outdated the graphics are by today’s standards:

(Of course, RARE had a knack for creating impressive games that utilized console technology to the fullest)

Though the in-game player models weren’t the greatest, I remember people going apeshit when Final Fantasy VII came out, with the commercials showing the cutscenes.  Similarly, I remember I just had to have Parasite Eve when I saw photos of the cutscenes for that in a gaming magazine, because it was 3D gore.  When I saw that first rat mutate, I was just stunned.

After that, it was really just a matter of watching models become smoother and smoother over time, so it was less of a “shock”, though still pleasantly surprising to see the increasing tiny details in each new game to come out. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have watched video games go from games on the Magnavox Odyssey²–

to games with incredible atmospheres like The Evil Within

or the cancelled Silent Hills teaser, which ran on the marvelous Fox engine.

Don’t even get me started on watching a character model I’ve spent hours meticulously customizing talking in cutscenes, because the level of work necessary to make that happen still impresses me (even though the game is older now, I just really enjoy watching my angry mohawk guy in Saints Row 2 bossing people around with his big ol’ muttonchop sideburns).

For a moment the rat stopped, long nose twitching, lips pulled back from its teeth, tail laid long and limp on the floor.
“Are you alright?” Dr. Hoover whispered from the other side of the door. The rat paid her no heed.
“Yeah, but I’m stuck.”
“Control is on their way.”
Which was comforting.
“Should only take them about five more minutes to get here.”
Which was a lot less comforting.
A lot can happen in five minutes. For example, a genetically mutated rat can figure out it has nothing to fear from a boy with a paint roller. Or said-boy can die from his heart refusing to beat and his lungs resigning their position.
—  Beneath West-End Run, by Kay J. Fields

The official unofficial Green Lantern the Animated Series suggested team build for League of Legends!

GLTAS fans: you may or may not be aware that I now work at Riot Games, infamous for making League of Legends.

Grab your friends and relive your GLTAS feels with these similar archetypes:

Civilian Hal Jordan / Jayce

One’s a fighter pilot turned super hero who wields a power ring - the other’s a steam punk inventor who created a weapon called the Mercury Hammer.  Kilowog would be proud.

Razer / Varus

One lived a simple life on Volkrieg until his planet was attacked by Manhunters, sending him down a path of hate. The other was the warden of a sacred Ionian temple until a Noxus invasion corrupted his soul and drove him down a similar path of vengeance.  Oooh, so dark and broody.

Aya / Orianna

One was created by an Oan Science Director in an attempt to make the perfect artificial intelligence.  The other was built by a grieving father hoping to replace the ballerina daughter he lost.  Emotions detected.

Larfleeze / Twitch

One is a diseased dog-like hoarder that doesn’t want you to touch any of his stuff.  The other is a mutated sewer rat that doesn’t want you to touch any of his stuff.  STOP TOUCHING THEIR STUFF.

Saint Walker / Diana

One is a zen master bastion for hope who’s nickname is “Moonface”.  The other belongs to a moon worshipping order called the Lunari who crusade against the sun worshipping Solari.  Okay, this one’s a stretch, but you have to admit Diana’s in game model looks a lot like Saint Flawless.  If you squint. 

The best part of all this? - League of Legends is free to play!  

Let me know how this team build fairs!  See you in game!

PS: Warner Bros. lawyers, all these characters already existed before I started at Riot, so don’t come at me bro.


Games Workshop New Releases

The End Times: Thanquol (Skaven)

It’s been a while since I posted about new releases and I know that these guys have been available for a while now, but I really like these new models, so I wanted to to post about them.

Warhammer: Thanquol

The Skaven prepare to conquer the world above rising up from their vast Under-Empire. Dwarfs, the Empire of Men, and the ancients of Lustria find themselves overwhelmed by the tide of Vermin. How will it ever end?

