mutant school

Imagine: Turtles trying to help you with Homework

Except its a subject they can’t even begin to understand

Leonardo: Science. Oh gods, of all the subjects his SO has, Science is his Achilles heel. If he can help it, he’s gonna low-key avoid them if a test is coming up. Or send them to Donatello.

Donatello: History. Yes, he’s very book smart, but history makes him falter. He usually has to sneak a tablet or shell-cell in when his SO asks for help.

Raphael: English. What the heck is grammar? Spelling? Huh? What?! The poor guy can’t tell Poe from punctuation. He is as lost as his SO. They barely finish the assignment, finishing less than an hour before it’s due.

Michaelangelo: Math. His SO hasn’t heard Mikey curse prior to introducing him to their algebra homework, but this poor turtle won’t stop the ‘WTF’ moments. Why is this a thing?! Why do teachers make you do this?! It’s cruelty! Mike is more stressed then his SO!

Danny Fenton

Okay I know people Talk about Danny hanging out with the Avengers and stuff, don’t get me wrong that’s cool, but that about a Danny who hangs out with the X-Men.

The X-men knows whats it’s like to be a young teen/kid and gain unwanted complicated super human abilities that kinda make there life a living mess at times.

Yeah you have Spider man, But he wan’t sinking slowly into the ground, or having body parts turn intangible and invisible on him.

His powers where a shock yes, but I wouldn’t say that they gave him many problems.

They were actually a tool for a while to help out Parkers depression if I remember correctly.

Even If he did experience some  uneasy distraught, it wasn’t much.

Danny could not have one but a whole group, heck a whole school that he could relate to . After all Danny is a mutant. His DNA was technically Altered in the accident.

But just Imagine, a nervous Danny Fenton going to a mutant school for the first time. Making friends with other kids. Danny meeting that girl who walks through walls and them both talking about how weird and cool it felt to do it for the first time. Just being able to feel the particles move around you so you could get to the other side.

Guys, Danny getting his jump suit upgraded. Maybe he has a little X-men logo on his arm or back. His jumpsuit just gets a brand new look!!

Guys Danny in mutant school!!! Mutantschool AU!!!!

X-Men: Evolution tho

I feel like people are forgetting how great this show is so I want to remind you all that:

  • Mystique was literally every new character and every other villain
  • I’m not kidding. New student? Mystique.The principal? Mystique. That Scottish punk rocker? Mystique.
  • That bird? Also Mystique. If someone is not a main character then they are Mystique.
  • Sometimes if someone is a main character they are still Mystique, like the episode where it turns out that Professor X was Mystique for the whole season
  • Magneto menacingly twirls paperclips in the air in like half the scenes
  • Magneto refuses to stand and instead floats at all times, even if it’s just an inch above the ground
  • Magneto is only shown as a helmet hiding in the shadows for the entire first season
  • Storm is boss as hell and was worshiped as a goddess when she was younger
  • There was an episode where all of the girls lowkey started a gang and tore shit up and kicked the asses of villains more effectively than the entire X-team did for the whole series???
  • Wolverine and Sabretooth fought every time they saw each other. In the mall? On top of a parking garage? While on motorcyles? Fight WITH THE MOTORCYCLES? Like they could literally smell one another miles away and they would run through the whole city just to fight one another, it’s ridiculous
  • The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants crashed a high school soccer game once
  • Everyone in the Brotherhood is a sassy asshole and I love it, esp Quicksilver
  • Professor X is completely unfit to supervise children but people keep giving him their children to supervise
  • Including his own son, whom he, predictably, also failed to supervise
  • There was an episode where hunters caught Beast because they thought he was Bigfoot
  • Right before Jean was going to confess her ~feelings~ to Scott Mystique fucking kidnaps him and throws him to wolves in the desert lol. Professor X also refused to believe another fucking telepath when she said Scott was in danger
  • One of the characters joins a cabal of sewer mutants after he is disfigured by drinking soda that functions as mutant poison
  • Magneto had some secret headquarters at a ski resort
  • Blob knows how to make radish roses
  • The show is surprisingly positive and has great female characters and also some really good commentary about marginalized groups???
  • It’s also really true to the comics and does a lot of great side characters justice
  • Wolverine is like two feet tall in the show, just like in the comics, he’s a great angry munchkin tbh

Roaming on Paradise by Ino. (original picture by Mutante Creativo)

Desordes Creativas 2015, Ordes, A Coruña.

