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The color of blood is related to the amount of oxygen bound to the red blood cells. The more oxygen in the blood, the brighter red it appears. As oxygenation of the blood gets lower the blood gets darker and darker. I think you are right about Lexa's blood. And your theories are the best!!

Exactly! Okay, so here is my theory about ‘safeguards’ created against ALIE (i thought of most of this while driving today. lol.): 

1) A person has to be willing to say ‘yes’ to go into the City of Light (however, a person can be ‘forced’ into saying ‘yes’ by ALIE threatening their loved ones – that is my theory to why Clarke is inside the City of Light)
2) Polis Tower has a machine that projects a frequency that surrounds Polis that protects it’s citizens from ALIE’s frequency. There is also an ‘access point’ into the City of Light in Polis Tower to conduct the Conclave.
3) Gene/blood mutation that makes a person’a blood appear black. This mutations prevent’s ALIE from controlling a person’s brain ‘completely’ and their body. 

My theory is that there is something in their blood that when it hits the air it turns a ‘darker’ color instead of a vibrant red. This ‘thing’ inside their blood prevents ALIE from controlling their bodies while their minds are in the City of Light. Right now, when a person is inside the City of Light, ALIE has complete control over their body and can kill them. But! People with this ‘black blood’ have a mutation that doesn’t allow ALIE to latch onto their motor neuron while their brains are in the City of Light. 

This ‘black blood’ is a safe guard against ALIE. The creators of ALIE saw that a side effect of the City of Light is that ALIE has control over someone’s body and can have them kill themselves. Imagine a scientist (in the past) was going through a trial run into the City of Light, and ALIE took control of his body and had him kill himself. Maybe that is why Rebecca has this face in the trailer:

…maybe she just witnessed her creation kill someone. So, they started to create a ‘gene mutation’ to add to the human genome to counteract this. People could go into the City of Light and ALIE wouldn’t be able to control their body while they were there, they would also have control over their mind while in the City of Light. This is also a safeguard so that in case ALIE somehow got ‘free’ and ‘enslaved’ all the humans, there would be these people that would be able to fend off ALIE’s control and shut her down. There might be a ‘lever’ or thing inside the City of Light that has to be found in order to destroy her. 

However, the gene mutation wasn’t complete before ALIE escaped. It is a recessive gene that only is activated in a few people – with varying potency. So, certain’s people’s blood would appear black, but they wouldn’t have enough of this ‘mutation’ to counteract ALIE. ALIE would still be able to control their bodies or their mind enough to override it and kill the person. So, this is the purpose of the Conclave. The Nightblood is sent into the City of Light, via a machine inside Polis tower, and they are tested to see if they have enough of this mutation to be a Commander. 

Inside Polis tower there is a machine that is able to connect a person to the City of Light via ‘hard wire’ (think about electrodes being placed on the person’s head. Actually, this facility that you see behind Rebbecca might be a room inside Polis Tower and this might be where this ‘machine/computer’ is at.) Titus might be a buyer of technology that Emori mentioned to keep the machine running. So, Titus conducts the Conclave on a Nightblood to see if their blood has enough of this mutation to fend ALIE’s control off. Now, they can still look like they are in physical pain because ALIE can still attack the pain centers of their brain – but not enough to make their body ‘give out’ or die due to pain. The Nightblood either pass the Conclave or ALIE kills them because they don’t have enough of the mutation in their blood.

I have theorized that maybe Clarke is looking at Aden in pain or dead because he is in his Conclave. Titus is wearing warpaint because the Conclave is a ceremony and Grounders wear warpaint during ceremonies. I have also previously theorized that the reason why Trikru warpaint is black, is because of this ‘black blood’ is superior idea. 

Polis Tower is a safe guard itself. The machine inside of it sends out a frequency that creates a force field around Polis and it’s inhabitants. Maybe the [!] that is marked red, is pointing out to ALIE that there is a threat inside Polis tower. This threat is this machine. ALIE needs to disable it, but she can’t control the bodies of people to disable it due to this frequency that this machine gives off that disrupts her control. She needs people to be willing and wanting to destroy Polis and this machine. So, she needs the Skaikru to attack Polis, or she needs Azgeda to take control of the tower and disable it. Azgeda or Skaikru taking control would also lead to them killing all the Nightbloods and future Commanders that could destroy her, due to their superior blood. 

I think that if a Nightblood that passes their Conclave, they become ‘soldiers’ that go into the City of Light (via this machine) and try to defeat ALIE from the inside. Commanders are nightbloods that are able to resist ALIE’S control better than most. Commanders go into the City of Light to find a way to defeat ALIE, due to them having more of the antigen. Maybe this is why Titus has been fleimkepa for 4 commanders. Maybe the Commanders before Lexa didn’t have enough of the mutation in their blood and ALIE was able to kill them after they went into the City of Light a certain amount of times. MAYBE this is the significance behind Lexa’s tattoo. Maybe she adds another band to her tattoo after she has completed a successful ‘mission’ in the City of Light. 

 Lexa is ‘special’ and as Titus said, “No one has done what you have, we are so close to our goal”. This ‘goal’ might be referring to defeating ALIE. I think that this statement isn’t referring to Lexa creating peace between the 12 Clans…we are just supposed too think that that is what Titus was referring to. But, at the end of the show we would see that he was talking about defeating ALIE instead, and we just made an assumption.

NOW!!!! Let’s think about Lexa’s line to Titus “Clarke’s special” “You’re special Heda….no one has done what you have.” Catch that? ‘no one’ Clarke: “I am no one”. There is something inside of Clarke that isn’t this mutation, but allows her to also fight ALIE’s control “No one Clarke has done what you have.” Clarke and Lexa are both ‘special’. This might be a stretch, but what if Clarke and Lexa TOGETHER are able to defeat ALIE because of their ‘real human connection’– their love. Love is not weakness; it is a strength. That would be paralleling season 2 beliefs with season 3. This (’no one’/’special’) would be AMAZING foreshadowing. And I honestly wouldn’t put it past the writers.  

Wow, okay idk if anything I just wrote made sense. So, in conclusion, their blood looks black because when their blood is exposed to the air, it doesn’t turn red. Due to this mutation it overrides the ‘natural’ reddening of the blood looks black instead. Their blood INSIDE their body is still very much a dark redish color like most humans. This is why they don’t have weird colored skin and have a normal complexion. AND you have to remember that this is a Sci-Fi show. 

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Thoughts on Ontari?

So, i think that Ontari might be a Nightblood – she might be Azgeda that has the mutation. The Commander of the Coalition might HAVE TO be a Nightblood. “Commander of the Blood”. So, if that is the case…Nia might not be able to take the throne. But, she presents someone from her Clan that can takes Lexa’s position that IS a Nightblood. Ontari. Ontari might even be Ice Nation royalty. Maybe this is why her hand is wrapped in the trailer…she had to cut her hand to prove she is a nightblood.