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So, I have class in 5 fours and didn’t go to sleep yet because I’m up for any opportunity to draw Scully and William. I saw this capture yesterday here on tumblr (sorry, I don’t remember who posted it so if you see this please manifest yourself) while I was drawing my first digital illustration for a children’s book, I needed a break of drawing fishes with human eyes so this was done in parallel for the sake of my sanity. Finished about 10 minutes ago, not sure if I should continue it, glad to hear coments.

The text comes from when I saw this outtake and totally imagined Mulder and Willian wearing the shirt he got from his dad for his birthday, while Scully had dreamed with a smooth clean boy with perfect haircut and ironed clothes in his first day. So there they were, in the kitchen begging Scully that William deserved to bright in the first day of school. The moustached alien won


things about this child:

  • he has mutated to be able to digest glass and metal and survive in extreme weather conditions
  • he runs a scrap metal food blog which he hopes he can update as soon as he finds a functional wifi hotspot in the vast wastelands
  • he likes flannel and The 1975 [or at least they have really great-tasting CDs]
Satin Ribbons - Jimin AU - Weak

(A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon - Napoleon)

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“Have you ever seen something so vile?” The strange woman, standing beside you in the crowd, whispered with a disgusted tone, you gave her no answer. The people around you were all looking at the same thing, the thing they were circled around. There was quiet sobbing coming from the middle, coming from the boy your eyes had glued themselves onto. The small man, kneeled down in the glimmering snow, shivering as he was only dressed in a simple button-up shirt with scattered tears and a pair of old distressed jeans, not even shoes clad his damaged feet to keep him from the shattered glass streets. His own panther tail wrapped around his thigh, his ears peaking back in extreme fear and distress, yet no one made a move to help the mutated boy.


The boy’s abnormally small hands reached out for something in the snow, his vision probably blurry from his salty tears. He was panting as he sobbed, making quick hand prints in the frozen water. In the frost in front of you, there was something tiny and glimmering, a silver ring with crowns engraved in it. Slowly you bent down and removed your satin glove, your fingers scanning over the metal before you picked it up, it was beautifully made, it must’ve cost a fortune. The hybrid was still patting the ground around him, frantically searching for what you were holding in your slowly freezing hand. Small hulks were heard, accompanied with the whispering of disgust coming from the crowd. “Hybrid-” you spoke slowly and clearly, his head jerked up at you, his irises tiny and his face full of fear. You held up the ring in front of you, “-is this what you’re looking for?” you asked and looked at him softly. His eyes widened at you, but he didn’t dare reach for it.

His lips were bruised and plump, they were purple from the cold, they contrasted beautifully to his blushed cheek and blonde hair.

He nodded quickly and pursed his lips. “Follow me and you can have it back” you whispered and put the ring on your middle finger before sliding on your glove again. The boy looked at you with his mouth slightly agape, and his small and warm eyes as big as they could get, before slowly standing up on his sore feet, gritting his teeth at the freezing cold and wrapping his tail tighter around his muscle-less thighs. The crowd turned and looked at you instead, you felt their burning gazes causing blisters on your skin as you stood up. The mutant slightly backed off and looked down in shame as you turned to the mass of people, a hallway formed in front of you. “Come with me” you whispered and glanced at him before starting to walk out of the circled formed around him. The snow under his calloused feet crunched as he followed in your steps out of the talking gathering of rich business women and powerful men.

The ring you were wearing on your finger, instead of in your pocket as the hybrids were known for being good pocket-pickers, must’ve meant a lot to the boy as he followed you all the way to your expensive apartment in the high-security part of your city. There were signs everywhere stating that “NO Runaway Hybrids Are Allowed”, therefor you had a bit of a rush getting home, as you hoped no one would catch you breaking one of the laws. Quickly you entered your password and waited for the door to open. “Are you okay with going in here?” You asked carefully and looked at the skinny boy, his eyes not meeting yours, he slightly nodded before biting down on his already abused and bruised lip, his ears were wet and damaged like his sandy-blonde hair. “Stop biting your lip, it’ll bleed” you told him sternly and walked inside of the apartment building, your heels clicking against the marble floor, a small whimper came from the mutant as his teeth let go of the flesh before he quickly followed you. His steps might have been larger and faster than yours, but he constantly paced himself to not run into you, his feet barely made any noise against the cold floor.

