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Conceptual artist, Tsvetomir Georgiev (“Green Lantern”), posted concept art he created for Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the images include designs for three super-villains that did not appear in the film: Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady.

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If you are doing TMNT request, can I request some major hurt!Mikey and loads of brotherly comfort at the end? Thanks for your time! Love you!

Every time I get these requests! XD You guys are insane!


The young turtle stirred in his dreamless sleep, head tilting in the direction of the soft voice. Who was that? They sounded worried – relieved? Something in-between? He couldn’t really tell; now that he was semi-conscious, his thoughts were a mangled mess, his head spinning fast, way too fast, and every part of him screaming in agony. But at least he was able to grasp onto the fact that the voice was familiar…sort of?

“Mikey, can you hear me?”

He felt something touch his cheek. Something soft, warm, inviting, protective, loving, and Mikey leaned into it willingly, long before he figured out it was a hand. A large, three-fingered hand, that trembling lightly as it held him, a thumb tenderly stroking his cheek.

“Come on, little brother. Rise and shine…”

Well, how could he say ‘no’ when the voice had asked so nicely?

Finally, Mikey dragged his eyelids open. The first thing he was met with, aside from a near blinding light coming from above – seriously, ow – was something blurry, green with a hint of blue across its face. His brows furrowed in confusion. What the heck…

Wait…green, blue, warm hand on his face…

He blinked once, twice, three times, and his vision cleared, the world around him solidifying. And when his baby blue eyes met the serene pair of ocean blue staring down at him, he smiled drowsily.

“Heyyy, Leo,” he said, and wow did he sound as drugged as he felt.

Sitting on his bed beside him, his hand never moving from Mikey’s cheek, Leo smiled. But there was something behind that smile – something relieved yet afraid, something so overwhelmingly guilty that it threatened to burst if left unrestrained – accompanied with reddened eyes that had nothing to do with lack of sleep that Mikey didn’t like. And he was sure it had something to do with whatever had happened to have Mikey end up in bed, feeling like he’d gotten hit by a bus.

“Hey buddy,” Leo said quietly, his smile never faltering. “How’re you feeling?”

Mikey scrunched up his nose. “Like I got rammed by a bus…after getting high. And now I’m suffering. Help.”

That startled a laugh out of Leo as he shook his head. “Well, Donnie had to sedate you earlier, to keep you unconscious until he was done with your wounds. So that might have something to do with your –“


Leo smirked again. “Yes, your ‘high-ness’.”

“Oh, why thank you, Leonardo. But you don’t need to call me that, ‘cus you’re my equal, y’know?”

Leo was forced to slap a hand over his mouth to stifle his sudden burst of laughter, and Mikey grinned. There was the Leo he knew and loved. He couldn’t remember what exactly had happened, or why Leo had that look in his eyes he and his brothers hated to see, but Mikey would be damned if he let it stay there.

Once Leo’s chuckles had simmered, the older turtle looked back down at Mikey, his hand moving from his cheek to his shoulder. “Mikey…do you…” he hesitated, his smile fading as he looked to the side, finding Mikey’s skateboard suddenly more interesting as he bit his lip. Mikey said nothing, waiting as patiently as he was able for Leo to continue. “…do you remember what happened on patrol tonight?”

At first, Mikey only shook his head. “Uh, no, not really,” he muttered, eyes drawn to Leo’s left arm. “I kinda remember something hitting me real hard…then I was falling…and then –“

He froze, staring at the bandages practically covering Leo’s arm from the wrist to the shoulder, and the memory came flooding back.

They were on a rooftop, up against about a dozen Foot Bots, a ticked off Rocksteady, and a sopping wet Rahzar – curtesy of Mikey’s amazing water balloon arm, thank you very much. He and his brothers were gaining the upper hand, then Rahzar swiped at Leo’s arm, blood spurting everywhere as Leo went down with a scream. Mikey had Rahzar pinned to the concrete before the dog knew what hit him, but Donnie and Raph were barricaded by Foot Bots, too far away to help when Rocksteady charged for Leo, head down horns up, and the only thought screaming in Mikey’s head was to save Leo, save his leader, his brother, his hero, his everything, that he hadn’t thought of what would happen when he was hit by the full force of a speeding rhino until he was flying over the edge of the roof, plummeting into the alley below, nothing to cushion his fall but an old dumpster…

Mikey blinked hard, startled out of his haze when he felt something wet land on his cheek. He looked up again, and instantly regretted it when he saw the tears slowly trickling down Leo’s face, his lower lip quivering in an effort to fight off what Mikey knew was a sob.

