“THE MUTANT CLUB” by Fionnuala Doran

Anole: You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found is that each one of us is a mutant…

Nightcrawler: …and a mutant…

Transonic: …and a mutant…

Pixie: …and a mutant…

Gambit: …‘an a criminal… but also a mutant, non?

Anole: Does that answer your question? Sincerely, The Mutant Club.

So, with all the fuss over Mutantgate and “the M-word” this past week, a few trolls who loathe X-Men fans on the discussion forums I take part in or otherwise lurk at have taken to holding up “ugly” characters as their champions. They’re seemingly under the impression that people who love the X-Men and have taken issue with Remender’s Uncanny Avenger #5 dialogue can be “tripped up” or shown as hypocrites if asked to support a character who isn’t model material.

Lol, nonsense.

Here’s Mazikeen. Yeah, she’s not a mutant; not even from Marvel, but as you can see, she’s far from ‘conventionally’ beautiful.

And I adore her. Utterly.

Wait, though; there’s more. You see, in Mike Carey’s Lucifer her disfigurement is healed; literally wiped away. But not by her choice. She’s made 'beautiful’ and 'just the same as everyone else’ by having something taken away from her. The person who makes it happen doesn’t realise they’ve done anything wrong; as far as they thought they were helping.

They didn’t understand. Sound familiar?

Mazikeen goes on to proudly continue wearing her trademark half mask, covering up her newly 'restored’ face because it does not represent who and what she is. She’s a world of amazing for a whole host of other reasons too, as if that wasn’t enough. You should read Carey’s Lucifer and see for yourself.

What am I trying to say to the trolls? Well, I guess it’s this:

The people you’re trying to “school” on what it really means to be different? They know. They know far better than you might believe. Even better than you? Well, we’re not the ones hiding under a blanket of anonymity, are we now?

To all those...

…in a tizzy over the Wiccan thing.

It’s Tom Brevoort.

You have seen his Formspring, right? If you took everything on there verbatim & representative of Marvel, then the 616 would be a total quagmire; a barren and confusing landscape of angles that don’t quite meet up, occasionally invaded by marauding Jean Grey fans demanding tribute and sacrifice for their fiery mistress.

It’ll be fine.

Trust Kieron. Trust Jamie. Trust Lauren.