The bulky hallway guard looked at you suspiciously as you passed him by, no one ever brought back a dirty hybrid, especially not to one of the most expensive buildings in the city, that would be madness and it would be against the law. You nodded towards the tall man, in hope he would understand that the mutant was of no-threat. The guard nodded back and walked into another hall. Now you felt glad for killing that spider for him.

You took out your light blue apartment card and let it get scanned by the automatic lock on your door, it quietly clicked open. The hybrid looked at you scared as you motioned for him to walk inside, your living room was way too beautifully decorated for him. He shook his head and backed off slightly, with a small sigh you softly grabbed his wrist and walked into the home, he squeaked in surprise. Your fingers easily wrapped around his bone, you felt sad for the treatment of his kind. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” you stated comfortingly and let go of his abnormally thin wrist. “I want to save you” you smiled at the boy and closed the door. The hybrid was completely lost in his own mind, he was swinging his head around, staring at everything. Lightly you giggled at his shocked expression as he stared at the ceiling, slowly losing his balance, therefor stumbling back into the wall with a thud. You walked into the bedroom and looked into your maybe-not-so-clean-closet for something the boy could wear, something that could fit his tail at least.

“Hybrid!” you called out and took a pair of old sweatpants and a simple t-shirt with you before walking out of your bedroom. The hybrid was kneeled down on the floor, like he was in the pit of people, he was sobbing and clutching his shirt in a pathetic attempt to rip it off him. “Hybrid!” you exclaimed shocked and kneeled down next to him, he quickly shot away from you with his damaged feet and hit one of your marble walls harshly., his head hitting it, his sobs grew louder as he tried clawing at his own skin, he looked insane. “I-I’m no-not going to hurt you!” you stuttered out in panic as you didn’t know what to do, you reached out for one of his hands and clutched it firmly, he was too weak to force his hand away from your grip.

He swung his head down in defeat, his hair falling in front of his face. “I don’t believe you” he forced out, his voice raspy, but high, he had the cutest of lisps.

- Masse

100 characters in 100 days

Charlie Dollar
characters 15 out of 100 (day 14: 22 May 2017)

Radioactive Trans 1930s Newspaper Boy

:- sorry this one is 8 minutes late - I work 2 jobs over summer and I only had an hour and a half break, and one of my other more important projects got corrupted so I was desperately trying to revive that one (which is why this one is also of shittier quality)

The Squad Getting Drunk/Having A Night Out Headcanons

Ripp I got bored and this is a peace offering since I haven’t posted an imagine in a while. Feel free to add on!


  • Scott always says he won’t get that drunk
  • But one beer turns into three, then someone buys him a round of shots, then something leads another
  • Next thing you know he is shitfaced
  • But he’ll keep drinking, boys a little self destructive
  • Sometimes the squad will give him a vodka bottle that is actually filled with water
  • He also will fight anyone because “I’m fucking Cyclopsssssssss.”


  • Jean says she won’t drink
  • She’ll be the mom friend, and designated driver
  • But that actually doesn’t happen
  • Scott can be really influential and Jean probably just gets tipsy
  • Laughing and giggling, while somehow having really deep conversations
  • Most time you just have to keep an eye on her, she’s a wanderer.


  • Jubilee honestly doesn’t need to drink a lot to have a good time
  • Sure she’ll probably be sipping something, but goes threw two maybe three drinks a night
  • She’s usually dancing, or chilling with Jean, laughing at something
  • Jubilee is usually the one to break up a fight that Scott will probably get into
  • “But I can laser his ass off.”
  • “Okay Scott lets go sit with Jean.”


