mutant models

Me: *doesn’t see Casey in a promo for the next ep*

Me: *searches under sofa cushions frantically*

Me: *checks every kitchen sink*

Me: *turns into clownfish* HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SON?!

steampunkclockwork95  asked:

What about a NightAngel Model AU but they still have beautiful blue skin and wings respectively? Mutant Models!

* warren is an extremely popular model; his wings are so beautiful and he’s an enigma in the world of mutants, so everyone adores him.
* although he is well-known in the media, nobody really knows him. warren has a mysterious vibe that can be seen in both his modelling and how he acts toward people.
* kurt is a much smaller model – not everyone thinks his blue skin is beautiful and it’s rare for him to be featured heavily in a photo shoot. he finds it difficult to break into the modelling scene.
* kurt’s first really big shoot is with warren; his first impression of warren is disappointing and the pair clash, but they look brilliant on camera together.
* they are constantly put together after that, forcing them to grow closer. nothing ever happens between them, though. warren is too scared.
* warren is in an accident and his wings are almost completely ruined; they’ll grow back, of course, but never enough for him to return to his career.
* this destroys warren, because he believes his wings to be the only thing beautiful about him, and everyone around has always seemed to agree with that.
* kurt is the only one to still see the beauty in warren – the same way warren seemed to be only one truly seeing how gorgeous kurt is.

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