mutant snail

Eight feet tall, crushing all in its path with mighty tentacles, reflecting spells with its scintillating shell, the flail snail fearlessly glides through the halls of the darkest dungeons.  (Alan Hunter from the AD&D Fiend Folio, TSR, 1981.)  Alas, the flail snail did not make the cut for the 5th ed Monster Manual.  Perhaps they are saving it and the giant slug for a special Dungeons and Gastropods supplement.


The ‘baby’ snails eating some cuttlefish-coated peas - one of their absolute favourite meals! 🐌🐌🐌🐌

I say 'babies’ cause at this rate, they’ll be adult-size in no time! I’m also really impressed with how much Nelly has grown :3 While she’s still the smallest, she’s done a great job catching up with the others!

so a snail appeared out of nowhere in my fish tank this weekend and I thought my mom put it in there but she just asked me if I put the snail in the fish tank and now we have a tiny snail that’s just gliding on the fishtank with my guppies and no one has any idea where it came from and I’m starting to question the reproductive system of fish


Mutant Snail from MapleStory

This snail had a lot of problems, especially during the painting stage, mostly with the enamel I use to coat it before I paint.. such a pain! It like bubbles up after I spray it and it’s really strange.. I’ve bought this brand before and it didn’t have any issues. ):

I did however enjoy sculpting it, especially the shell! :D

This guy is pretty big, ~13cm tall.  Sculpted with polymer clay, painted with acrylics and glazed. :)

Mutant Snail WIP

A Mutant Snail monster from the game MapleStory! Man, it looks really awesome! You can see my reference pic in the background.

The great thing is is that at the start of the game there are a lot of these little blue snails  (which are like lvl 10), but once you get to this higher level place, there are mutant versions of some of those low level mobs and this one is lvl 163! 

My friends and I go bossing all the time and bringing along this snail familiar is so good, it heals our HP/MP! :D