  • Kurt won’t drink most of the time
  • He will just be so excited and everyone usually thinks he’s drunk
  • But everyone flirts with him???
  • And most of the boys are there like what??
  • And Kurt is really confused and blushy
  • Kurt also can dance so he and Jubilee end up dancing most of the time


  • Ororo doesn’t drink to get drunk like Scott
  • She’s kinda between Jubilee and Jean
  • But there are some nights where she gets shitfaced
  • School is too stressful or something and she wants to party
  • But if something happens Ororo seems to sober up right away, how? No one knows
  • She also probably uses her powers whens she drunk, almost accidentally, or to show off


  • Bless our boy but Peter can’t actually get drunk
  • His metabolism burns the alcohol before it can affect him
  • But don’t think he won’t try to get drunk
  • And he does. Every. Single. Time. even if it never works  
  • Then he’ll just go bother Scott, which is a horrible combination
  • Peter always tries to make Scott do stupid things
  • But if Peter takes it too far, like Scott almost getting hurt he is swooping in and mentally preparing his apology to Jean


  • Surprisingly Warren’s the mom friend
  • He is a recovering alcoholic and if they somehow get him to go out he’ll just stand in the corner of the room watching out for everyone
  • Someone slips something in Jean’s or even a strangers drink?
  • Well they had a good life
  • He over hears someone making fun of Jubilee and Kurt?
  • Bye, you gonna get it too
  • Warren usually has to help Scott and Peter’s asses outta something stupid they’ve done
  • Warren is a fucking sweetheart I love him  

The Squad

  • All of them have totally gotten kicked out of somewhere
  • Sometimes it’s because of fights, or then using their mutations
  • But oh boy if someone makes fun of them for being mutant lmao good luck
  • Omg they love karaoke???
  • Like they all totally have squished onto the small stage and sung (more like screamed) Don’t Stop Believing and other ballads
  • After they have crazy nights out they somehow end up at IHOP at like three am or something
  • Once Alex was called because they all passed out in a Denny’s
  • Alex is literally the Tired Dad Friend and had to carry all of them into his car
  • And there have been so many times when the squad is trying to sneak back into the mansion
  • And Charles and Hank flash a light on them, thinking someone was trying to breaking in
  • Then they just roll their eyes at the tipsy/drunk group of kids in the living room 
  • Charles and Hank also have sooo many questions
  • “What happened to Scott?”
  • “Where is Jubilee’s shoe?”
  • “Why are all of you crying. no, no, no its fine just go to bed I’ll deal with you in the morning.”
  • “So many kids.”
  • “This was your idea professor.”
  • *sighs* “I know Hank, I know.”

I love these dorks!

~ MacKenzie

Pool Day

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Pool Day

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Kurt x Reader summer pool day? Kurt doesn’t know how to swim, but you have an aquatic mutation and try to help the poor kiddo out :D

Note: Went swimming today, so I thought it would be appropriate.

“You ready to see Kurt in a bathing suit?” Jean teased as you and the other girls got changed into your swimming attire. You blushed bright red.

“Awwwww that’s right! I forgot about your little crush!” Jubilee gushed.

“But is he ready to see your mutation?” Ororo asked.

“He doesn’t know?” Jubilee asked. You nodded.

“It’s never come up. I don’t know…” You tied the strings of your black bikini top behind your neck. “Let’s be real, has Kurt ever seen a girl in a bathing suit? You know, with his religion?”

“Oh my god,” Jean laughed. “You’re going to melt him into a puddle!”

“Shut up,” you grinned, but you knew they were right. Kurt wasn’t prepared for what was in store.


“I didn’t know zhe mansion had a pool,” Kurt said. He and the guys were waiting on the couch for the girls to come downstairs.

“It was installed a few weeks ago,” Scott told him. “It’s actually kind of big. I don’t know how you missed it.”

“He was probably too busy staring at (Y/N) to notice,” Warren teased with a smirk. Kurt’s cheeks blushed a deep shade of purple.

“Vas it zhat obvious?” He rubbed the back of his neck, smiling sheepishly.

