mutant roleplay group

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Anneliese Devereaux is the headmaster of a school established to train young meta-humans in the use of their abilities. Those who attend the school are taught under her belief that humans and mutants can live together in peace, war is not the way. There are those who oppose her belief that humans and mutants can live peacefully.

A force to be reckoned with brewing at an old abandoned amusement park, not far from Devereaux. The Sinners, a group of mutants that don’t believe in peace and equality between mutants and humans, are starting to gain power. By threatening the safety of meta-humans and humans alike, they are destroying the image that Devereaux is striving to create. 

Will you fight for peace and equality? Or take over the world for your own gain? 

We’re currently looking for more sinners, in order to move forward with our plotting.

Come join us!