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Fan: hey, this is my OC. Her/his name is *insert words or overly complicated names *. He/she is the sister/brother/cousin/wife/husband/or any blood relations whatsoever of *main character/cast/villain*.
*insert complicated bicolor or multicolor hair*
*insert weird eye color*
She/he may look normal, but she/he is not. You see, she/he went through hell. She/he is very broody, edgy, and badass. Every girl/boy likes her/him.
She/he is gifted with *insert angel wings/elemental powers/super psychic ability/shapeshifting/etc.*
And this is her/his complicated life.

Imagine Charles trying to recruit you

Charles Xavier x Reader, my first time to be gentle.

“Allow me to explain myself, please.” The handsome man in the wheelchair, who parked himself in front of the table you sat at, smiled softly at you. 

You quickly closed the book you were doing research on and hurried away from the table, rushing to the clerk’s desk to return the book.

“Thanks, have a good day,” you smiled warmly at the woman and rushed toward the exit.

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Stress Relief - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW)

I currently have no life…For real, sent me your requests, I have a broken wrist and nothing better to do than write “x reader” things because I enjoy them.

Another piece with Logan, this time, he needs to relieve some stress. Totally NSFW by the way, fluff and SMUT yo. First one I write actually, so, sorry if it sucks. So, yeah, you know.


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When Logan came up with the idea of making a new school for mutants, you didn’t expect it to be that stressful. It had been quite some times since Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters closed. After the professor’s death, it just wasn’t the same anymore…But there were still kids all around the world in need of help. Kids that parents chased away, kids that were forced out of their homes, or kids that were just too powerful to take care of themselves without hurting anybody else. You agreed with your boyfriend, there was a need for a new school…Ororo and Kurt directly jumped in. They missed teaching as much as you. And eventually, you opened your own school. Jean Grey’s institute for higher learning. You didn’t really like the name, as you and Jean never seen eye to eye (probably because Logan used to be crazy about her, and that she was a bit jealous that he completely forgot his feelings towards her when you entered his life), but you thought it was a cute hommage nonetheless.

Logan and Ororo became headmasters, and you were happy that you’d declined the offer to be one, because it was Hell to take care of a school like that. You didn’t know how Professor Xavier did it all those years.

A particularly stressful day took you to Logan’s office.

On the door was a handwritten note stating : « Taking a break, fuck off !! ». You smiled at it, imagining Logan becoming very angry at whoever knocked on his door…Whoever but you.

You knocked.

-Can’t you fucking read !! I’m busy !

-Busy relaxing ?

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I never thought it would last, truth be told. The Wolverine school for gifted youngsters. Sounded to me like a disaster in the making. But look at this place now. Look at you.  [Wolverine and the X-men #42]


-you’d meet during the Apocalypse ordeal and he’d save you from a falling building

-after the Apocalypse thing he’d get his real feathered wings back and come to the Mutant school with you.

-he would always be holding your hand

-at first he’d feel really bad about what he did with Apocalypse so he’d almost hide behind you.

-but your friends would welcome him because they can see the way he looks at you with eyes full of love.

-once he was comfortable, he’d be back to his snarky, confident, cocky self. 

-cuddles 24/7 because he’s a teddy bear and needs love

-his wings bumping into things

-gripping you like you could be stolen from his arms at any moment

-burrowing his face into your neck during one of those long hugs

-his wings encircling you like a protective barrier

-he sleeps sprawled everywhere and his wings go over everything

-he sleeps in too.

-but he always manages to grab you and secure you to his side when he sleeps, his wing resting on top of you like a protective dog or cat

-you stand near the window while Warren sleeps. suddenly those big muscled arms wrap around your bare waist and lips find the skin on your neck, ‘good morning beautiful.’ he murmurs against your neck in that husky morning voice of his.

-food fights in the community kitchen

-sexy times and kinky times because that kid is a kinky shit

-him grinning whenever something kinky gets mentioned

-showers together where his wings almost break the glass shower door because they’re so big and there’s no way the both of you can actually fit in the shower

-he’d have a thing for laying down with his head in your lap while you stroke his blonde hair, and he’d look up at you with adoring baby blues.

-tracing the tattoos left from Apocalypse and he gets ashamed of them but you tell him they’re beautiful like the rest of him

-he’d get nervous about doing romantic things in public, like for an anniversary he’d get you a rose and dress in a suit to take you to dinner some place fancy and he’d be so nervous his wings would shake and he’d turn red and look at the ground when he sees how beautiful you are dressed for the occasion.

-rough kisses

-kisses where he gently cups your face

-kisses all over you as he tickles you

-love marks 

-movie dates where you cuddle and watch anything you want and eat pizza together

-just… everyone’s OTP