“Yes.” Peter replied. “Yes it was.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Jean and I were talking the other day, and she said (Y/N) likes you too.”

“Really?” Kurt asked excitedly, Amber eyes wide and a grin on his face.

“Yeah- Oh, hey girls!” Scott cut the conversation short when he noticed you and the others walking down the stairs. Kurt swallowed thickly at the sight of you with so much skin showing. He tried to avert his eyes, to be polite, but he couldn’t help it.

“Ready to go swimming?” You asked Kurt when you were standing in front of him. He nodded, unable to create words. Peter and Warren couldn’t hold in their snickers at the sight of their helpless blue friend. Kurt and the other boys all had yet to take off their shirts, but you couldn’t deny that in a few minutes, you would be in his state.

“Come on, guys!” Jubilee and Ororo led the rest of the pack, dashing out the door and leading everyone else down the paths to the pool.

Once you got there, you kicked off your flip flops and stood at the edge, waiting for the others’ attention before showing off your mutation. The boys threw off their shirts. You looked at Kurt’s blue chest. It was covered in markings, like his face was. It wasn’t like he was super built, but he had lean acrobatic muscle from his circus days. His eyes met yours, and he smiled. You smiled back.

Kurt walked over and sat on the edge of the pool, beside you. You sat down too, letting your feet dip into the cool water. Slowly, green scales emerged on your ankles. Webbing spread between your toes, becoming a large fin. The scales spread up your legs as they bound together to form your powerful tail. Kurt watched in awe, his face lighting up.

“You’re a mermaid!” he practically shouted. You nodded.

“I am,” You laughed, slipping into the water. It felt so good, so clean. You swam beneath the surface, breathing the water as easily as you could breathe air. You swam to the deep end to get momentum before pushing yourself out of the water and into the air, soaring in an arch before splashing back into the pool.

You resurfaced and went to the edge of the pool, resting your arms on the edge and looking up at Kurt.

“Zhat vas amazing!” he exclaimed. You giggled.

“Come on in, Kurt,” you beckoned him to follow you.

“I vould…I just…I don’t know how to swim.” he admitted, tail swaying behind him. You grabbed his wrist.

“I’ll help you. You can’t drown. I’m a mermaid.” You assured him. He nodded.

“Okay,” he agreed, slipping into the pool. The others started to play with a beach ball. They watched you and Kurt, smirking. Maybe now you two would finally realize your feelings for one another, they figured.

“Okay, now kick your legs and wave your arms. Yep, just like that,” you instructed. Your large green tail kicked beneath you, holding your top half above the surface. Kurt smiled, getting the hang of it easily. “That’s it! Perfect!”

“Danke, liebes,” he said, blushing when he realized what he had called you. He prayed silently that you hadn’t caught it.

“No problem,” you blushed, definitely catching that he had called you ‘love’. “I’d like to go swimming a lot more often, if you’d want to join me sometimes…”

“I vould like zhat,” he nodded. “Your tail is beautiful,”

“Thanks,” you blushed. “You can, uh…you can touch it if you want,” he nodded. You sat up on the edge of the pool with him. He carefully ran his three-fingered hand over the scales of your tail.

“Smooth,” he murmured. “Much more slippery zhan I expected,”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“Hey lovebirds! Why don’t you just kiss already?!” Peter called from the other end of the large pool. You blushed, hiding your face behind your hands. You took a breath, working up the courage to make a move.

“Well, what do you say, blue? Ever wanted to kiss a mermaid?” you asked gently. He smiled, his hands cupping your cheeks as he closed the gap between your lips.  


“We’ve Come A Long Way From Where We Began,

And Every Step Of The Way We’ve Held Your Hand.

We’ve Lost A Lot,

And Gained A Lot Too.

But No Matter What We Will Stand By You.

So In Times Like These,

When The Going Gets Tough.

And The World Crashes Down And You’ve Had Enough.

