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My new hero girl, Momiji! Quirk info:

Spine Mime: can mutate chest cavity and back bones to acquire any additional animal limbs on her back (arms, wings, tail, etc. and can have at most 2 limbs from the same animal present at once). Has hollow bones to account for flight ability and large beast-like feet for speed on the ground. When quirk is not in use, her torso is that of a normal human.

Pros: mobile, hand to hand combat, defense, multitasking, stellar spy/scout, hollow bones make her weightless and large feet add to her speed, can handle 2 or 3 enemies at once

Cons: overwhelmed by large groups, takes time (ranges from 1-5 min. depending on mass + number of limbs), concentration, and lots of calcium to mutate, gets woozy, growth pains, or faints if quirk is used too much without rest/food, excess limbs receive injuries like the rest of her body (take just as long to heal), very painful to morph to normal while excess limbs are injured (usually keeps limbs exposed until healed)

hey guys as your friendly tumblr fellow T-Swift fan and soon-to-be vet can i ask you NOT to go out and buy Scottish Fold kittens????
Meredith and Olivia are v cute but the reason their ears are folded is due to a genetic mutation which affects cartilage growth (Osteochondrodysplasia) this doesn’t just affect ears though it affects cartilage throughout their ENTIRE body meaning they very often as a result end up with crippling arthritis and other joint problems, even distortion of their bones!
there’s a post about how Olivia has one leg sticking out kind of to the side when she walks, this is likely due to a weakening of the cartilage from the genetic mutation so whilst its cute it could’ve easily been prevented!

Superhero Baking

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“We need more red!” Henry demanded from inside the grocery cart, point accusingly at the shelf’s contents. Jack nodded solemnly in agreement, grabbing the tubes of icing with stoic precision that could only be learned after seven years of mimicking the serious movements of his father.

Auntie Penelope was more than happy to take care of Jack and Henry. Hotch and JJ were nearly back from a prison interview in a neighboring state, so the bubbly tech analyst had leapt at the chance to spoil her two favorite boys. Her kitchen had been woefully unprepared for the pair’s monstrous appetites, and she’d taken them to the store to rectify the truly tragic circumstances. Their cart had been so far filled with various berries, baby carrots, a couple apples, a frozen pizza, and the necessary ingredients for sugar cookies. Plus decorations.

“Alrighty, boys, do we need anything else?”

The pair considered for a moment. “Ice cream,” Jack stated.

“Lead the way,” Penelope said. Jack raised his arm and charged forward dramatically, with Penelope pushing Henry in the grocery cart not too far behind. Henry was excitedly peering through plastic, giggling with the happy innocence of a child.

Penelope missed this. The constant state of tumultuous joy was contagious, brightening her mood instanty and automatically, no matter how stressful the situation. The children had been through so much, especially young Jack, but their high spirits and resilience against the tragedies they’d suffered was beyond inspiring. How could she not spoil them?

It’s not like they demanded much anyway. Beyond the occasional snack, the children were terribly low-maintnence, to the point where Jack might outright refuse sweets before a proper meal or at least a healthy snack. Imagine! A seven year old turning down sweets! Penelope was appalled.

Nonetheless, she was going to make sure they had fun.

That’s why they loved her so much, after all.


Penelope didn’t know what else she expected when asking what kind of cookies they wanted to make. She wasn’t a profiler, but she was surrounded by profilers every day, and it really shouldn’t have been as much of an intuitive leap.

“Superheroes!” Henry giggling with Jack nodding vigorously in the background.

“Alrighty then, my mighty warriors!” Penelope rolled up her sleeves with a theatrical flourish. “It’s time to make cookies!”

Penelope Garcia had baked cookies from scratch before. She’d even baked cookies from scratch with children before. But she’d never experienced such a disorienting combination of careful craftsmenship and chaotic creativity. She could’ve sworn if she had written a code to measure out the exact amount of flour, it would’ve been outdone easily by Jack’s steady hands and Henry’s perfectionist streak. If she wasn’t so awestruck she would have laughed at their parent’s traits shining through so clearly in their respective children. Jack delicately emptied the measuring cup into the mixing bowl after Henry had successfully moved the half dozen grains preventing perfection. Satisfied with the proportions, they both looked to their aunt with nearly identical doe-eyes and enchanting smiles.

She couldn’t help but grin back.

Lulled into false security by their adorableness, Penelope hardly registered what she was doing when she handed over the mixer. In an electric whirr, the air suddenly thickened with flour and sugar and whatever else they’d put in. The boys giggled giddely at the chaos that they reined on the kitchen, oblivious to Penelope’s look of shock as seemingly every surface became cakes in white powder.

