Okay, it’s official. There needs to be an official milkshake day every week.

There will be lots of whip cream and cherries and shakes and it will be great.

Social shake drinking, I think we can do this. It’ll be our thing, like drinking on the lawn is to King of the Hill or going to that one booth in Seinfeld or How I Met your Mother.

Except with shakes.

The Future's About To Get Interesting

She couldn’t let this eat away at her any longer. Darkness cast over her eyes as she strode down the hall towards the younger boy’s room. This was going to be dealt with one way or another. She just wasn’t sure what she would do when she got there. Certainly not the worst option, not unless it was absolutely needed. She was really fond of the kid after all, but what she saw, the knowledge she had gained… and it even fell in line with things she had noticed in her own brief stint in the future… 

She knocked on his door. “Evan, we need to talk.” Her tone was not pleasant.