Now he understood. He’d saved Leo. He’d jumped in front of a mutant rhino to save his brother, and had received a cracked carapace, a broken arm, and two – no, no three, definitely three – cracked ribs as a result. He was the reason Leo was crying, guilt-ridden…

But as bad as he felt for making his brother cry, for making his family worry, as much pain he felt burning every inch of his body, Mikey didn’t regret what he’d done. How could he regret, when one of the most important people in his life, in his whole world, was alive now because of it, because of him?

Leo sniffed, angrily wiping away the tears with the back of his hand. “Why…why did you do that, Mikey?” he said, his voice dangerously wavering. “Why would you do something so…so stupid? You could’ve been killed –”

“Because I love you.”

Leo froze, staring down at Mikey with wide, tear-filled eyes and Mikey beamed up at him, lifting his uninjured hand to lay it against Leo’s cheek.

“You’re my big brother, Leo. Of course I would do something stupid, because I love you so much that I don’t know what the heck to do with it, and I just wanna protect you. And you feel the same way about all of us, which is why you’re always throwing yourself headfirst into danger, why you’re always going on those crazy one-man missions. I was just…just doing what you’d do if the roles were reversed, y’know?”

Leo stared down at Mikey for what seemed like an eternity. Mikey had expected him to smile through his dried tears, to shake his head, call him a ‘numbskull’, and then tell him never to scare him like that again.

What he hadn’t expected was for Leo’s face to crumple – like he’d been shot – for more tears to cascade down his face like a waterfall before he threw himself on top of Mikey, wrapping his arms around him so tight that it hurt as he cried into his shoulder.

Don’t,” he wept. “Don’t you ever, Michelangelo, you hear me? Never again.”

Stunned, but not enough to prevent him from returning Leo’s embrace with his good arm, Mikey could only stare up at the ceiling. What did Leo mean? Did he mean that he didn’t want Mikey to do something so reckless again?

Or…or did his brother think that his own life wasn’t worth the risk?

Holding Leo tighter, restraining the shiver that trailed down his spine at the very thought of Leo, his hero, thinking he were better off dead rather than have his family protect him – thinking that it was his duty to sacrifice himself over and over and over again – Mikey squeezed his eyes shut and buried himself into his brother’s embrace. “No, Leo,” he whispered, but his tone was firm, daring Leo to tell him otherwise. “If you think I’d let you die – if any of us would just let you die – then you don’t know us at all, big bro.”

Leo said nothing. Instead, he just held Mikey tighter. And so did Mikey, taking all the love he had no idea what to do with, and putting it to good use.


A comiXologist Recommends

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1

by Ben Bates, Dustin Weaver and Nick Pitarra, @idwcomics

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m legitimately excited for that new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that comes out this week. No, no, hear me out: the most recent TMNT was bonkers, and I loved every second of its absurdity and on-point characterizations (ok, the Shrek faces were weird, I’ll give you that), so everything about the TMNT 2 trailer, from Casey Jones to the soundtrack choices, has me 100% on board. One thing: I don’t know anything about those new mutants that look ready to rumble.

Enter Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything, the weekly miniseries/treasure from IDW and a rock-solid powerhouse of a creative team that begins now.

Mikey, Donnie, Leo, and Raph start our story off by breaking into the museum to take a look at an old, recently discovered mummy, as ninja teen brothers are wont to do in their free time. Next to the mummy, they are shocked to see the bones of their enemies Bebop (mutant warthog, killer mohawk) and Rocksteady (mutant rhino, killer) on display.

Glowing brightly on the mummy’s chest is a mysterious stone that Mikey (who else?) feels compelled to touch. Next thing the turtles know, a time traveler is in their midst, and they’re off on a mission to save the timeline as we know it—but before they realize what’s happening, the very much alive Bebop and Rocksteady of 2016 hijack their ride and vanish into the timestream.

This is everything I want from a summer comic and more. Is it next week yet?

Kara Szamborski supervises the production coordinator team at comiXology and co-hosts the weekly comiXologist podcast to help you find new comics to read. Donnie used to be her favorite turtle, but after the latest movie, it’s definitely Raph.