Warhammer: Thanquol is the fourth instalment of the epic saga of The End Times. Following the story of the Skaven as they burst forth upon the Warhammer world, no hold is secure, and no continent is safe from their pestilence and technology. The Skaven’s story is described over two hardback books which are presented together in a sturdy slipcase.

Warhammer: Thanquol Book 1 is a 232-page book which details the story of the Skaven during the End Times, chronicling the return of the Verminlords, the rise of Grey Seer Thanquol and the alliance of the Children of the Horned Rat with Archaon, the Everchosen.

Warhammer: Thanquol Book 2 is a 64-page rulebook that contains 6 new scenarios inspired by the End Times story and special rules for jungle fighting in Lustria. It also includes background and rules for the full range of new Skaven miniatures, including five Verminlords: Verminlord Corruptor, Verminlord Warbringer, Verminlord Deceiver, Verminlord Warpseer, and Lord Skreech Verminking. As well as this, there are rules and background for the Stormfiends, and Thanquol on the latest incarnation of Boneripper.

I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on any of The End Times since Nagash, but they all seem to be epically beautiful books of joy and I am sure this is no different. Albeit, a little more hairy and verminous.

Verminlord/ Skreech Verminking

The mightiest of all the Verminlords, Skreech Verminking is a legend amongst the Skaven. Possessing phenomenal magical ability, allied with the best traits of the Skaven clans, he is the master of ruin reaping death wherever he walks.

Towering over the rest of the Skaven range, this is a fantastic centrepiece miniature that oozes menace.

Skreech Verminking is armed with a plaguereaper and a doom glaive and has a unique half rotten face.

This multi-part plastic kit can also be made as one of four other Verminlords. Whichever one you choose to assemble the legs and body are used as the core to then add the following details to:

Verminlord Warbringer is armed with a doom glaive and punch-dagger and is notable for featuring a spiked helmet.

Verminlord Warpseer is armed with a doom glaive and scry-orb.

Verminlord Deceiver is armed with a doomstar (in the shape of the Clan Eshin rune) and a warpstiletto. It’s head wears a mask and hood to hide its features.

Verminlord Corruptor is armed with 2 plaguereapers. It has a skull head with broken horns and a mane of long hair.

This multi-option kit is absolutely sumptuous and I genuinely love each build, but I am completely in love with the Verminlord Warbringer. The doom glaive and helmet are just wonderful, but all the blades, tails and horns are amazing.

Thanquol & Boneripper

Thanquol is a grey seer of prodigious ability (some would say luck) who is watched over by his sturdy and loyal, albeit mindless, bodyguard Boneripper. They make a fearsome duo; the arcane might of Thanquol complimenting the savage brawn of his giant rat ogre.

This imposing multipart plastic kit makes one Thanquol and Boneripper. Thanquol himself is armed with the Staff of the Horned Rat (with his unique rune carved into it), and wears a warp-amulet.

Boneripper is a gigantic mutated four-armed rat ogre, covered in brands, stitched-up skin and rune-etched armour. He has a massive power pack on his back and sports a mechanical left leg. He comes with 2 variant heads and can be armed with either a warpfire projectors or warpfire braziers. There is also the option to add a alternate shoulder spike should you wish.

In addition to this there are 21 rats included with this kit. It’s up to you whether you decide to decorate this model with them, or include them amongst the rest of your Skaven collection.

This has been a model that has caused some varied opinions, along with the Stormfiends, but I have to say that I think the big guy and Thanquol look great. (on a side note I nearly passed out laughing after getting the giggles from attempting to pronounce Thanquol in a variety of ways. If anyone has the correct Skaven-accented pronunciation we would greatly appreciate it.

What I love about this model are the magical smoking effects, which I think are unbelievably beautiful on the warpfire braziers build. I am in love with those smoking fists… 

External image

However, Toxic assures me that I am completely wrong and has said Boneripper with the braziers reminds him of the above chap from Smash Bros. 