Just Know We Will Be Right Here To Say,

“We Wish You A Very Happy Mutation Day.”. “

~From All Your Fans

(Poem Written by anne-the-true-fan)

Warren Worthington III x Reader - Angel Boy

Your mutation: Healing powers and controlling plants
Word count: 1314
Rating: T
Warning: Language (like serious a lot)
Etc: In this, Warren didn’t die in Apocalypse!

“Get up you mutant bitch.” The guard yelled, slamming his hand on your cage to wake you. You opened your eyes and attempted to lift up your weak body.

“If you don’t win a fight, you don’t eat. If you win a fight, you eat. It’s as simple as that. Also, try not to get killed.” The mutant girl in the cage next to you had explained when you first arrived. They had taken you from a mutant circus in France and brought you to Germany to fight. You had fought 5 times and lost 4 fights. Food was scarce and even rats looked edible to you sometimes. Every fight hurt you more and more. Physically, you were ok. Your mutation allowed you to self heal. But emotionally, you were broken. Every fight they forced you into hurt part of you.

“Am I fighting today?” you asked the guard. He smirked at you, looking you up and down.

“Of course. Why the fuck else would I wake you up? Make sure you’re well rested sweetheart. You’re fighting the best in the business today. Dietrich! Holen sie sich das engel junge (Get the angel boy)!” The guard shouted. He opened your cage and walked over to you.

“You ready to fight, bitch?” The guard laughed raspily and handcuffed you. He pushed you out of the cell with a gun to your back so you couldn’t run. In the dim hall lights, you noticed how pale your green skin had become. A short five minute walk later brought you back to the side of the stage. The crowd was huge, preparing to see the best fighter in the business.

Every mutant was warned about him. He didn’t just hurt the person he was fighting; out of his last 20 fights, 19 of them died. You shivered as the cold air hit you.

“Cold? Don’t worry, it’ll all be over in a minute.” The guard walked you up to the cage, un-cuffed you and shoved you in. You grunted in pain as your body hit the metal floor. The crowd began to laugh as you slowly stood up.

“Der nächste herausforderer ! Sie können pflanzen steuern , aber sie können nichts tun Engel zu stoppen? Entdecken sie und sehen! (The next challenger! She can control plants, but can she do anything to stop angel? Watch and see!)” The announcer laughed.

“S'il vous plaît. Ne me faites pas de mal. Je t'en prie. (Please. Do not hurt me. I beg you)” You begged the boy. You felt a small tear running down your face. He frowned at you, stretching his wings.

“I speak English. We have to fight. I won’t kill you, don’t worry.” He said, just loud enough for you to hear. You understood a little English, enough that got the point across. You nodded, preparing to fight.

“Anfang! (Start)” The announcer shouted. The crowd cheered as you both went to your corners. The angel boy spread his wings preparing to charge. You quickly trapped his feet down with vines. He went to move, only to realize he had been trapped. The audience laughed at him as he tried to struggle. He glared at you. Apparently he wanted to make the first move. You undid the vines and he began to run at you.

Within one moment, you were standing on the ground. The next, you were in the air. You screamed, realizing the boy had lifted you to the top of the cage. The audience cheered, thinking this was part of his next move on you. The winged boy began to punch at the top and managed to break the roof of it open. He shoved you out as the guards began to raise their guns, realizing what he was doing. You tried to pull him out with you; you wanted him to come too.

“No! Just go! I’ll be fine!” He yelled. The crowd was screaming, realizing you were going to escape.

“Non! S'il vous plaît! Viens! (No! Please! Come!)” You shouted. He shoved you onto the roof as shots rang out below.

“Good luck, ivy girl.” He gave you a sad smile, dropping into the cage below. You couldn’t stay; You wouldn’t stay. Leaving behind the angel boy wasn’t something you wanted to do, but if you wanted to get out of here with your life, you had to.

“Au revoir, l’ange. (Goodbye, angel)” you whispered, scurrying to get off the roof. You ran until you couldn’t anymore. You still didn’t feel safe.

years later, right after apocalypse

It had been 5 years since you had been stuck at the mutant fighting ring. Five years since you had been a stowaway on a boat to come to America. Five years since you found Xavier’s. Five years since you had seen the angel boy.