She burst into laughter at the boys’ dirty faces before merrily adding the wet ingredients. It wouldn’t be long before they got the cookies in the oven. …But maybe it’d take a while to get the kitchen clean again.


We’re finally in D.C. -AH

Are the boys in bed yet? –AH

Penelope barely heard the ding of the message above the roar of the two children’s playing. She fumbled for the phone, glancing to make sure whatever superhero antics they were participating in kept them far away from where the cookies were on the cooling rack.

She winced as she saw the message.

Not quite yet. They’re excited for you to come home. –PG

Hotch undoubtedly saw through her vague reply, but it’s not like he could do anything about it. And when Jack and Henry ran up to her, clinging to her legs, she found she didn’t care anyway.

“Are they ready yet?” Jack asked impatiently.

“Well, why don’t we go see?” Penelope paused. “I need my legs back, please.”

“No, thank you,” Henry politely refused, wrapping his limbs even more tightly.

Penelope hefted her feet forward, dragging the mutated growths on her legs until she made it to the counter, only partially feiging fatigue. She tapped the cookies lightly—they seemed cool enough for icing. She beamed down on them. “They’re ready! Go get the decorations!”

Jack and Henry had bolted to the pantry before she’d even finished her sentence. They returned with armfuls of post-baking goodies and looked up expectantly at ther aunt. “Well, go ahead!” she encouraged. “Go crazy!”

Oh, they did. Henry was making webbing designs and red blobs that were presumably Spider-man, but she wasn’t about to insult him by clarifying. Meanwhile, Jack was working very intently on his own creation.

Penelope laughed out loud when she saw it, nearly coming to tears. Well, they did say they wanted to do superheroes. She supposed she should’ve known Jack would’ve wanted to make a cookie of his favorite superhero. The figure in a jagged suit was certainly striking, and no doubt Rossi would enjoy the recreation of Hotch, not to mention the Unit Chief himself. No matter the scolding she would get for keeping those boys up so late, it was all worth it to be able to see Hotch’s expression as he sees his son’s artistic rendition.

Anonymous: Hey, you know the “put gerard back” vine? You know the cookie with the suit? Could you write something based on that?

My mind immediately went to adorable Jack fluff (and where there are cookies, you know Penelope has a hand in it), but it wasn’t until I was nearly done writing this that I realized this might’ve been much more funny with a couple of drunk BAU members struggling to draw a suit on their cookie Unit Chief. Alas, this is what we’re left with. 

I’m sorry this one is so late! 

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A little bit of lingo

The complicated, word-filled world of tumours and cancer can be a tricky one to wade in to. I thought I’d make a post outlining some of the basic definitions to help when things get wordy!

Starting with the basics, the word ‘tumour’ is a very broad and non-specific term used to describe a swelling. The word ‘neoplasm’ is also used. Oncology is the word to describe the clinical study of tumour characteristics/ development.

Neoplasia is the new, abnormal growth of tissue. A neoplasm is not necessarily cancerous or life-threatening, it’s just a term to describe a growth that’s not supposed to be there. Here are a few features of a neoplasm:


-Uncontrolled growth

-Starts from a single mutated cell

-Growth continues even if inciting cause is taken away

-Cells have altered differentiation

-The rate of growth exceeds that of normal tissue

A neoplasm can be benign or malignant. Benign means a neoplasm that does not metastasise (oh here we go, another long word! This one means spread to other tissues in the body), resembles normal tissue under a microscope, has cells of a uniform size and shape, is often encapsulated and relatively easy to remove surgically.

A malignant neoplasm is bad news, another name for it being ‘cancer’. These tumours grow quickly and invade local tissue much like claws of a crab (hence the name cancer). The cells are often extremely undifferentiated and do not resemble normal tissue. They can spread by metastasis. Malignant neoplasms are a lot harder to remove surgically.

Most tumours stem from a single cell type. Epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells are the two main basic cell types of the body and tumour names reflect these.

A tumour name ending in the suffix –carcinoma or –sarcoma means malignancy. Carcinomas stem from cells of an epithelial origin, an example being squamous cell carcinomas. Sarcomas stem from cells of a mesenchymal origin, so an osteosarcoma would be a malignant cancer of bone tissue.  If the prefix ‘adeno’ is used, the tumour is in a gland, so a mammary adenocarcinoma is a malignant tumour of the mammary gland. Confusingly, a tumour name ending in the simpler prefix –oma refers to benign neoplasms. An example of this is lipoma, a functionless yet usually harmless growth of fatty tissue.