The latest creations from the crazed laboratories of Clan Moulder, Stormfiends are hulking brutes stitched together from a variety of body parts. Armed with a deadly array of experimental weaponry, they are able to wade through densely-packed enemies, or single-handedly halt enemy charges with blistering fire-storms.

This multi-part plastic kit makes three Stormfiends that can be assembled with a variety of weapon options. The three Stormfiends each have a unique pose, and warpstone armour that is different for each model. They are covered in all manner of pipes, cables, stitched skin and runes.

Each miniature has the option to be armed with a pair of one of the following: ratling cannon,
grinderfists, doom-flayer gauntlets, shock gauntlets, warpfire projectors or windlaunchers.

These are another controversial set of models that have reminded some people too much of Warhammer 40k, but I really liked these interesting amalgamations of mutated ratmen and wicked weaponry and armour.

These certainly do push the steampunk weaponry of the Skaven to its most technological, but the warpstone, symbols, braziers and experimental weaponry shrieks of Skaven to me.


The End Time keeps pumping out beautiful and epic models that continue to blow my mind.

How are you guys feeling about these new models? Please do let us know and other Allies please feel free to reblog this back with your own comments and thoughts.

- Darth Sebious

Splinter was a mutated rat/human who adopted four baby mutated turtles and taught them ninjitsu in the sewers of New York. But the most unrealistic thing about Splinter as a father is that he never calls his four sons by the wrong name.

5 Reasons why 80/90′s kids are fighters.


Let’s be honest here! 

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Everyone wanted to be the reason Vegeta broke that fated scouter.

Since the late 80′s TV shows for kids have taken a huge flight. 

You wanted to be like them.

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Well.. not all of them…

The explosion of anime, mostly English dubbed, combined with the popularity of fight movies made 80′s and 90′s dojo’s everywhere explode with members. 

I’ll give you 5 reasons why. 


#5 The many many many fighting style movies

Okay let’s just blast this one in here right away. The Karate Kid Trilogy, Bruce Lee movies, adaptations of Mortal Kombat and Tekken, Van Damme movies, Seagal movies, Jackie Chan etc. etc. etc. I am not gonna expand too much.

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We all tried… we all hit our head and/or groins…

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And everyone who actually pursued any form of Martial Arts knows very well that this does. not. work. EVER. He should’ve crashed through his injured leg… BUT IT LOOKED SO GOOD!

These movies boosted dojo visitations until the turn of the century. I had hoped the 2010 version of the Karate Kid would do the same for my own dojo, such a shame that the movie wasn’t anything for kids to be excited about.

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

COWABUNGA they crashed into our hearts from 1987 and onwards! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~
Heroes in half shell - turtle power! 

Anyone else having the 1987 intro in their head by now?

Lemme give you a hand!

The combination of weird turtle monsters with weapons and ‘ninjutsu’ guided by a mutated rat turned out to be a golden combo. 
PS - Splinter’s purple/pink-ish robe made me feel so good about my bathrobe

Combined with two hit games on the NES (yes children, that’s what we had) the Turtles were destined to forever remakes and a special place in our hearts.

#3 Batman/Spider Man/ Any other ‘man’ + women version of it

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Who would’ve thought that these (sadly mostly) men in tights would bring people to the dojo!? Fact is that even though are gi do make us look good, if you have that sixpack it will probably look good in tights!

Oh dear is that a crop top storm!? Well at least women got some screen time in a hero form!

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#2 Pokémon 

Seriously Tirza, Pokémon?! These cuties??

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Oh… dear…  errr maybe a different example of loveable display between Pokémon themselves then??

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…  moving on.


In my opinion, the BIGGEST one. Never before had I seen such a huuuuuuuuuuge amount of fighting. I had never heard of a soap opera before, but I guess Dragonball was my kind since it was never-ending and the chapters took FOREVER. *cough Frieza fight 10 episodes cough* 

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And don’t tell me you’ve never tried.

