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Marvel Black History Month: Ororo Munroe aka Storm

“If we don’t act, everything and everyone we’ve ever cared for dies. It’s time. To me, my X-Men… the war for survival has begun!”

So back home we had a old restaurant/ lounge  that shut down near the dodgy parts of our china town called indigo that reminded me allot of madripoor, I think Lady Mandarin would have loved to get a drink there. I am sure fights would break out all the time because she was so violet , sorry typo i meant violent :)

The warm up series is coming to a close, and if people are interested i’m thinking of fine tuning them into something for !!!!SDCC!!!!

Most likely a print or mini prints maybe. Let me know if you want a poster of all your rainbow tiara wearing mutant women around the globe:)






LADY MANDARIN  aka Psylocke



Polar Opposites

Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you babe! Love this request & you. You’re not bothering me, promise (;

Prompt: “Hi! Love your fics, they make my days brighter! Anyways, if it’s not too much of a bother, could you write something angsty with Leo x reader? Something like, his girlfriend feeling he doesn’t understand her at all at times, and she seeks help with one of his brothers, making him a little jealous. I don’t usually do these things, but I love your work so I thought I’d try it! Again, sorry if I’m bothering you :)” @ultrapixelturtle

Word count: 815

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“Fine. Do it, put me down like the dog I am.” You hissed at Leo, slamming his bedroom door and walking away from him.

This wasn’t the first time you had gotten into an argument with your terrapin boyfriend about something you had completely forgotten about by the time the argument ended, and it usually ended rather ugly.

Not because you didn’t love each other, you did. You loved him so much, but you were complete polar opposites.

He was reserved, confident, strong and serious, and you were you. You enjoyed banter, the two of you had such good chemistry that you could flip insults on each other for hours on end, but you knew it became serious when he said your name.

The way he says your name when he’s angry, it sounds pitiful, almost like he’s shaming you for being you.

The last time you had gotten into a similar argument was a couple of weeks ago, when he was talking to Master Splinter about how ‘immature’ you could be. Fuck that.

After that, you didn’t speak to him for weeks on end, he tried coming to your house, put you just locked the windows. He tried meeting you after dark when you were walking home, you just came home earlier, or took a different route.

Now, it was the same, but you were too exhausted to do that again.

“Arguing again, anglecakes?” you nodded to Mikey who had a mouthful of pizza and a worried expression on his face. You heard him swallow as you began to walk out, before you heard him call you back. “Come visit the love doctor, sweetpea.” He winked before you shook your head and took a seat in front of him.

“Since when were you a love-”

“Shush, don’t question greatness babe, I’m here to help you.” He pointed a green finger at you, wiggling it before poking your nose. Sighing, you smiled at him. He set another box of pizza between you, using hand gestures to make you talk. Rolling your eyes, you began talking.

From where Leo was standing, it looked like you’d already cheered up.

He felt bad, so bad. He loved you, and he tried to keep you happy but being so different meant that sometimes you didn’t quite understand each other’s points of view, but after much deliberation, he decided that he was the dick in this situation, and needed to apologize.

“[Y/N], can I talk to you?” he placed his hands on the table, giving Mikey the side eye as he quickly picked up his sloppy pizza stack and ran off somewhere. You knitted your eyebrows together, leaning back in your chair as you shrugged at Leo.

“What?” Leo frowned at your attitude, wiping a hand over his face.

“I was wrong-”

You let out a mocking laugh, “yeah, you were.” Sighing, he copied your position and posture.

“Can you at least let me finish before you start bitching again?” Rolling your eyes, you mumbled about how much he sounded like Raph. That really ticked him off. “I’m sorry. I was, rude and ignorant. I should listen to you more, and…” He paused for a second, looking between Mikey on the couch to you and then back again. Before he could start speaking, you interrupted him.

“Wait. Are you really jealous of Mikey?” This had you in stitches, and even Mikey joined in with the joke, shaking his head at his older brother.

“Nah brah, anglecakes is cool and all, but I would never steal your girl.” He walked up and patted you on the back, winking at Leo. “Even though I totally could if I wanted to.” Before Leo had the chance to punch him, Mikey ran off to his room.

“He’s right.” You leant over the table, placing a kiss on his snout. “Even though you’re a pain in the ass, you’re the only turtle I want to be with.” Leo rose an eye-ridge. “Okay, only person I want to be with.” You punched his chest lightly before holding the side of his face and kissing him over the table.

“You know, jealousy is considered quite a turn on to many women.”

yana’s confirmed to be in an issue of x-m*n gold in august but m*rvel’s been lettin me down so much lately idk if i care anymore