You had seen him fighting with the bad people. They must have found him in a time of darkness. The boy that rescued you that night would never have done this. When the X-Men returned with three of the four horsemen, you didn’t know what to think. How could they have forgiven them?

One of them was Storm; she helped them in the end. One of them was Magneto; he was an old friend of theirs. The other one was angel boy. You had yet to see him around campus, but you were nervous. A lot can happen in 5 years. You hoped to see happiness somewhere within him.

You sat under a tall tree, helping it’s blossoms grow when you heard metal clinking.

“Ivy girl. Long time no see.” a man said behind you. You turned around to see him; the angel boy.

“L’ange. (The angel)” You mumbled.

“It’s good to see a familiar face around here.” He gave you a small smile. You were nervous and didn’t know what to think. Was he good or bad?

“Sorry. I was not meaning to not answer and be rude. What is your name angel boy?” You asked. You were trying to be polite. After all, he had saved your life a few years ago. But he also tried to destroy the world.

“My name is Warren. What’s yours ivy girl?” He sighed, taking a seat next to you.

“I am (Y/N). I-I never got to thank you for saving me. So I would like to say thank you. For, uh, saving me.” You smiled sheepishly. It was nice to talk to someone here. You had really only connected with Kurt, who went through almost the exact same thing you did, but then he left to fight Apocalypse.

“No problem. I just wanted to say, I’m not sure what you’ve seen or heard, but… I am so sorry. For what I did to the world. Just being hurt like that, all those years fighting. I thought the world needed to hurt. It didn’t. I became an alcoholic a few months back. When I met Apocalypse, I thought he gave me everything I needed. I felt like, maybe I didn’t need alcohol. Maybe I needed power. I got knocked out halfway through the fight. Everyone thought I was dead. Your friends, the X-Men, saved my life. At first, I was going to fight them. For Apocalypse. I thought maybe I could bring him back. I don’t know why I wanted to. Maybe I felt like someone finally believed in me. Storm, Ororo, told me Apocalypse called me useless when I passed out. That’s when I realized, I don’t need someone to believe in me. I need to believe in myself. The same way I believed in myself when I helped you escape. So thank you. I know you think I helped you that day, but really, you helped me.” he blurted out. You smiled at Warren. He was honest and genuine when he spoke, you could tell.

“I believe in you, Warren. I really do.”

I went a little overboard with my first Warren imagine, but I loved playing with his character! I hope you all like it! Requests are always open


Did you say Raph and April?! ʘ‿ʘ Yes! I actually do have a handful of fics featuring their cute friendship interactions and even some that push that relationship further. :3 Though there aren’t many stories of them, I find it completely precious to see a flustered Raph paranoid of unintentionally harming her, while she in turn asserts her trust in him without fear. Or even the opposite scenario: she is initially apprehensive of him, but later discovers he is capable of gentleness too. And when paired as best buds, they can be quite the sass masters as well! Many possibilities!

So if I do not mention a fic you know of, you’re welcome to list some of your favs too, because the good ones for this pair can be hard to find.

*rolls back sleeves* Here we go!

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The Gamma Gene Theory

So, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than talking about Gamma Radiation? Okay, so, this is primarily based off of high school biology and the Incredible Hulk comics (U-616, and a few other comic universe, especially the Old Man Logan [U-807128 or OML]), both ones I’ve had the opportunity to read and those I haven’t. There’s some spoilers but I don’t think anything too recent, because I haven’t been able to read the most current issues. I will also cite the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes [U-8096 or EMH] and the Avengers Assemble [TRN-123 or MAU5] television shows. There isn’t enough examples in the Marvel Cinematic Universe [U-199999 or MCU] to have enough evidence. I am going to pretend to be a scientist in the Marvel multiverse (IE no “well, it’s fictional” type of answers), instead of a geeky autistic kid that’s been obsessed with Bruce Banner for at least three years. I will still try to date the discoveries based on our dates, since comic book time is fluid (EG - Bruce Banner became the Hulk in 1962). I will also use many abbreviations, which I will elaborate on the first usage and then continue to use as just the abbreviation. For the sake of convenience, I shall refer to the genes in my theory as singular genes, but am aware that such things would likely be sets of multiple genes that regulate it.