Dragonball Z and GT were aired during the time when I was a child and I must say; these guys made you really want to be able to FIGHT. 

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Especially when 18 started representing the girls!


Yes you heard me.

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These girls were sparkly, shiny and if I remember correctly, completely in love with some masked guy.

Not really the mix for martial arts? Well fact is that the girls battled evil in their own way with a strong link to Japanese culture and the circle is complete.

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Oh sorry I could just not resist!

By the way, these are just general picks that I concluded from my surroundings.

That’s it for now. Remember fellow teachers: know what is popular with kids today and you’ll be able to play on that!

From here.

Mercury landed just a few feet away, lip curling back and the hair running down his back standing on end. Three black eyes scanned Junkrat a few moments, before his aggressive stance seemed to lessen slightly, though remain cautious.
Stash had said there was others that had been transformed. Was this one of them?
He winced slightly at the sound that the other beast made, shaking his head and looking him up and down in an attempt to figure out who, exactly, this was. 
Was it someone he knew?
Or was it just some mutated rat?


For exr week! A bit of fluff, for once.

It’s been years since Grantaire’s gotten a decent night’s rest.

Hell, he can’t remember the last time he woke up feeling actually refreshed. He half suspects that that’s just a myth.

See, Grantaire has dreams. I mean, most people do, but Grantaire’s dreams have always been a little darker. A little more horrible.

“Just like me,” he used to joke to Eponine, until she smacked him upside the head and told him to shut the fuck up.

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TMNT little sister reader x tmnt

Like a rebel

Being the little sister is hard. Believe me. I’ve lived with four older brothers. But that’s not it. My brothers are animals, and I mean, really. They are animals. Mutated humanoid ninja turtles. My father, the sensei, is a mutated rat, Splinter. He has raised me as his daughter.

My first day at school was nice and not nice. My brothers get a little bit over protective sometimes. Yeah. It’s not only that, it’s that since they look like ‘freaks’ they can’t go upside, from the sewers. They have been home schooled and since they know nothing about real school, they were really worried. 

Donnie handed me a phone (which made all my class mates jealous) and Leo gave me a lecture how to walk and wander safely on the streets. I’m not going to the specific details, but yes. It was annoying and frustrating. 

I told them (on the phone after the first day) that I had a nice day, I met new people that I wanted to hang out with, but, I wasn’t able to do it. I was ordered to come back to home straight away…

But I wasn’t that little kid anymore! I was older, I was a teenager on my own now! And I was so ready to face the world!

“I LEFT TWENTY CALL REQUESTS ON YOUR PHONE, YOUNG LADY! YOU THINK I GAVE THAT THING FOR YOU ONLY FOR FACEBOOK?!” I rolled my eyes at my tallest brother, not wanting to pay any needless attention on him that I had already given him. He acted like this all the time! He was yelling at me for this stupid phone thing! I got it! But I didn’t need to report them at every minute where I was.

“Chill, Donnie. I’m fine, like at all the other times. Who would hurt me?” I tried to walk away from him, heading to my room. 

“We’re not done yet.” I arched my back at the sound. If my ears were right… It was Leo that stood behind me. Turn. Yep. Leo it is. Sigh…

“Sensei left us, well if we don’t count Mikey off, in charge of you! He trusts us! And you keep ignoring our strict orders!” I wanted to roll my eyes again, but to Leo? Uhm… Maybe not? I would just get into trouble, or to more trouble actually. 

“You didn’t come home from school, again! How many time we have to tell you to get straight back home when your school day ends? Ugh!” Leo face palmed himself. He was clearly not ready to baby sit me.

“What are we gonna do with you…” Leo muttered. 

“Can I go to bed now?” I asked, really wanting to pass this mess and go to my room and change clothes.

“No. We need to figure out the consequences first.” Leo said with firm voice and glared at me.

