Snow White and the Toad Prince


A week. He has managed a week. A whole week on his own.

Ever since he woke up in their temporary hideout alone. All he found was a snapshot of him sleeping with a single word written on the back. ’OUT’. He knew what it meant. They finally moved on without him. He is no longer a member of the Brotherhood.

At first he thought it was a joke. That any minute they would come back and pretend not to know why he was freaking out. So he tried to keep it together. That lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Then he went through the stage where he pretended he didn’t care and was happy that he was free of them. GOOD RIDDANCE! That lasted a little longer but not much.

Eventually it set in. And he had to accept it. They were gone. And he is on his own. There is no one to help him any more. No one to keep him safe. Next time he gets caught, he will be stuck in the MRD detainment camps. Probably for good. Won’t Wraith be happy? So his sole focus came to trying to stay out of sight and not get caught. He left the hideout only at night. He had to do a few illegal things but well, it couldn’t be helped. Besides, he doubts anyone would miss the few food items he lifted. He never touched anything expensive. He only took enough to eat for the day. That was it.

And so far he had been doing well. Until tonight. He got desperate. He couldn’t slip into any stores. So he found a house with an unlocked back door. But he didn’t expect the dog. Or the man alarmed by the dog who showed up with a gun. He hoped out of there and right in front of an MRD van. Now they were chasing him. He had no idea where he was hopping to.

He just kept weaving in and out of alleys, dodging their nets and gun blasts just barely. But he couldn’t keep it up. Barely eating, barely sleeping was taking it’s toll. He ducks into another empty building, one without windows or doors which made it perfect. But they were close. Too close. He tries to duck down, to stay out of sight. When he looks around, his eyes expecting to see the MRD goons any moment. So he is a bit shocked to see…a ghost? “Ahh!” he cries out then covers his mouth. But it’s too late. He can hear them surrounding the building. And now they are coming in for him.

Well, he did manage a week of freedom of his own.