As always, there are exceptions! The word lymphoma is used to describe a malignant tumour of lymphoid tissue, with leukaemia the term used when the tumour affects circulating lymphoid cells. The term melanoma can be used to describe tumours of melanocyte cells, and these can be malignant. There are many other confusing exceptions too. These rules are just useful basic guidelines to help break down the confusing names often given to tumours.

I hope this has helped shed a little light on what some tumour-related terms mean! I’m going to end the post with a few examples to hopefully make things a bit more clear.

Pituitary adenoma – a benign, slow growing tumour of the pituitary gland. Remember ‘adeno’ means it is associated with a gland, and ‘oma’ on its own means the tumour is benign.

Gastric adenocarcinoma – a malignant tumour of the glands of the stomach. ‘Carcinoma’ means a malignant tumour epithelial cell origin. The ‘adeno’ again refers to glandular tissue. 

Haemangioma - a benign tumour of the linings of blood vessels. This is actually a common birthmark in human babies and is completely harmless. 

All element-specific attacks cause side effects outside of battle and certain kinds of collateral damage to the surroundings, which becomes more and more exaggerated the more powerful the dragon using them is.

  • Light and Shadow attacks will brighten or darken an area, depending on the strength of the attack, and both can cause sight-related problems for days afterwards on any dragon save those who are the element of the attack used themselves.
  • Ice attacks cause frostbite, and fire (obviously) causes burns; both scorch and kill surrounding plants or animals and even the earth itself, and when both are used in the same area they can cause snow and ash clouds which hang around for up to a week.
  • Nature’s various poisons can turn any place into a beautiful garden - where the plants are poisonous and want to kill and eat you and melt your bones into fertilizer.
  • Plague attacks have a mutagenic effect both on the landscape and the dragons its used against, so besides just making you sick they’ll turn you into a grotesque inside-out mess provided the attack is strong enough, and the same happens to anything else around.
  • Arcane abilities actually have a somewhat similar effect to Plague, causing growths, mutations and illness, like radiation sickness on steroids, in addition to scattering fallout and radioactive sludge and scouring the area of any halfway natural life.
  • Lightning can cause brain damage, scorching and seizures, and can create craters of burnt earth and sharp glass.
  • Wind destabilizes weather patterns for months, creating absolutely chaotic days where it can be clear one second and ripping the trees from the ground into the air the next, and can cause the giddy but painful and potentially brain damaging effect of hyperventilation in dragons.
  • Earth can turn gentle rolling hills and green fields into jaggedly torn cliff faces and deep ravines, and can inflict a case of gembond so swift and severe that a dragon’s internal organs can be encased in stone. 
  • Multiple elements, such as Nature, Shadow and Arcane, can cause hallucinations, and Light, Shadow, Arcane and Water can all cause insanity in their own ways.

(Anybody wanna add more for their Flight’s element? I know I missed some. :D )

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you must be proud of yourself for coming up with that description

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‘Sexual selection’ and dragon genes

okay so! this is a very big topic that can be taken a lot of ways and whatever people want to believe/do is absolutely fine, but! I was asked by @anemia-fr to maybe talk about this a bit so I’m gonna head into it uwu

so for the dragons on FR, there are a lot of ways that different genes can be interpreted and spread in lore - the big ones are gene scrolls and breeding, with gembond as an exception with having onyx cobras being able to spread that mutation/disease/whatever with a bite. Going with dragons being intelligent as a human level, there may not be too much ‘sexual selection’ going on at a darwinian sense, but I’ll refer to it as that here (it’s an aesthetic choice probably, but ya know). That being said though, there’s a few assumptions I’ll make too for describing this:

1. basic genes are the initial/original ‘coding’ for the physical traits that dragons have

2. there are multiple ways that things can be spread, and in the case of scrolls, they present an ‘average’ of what a gene may be expected to present in offspring (so it induced a mutation/magic change in dragons to give them that trait, and it’s a mid-ground level one compared to either extremes that may come from breeding)

But to start this off, let’s begin with the tertiary genes! I think these are most likely to have a sort of effect on sexual selection for mates/having children, since dragons with tertiaries tend to be the ones to breed in general, and (like zebra finches) we’ll say dragons tend to like novelty.

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I keep wondering about Jager ageing. Clearly the mutations are slow, once they’re past the initial burst when they drink the Jägerdraught. And it takes hundreds of years to get General level mutations. But are the mutations themselves tree-growth slow or puberty slow? If, at some point, you start growing a tail are you looking at five years or a hundred before you have a full length tail?

And is there a sort of pre-programmed (from when you took the draught) final form that your body is gradually working towards, or does it just start growing stuff at random?