Pi’s Theory of the Genetic Aspects of Gamma Radiation OR The Gamma-Gene Theory

17 March, 2015


The basis of this theory is that gamma forms, both the forms themselves, and the ability to have a gamma form is genetic. I propose that there are three genes (that I know of), that would have been discovered in this order:

  1. Gamma Gene 3 (γG3) - This gene regulates a GTP’s (gamma-transformed person) form. This is most likely to be a set of numerous genes that controls the exact appearance and abilities of a gamma form. There are perhaps an infinite number of mutations of this gene, but I will specifically be referring to:
    1. The “Hulk” mutation - characterized by superhuman strength, durability, and size, with green skin and large muscles, while still appearing humanoid. The most famous form of the gene and also one of the rarest. GTPs known to have this form include Bruce, Skaar, and Lyra Banner, Jennifer Walters, and Benjamin Tibbits.
    2. The ”Abomination” mutation - characterized by superhuman strength, durability, and size, with (usually) green or greenish-grey scales and spikes growing from the body, with webbed ears. One of the more famous (and common) form of the gene. GTPs known to have this form of the gene include Emil Blonsky, Rick Jones, Florence Sharples, Ethel Gaxton, and Jamie Carlson.
    3. The “Harpy” mutation - characterized by bird-like features and wings. A lesser known form of the gene. Individuals known to have this form of the gene include Betty Ross and possibly Marlo Chandler.
    4. The “Leader” mutation - characterized by extreme intelligence, green skin, and a disproportionately large head. A rare but somewhat well known form of the gene. GTPs known to have this form include Samuel Stern and Timothy Wilkerson.
    5. The “Sampson” category - characterized by limited physical change accompanied with assorted superhuman abilities.
  2. Gamma Gene 2 (γG2) - This gene controls whether or not a GTP’s body produces gamma radiation, and is linked to, but independent of γG1.
  3. Gamma Gene 1 (γG1) - This gene controls whether or not a human can survive exposure to gamma radiation. It comes in four forms:
    1. Off/Off - This is the unmutated version and the most common form of the gene. With this form, a human will die if exposed to gamma radiation.
    2. Off/On - The most common mutation. With this form, a human will transform into a GTP but will eventually die of gamma poisoning.
    3. On/Off - The rarest mutation. With this form, a human can survive exposure to gamma radiation but is not transformed by it.
    4. On/On - The best known mutation. With this form, a human will transform into a GTP when exposed to gamma radiation.

Discovery, Summary, and Evidence


    The first gamma gene to be observed was γG3, when Bruce Banner was accidentally exposed to a gamma bomb detonation in 1962, changing him into a being known as the Hulk. Since then, there have been many attempts to replicate the Hulk, almost all of them ending in the death of the subjects. The first success was in 1967, with Emil Blonsky, who became the Abomination after exposing himself to a gamma blast that exceeded the amount Banner was exposed to. The first successful new Hulk was Jennifer Walters, who inadvertently became She-Hulk in 197_, after her cousin, Bruce Banner, donated her some of his blood. Many other attempts would follow that lead to various GTPs.

    I came to theorize that gamma forms were genetic because, with the exception of Benjamin Tibbits, all Hulks are members of the Banner family, which originated in France. Several people have become GTPs after being exposed to gamma from Banner family’s blood, bodies, or genetic material, but only Tibbits resembles the Hulk. Conversely, all gamma-affected members of the Banner family are Hulks. I believe it is possible that Tibbits is a distant relative of the Banners, or, less likely, has the same rare mutation of γG3. This genetic link to gamma forms also lends credence to Brian Banner’s “Banner family monster gene” theory. Also, of Bruce Banner’s children, two are Hulks and two are not, and this lends to my theory, because a child is biologically one half of each parent’s DNA. The “Leader” gene is shown to be genetic because Samuel Sterns altered the DNA of Timothy Wilkerson by adding some of his own, which induced the same mutation in the young boy. There is no known familial ties to the GTPs affected by the “Abomination” mutation, but the affected all have strikingly similar appearances. This makes it arguably the most common form of the γG3 mutation.