“I don’t get it! You’re just punishing me cause Splinter told you to watch over me! You guys don’t give a shit what I do!” I yelled, only being fifteen I didn’t yet handle all what came out from my mouth.

“Don’t use that kind of language, (Y/n)!” Leo snapped.

“I don’t care! I don’t care what happens to me, I don’t care what happens to you and I do not care what happens to YOUR father!” I kept on yelling, not knowing when to stop, I just had to keep spilling out the truth I had kept in me too long.

“He’s your father too!” Leo yelled back at me.

“He’s not my dad, idiot! He adopted me! You guys no nothing about me, he doesn’t either! I’m here only because he took pity on me and now he is just trying to raise me so he can just kick me out when I’m eighteen!” I held back tears. I didn’t want them to see that I was only saying all that because I thought that, that I was scared it to be true. I wanted them to believe that I knew it was true.

Leo stood there, not knowing what to say. If I had said something like this when he was fifteen, he would’ve strike back, but now, he just thought what I just said.

“Is that really what you think?” Donnie stepped closer from behind Leo, holding a really sad expression on his face.

“Pfft!” I tried to keep cool but hurt. “Like you’d understand. I’m going to bed now!” And I walked away. 

I had locked the door of my room, not even hearing Raph and Mikey when they got home. I did hear Raph getting a rage quit, probably Leo told him what I said, but he didn’t come at my door. The only one who did was actually Mikey. He felt really sad about what I had told he’s brothers and he was worried about me.

He knocked the door and said with sad and quiet voice: “(Y/n)? I know you’re there and I know you haven’t eaten anything today, so um… Open the door. I just wanna talk. Just you and me, okay?” But I didn’t answer. I didn’t want him to make me feel better. I had already said something stupid and horrible.

I waited for him to go away and when he did I waited him and the others to go to sleep. 

I was glad it was friday, so I was able to go out side, not worrying over school. And when I heard the others going to sleep, waited an hour to make sure they had fallen asleep, I left my room and went to the streets.

Oh it was nice to be out! I stretched and went off running. I ran everywhere. I were hungry but since I had some money with me, I bought something to eat. 

The night sky was clear. I was able to see all the stars and there was actually no clouds. It was a quiet night too. There was absolutely no sound. No cars, no sirens, nothing.

Even though I had my phone with me, I didn’t look at it. I didn’t know what the clock was nor did I notice the incoming calls. From Donatello.

It took about 15 minutes from after the calls I received for my brothers to arrive at the roof top I was now sitting at. Of course Donnie had tracked my phone and that’s pretty much it. Easy for him.

“We’ve told you it’s dangerous outside here at this time of night!” Leo started when he landed on the roof top.

Sigh. I was caught. Again…

“Yeah, do you ever listen?” Raph added and marched close to me.

“I do listen, I just don’t obey…” I said with sharp tone.

“A real smarts, huh?” Raph glared at me, taking a firm grip of the back of jacket’s collar and started dragging me with him. I tried squirming off of his hands but no. 

“Don’t you realize how worried we were?” Leo said when Raph stopped at in front of him, still keeping me in place.

“Yeah! What if Razar would’ve come after you! Or fish face! Or-” Donnie shut Mikey up by covering his mouth with his hand.

“Thank you Mikey, we get it.” He sighed. “But he’s right. What would’ve you do if they’d come after you?”

“Even though they’re your enemies, it doesn’t mean that they’d attack me! By no reason!” I moved my arms fast that earned me the jacket to slip past Raphael’s fingers, then positioning it better on me and walking on the stairs of the building. “You came here to drag me back home, then do it.”

“She’s more difficult than you ever were.” Leo muttered while passing Raph. Raph glared after his brother darkly.


summary: hoseok works at the pet store.

pairing: yoonseok (jhope/suga), minor vmin (jimin/v)



“It’ll definitely take a while to get used to,” Hoseok proclaims, grimacing as the sugar glider in his hands nibbles at his finger.

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