    The second gamma gene to be discovered was γG2 in 1998 following the death of Bruce Banner’s wife, Betty Ross, of cancer caused by gamma poisoning. It is commonly held that she developed this due to prolonged exposure to her husband, but I do not believe that is the case. Betty Ross had previously been exposed to gamma and had taken on the gamma form of Harpy in 1973, which was later cured by Banner. I propose that the serum works by silencing the γG3 gene, but also had the unaffected consequence of also switching off the γG1 gene, while leaving γG2 active. Since these genes had not yet been discovered, Banner had no way of knowing that such side-effects could happen. Due to this serum, Betty Ross no longer had the ability to take on a gamma form and was now susceptible to harm due to gamma exposure, however, her body continued to produce small amounts of gamma radiation on it’s own, making it only a matter of time until her death. Her death was still, technically, due to Banner, but the blame also falls on M.O.DO.K. and AIM, who caused her to mutate into Harpy in the first place.


    The final gamma gene that I have discovered thus far is γG1, which is also the most controversial, as it is based mostly on a universe outside our own U-616. Although there are cases in the 616, it is in the OML universe where this gene is most obvious. Following a gamma-blast that wiped out most of the human population, the survivors were left to deal with a psychotic Hulk and the rest of the Banner Clan (all of whom Banner’s descendants and were Hulks, which further backs up the γG3 idea.). Most of the survivors were affected by the radiation and took on gamma forms, but a select few, such as Clint Barton and the granddaughter of Rick Jones, did not. I theorize that the unaffected had an active γG1, but silenced γG2 and γG3 genes.

Red Hulks and Cosmic Radiation

    This brings us to a group not yet mentioned in this article: the Red Hulks. Many view these part of the Hulk group, but they are distinct. Hulks are created due to exposure to gamma radiation and only occur in a select few individuals. Red Hulks are created with a combination of gamma and cosmic radiation and can be created out of almost anyone. The most well known are General Thunderbolt Ross and his daughter, Betty, (who notably already has a gamma form, known as Harpy) but there has been well over 200 created in a short period of time, though those were unstable is did not last long. Cosmic radiation is known to have genetically mutagenic properties, as illustrated by the Fantastic Four. Therefore, I theorize that the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. (forming a group known as the Intelligencia) found the perfect frequency to alter the DNA in such a way to resemble a Hulk, albeit a red one. Whereas most of the subjects used to try and replicate the Hulk perished, seemingly all of the Intelligencia’s subjects survived and were successful. They were even able to manipulate the wavelength of the cosmic radiation so that their army of 200 red hulks had active Off/On versions of the γG1 gene and would die twenty-four hours after exposure during the 2012 event that came to be known as World War Hulks or the Hulked Out Heroes (HOH) incident. For the latter, the Intelligencia also turned their rays on a large group of superheroes, all of whom mutated into various forms that were related to their existing powers. The cosmic rays must be the cause of this, because in most parts of the multiverse, like the OML universe, these same people were killed when exposed to pure gamma.

Other Forms of GTP Creation

     In the EMH universe, the Leader created a gamma-dome that mutated all humans inside. The inside of the dome was filled with green gas, which I suspect had the effect of switching the γG_ so that all the affected people will transform into various beings based on their γG3, but have inactive γG2, and thus revert as soon as there is no more gamma present. Notably, existing GTPs were not affected by the dome (except for those wearing gamma-boosters), and Thor was unchanged, suggesting that Asgardians do not possess transformative genes. Interestingly, of all the hundreds of GTPs seen inside the dome, only one appeared to be a Hulk: Steve Rogers. Perhaps Erskine’s formula also had an effect on the γG3 gene, which would make it the first instance of this without the use of cosmic rays.