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I think we need to talk about Mikey’s anger. 

In “Journey to the Center of Mikey’s Mind”, when his brothers are trying to find Mikey’s inner self they’re confronted by 4 aspects of his personality. Anger, Gluttony, Annoying, and Weird. 

Out of all of his personality traits: Anger is the biggest. While his other personality traits are regular sized with the exception of his annoying side which happens to be quite smaller than his brothers probably expected. 

But Anger is huge, his anger towers over all the other personality traits and you would think that he would act much more like Raph with his temper and angry outbursts. 

Look at Leo, Raph, and Donnie’s reaction to confronting Mikey’s anger: 

They’re shocked. And while it’s hard to see their exact facial expressions, you can definitely see that Donnie & Leo’s eyes are widened with shock and awe at Mikey’s inner rage. It’s like they never knew Mikey held this much anger within him and that’s what this post is all about: Mikey’s Anger

We all know Mikey to be a laid-back guy with a big heart, he doesn’t like conflict and he would rather have confrontations sorted out with a hug rather than a fist. But he’s willing to fight when push comes to shove and he’ll do anything to protect his family from harm. 

Besides the exception of Leo and Master Splinter, Mikey’s able to keep his anger under control better than Donnie & Raph combined (at least in the 2012 version. Donnie in the 2003 series was the biggest pacifist). He’s able to take a breath and calm down before jumping to conclusions. 

So imagine their surprise when they confront his anger head on inside of Mikey’s mind. How this towering giant is looking down on them and their sudden realization that their baby brother has been able to keep control of this monster of emotion. 

And the realization that Mikey has more pent up anger than he leads on

Mikey keeps his anger under control by moving forward and staying kind & positive in the situations around him. But that doesn’t mean that his anger is gone because it’s a constant part of who he is. 

Can you imagine if Mikey lets this anger loose on a enemy or even worse: on one of his brothers? I think he has enough anger inside him to kill someone. 

This was a great insight of Mikey’s mind and how it works, but I just hope that they don’t throw this entire episode away in favor of more slap stick situations. I want Leo, Raph, and Donnie to treat Mikey a little different after saving his inner self. 

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“If you love me
Don’t let go
If you love me
Don’t let go

Hold on
Hold on to me
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady
A little unsteady”
— Unsteady by Ambassador X

Though all your friends recognize your unparalleled achievements as a TOTALLY SICK HACKER, you feel like you could be better. It’s one of a number of things you SORT OF BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT for NO VERY GOOD REASON during sporadic and debilitating BIPOLAR MOOD SWINGS.

Ouch. So far we haven’t seen Sollux in one of his bad moods. I can’t imagine they’re a pleasant experience for him.

Your mutant mind is hounded by the psychic screams of the IMMINENTLY DECEASED. 

That sounds like a lovely power to have on the eve of Armageddon. 

Your visions foretell of the planet’s looming annihilation, and yet unlike the typical sightless prophet of doom, you are gifted with VISION TWOFOLD. 

What does that even mean?!

mirrorfalls  asked:

How would you structure Cassandra Cain: The Animated Series? More particularly, do you think some sort of NML adaptation is necessary?

They were actually, back when the DC Animated Movies were first happening, going to actually make a NML adaptation and it looked amazing but DC decided to make things crappy instead. You can read more about it and other aborted pitches here. I just like to remind people of these so I have an opportunity to show off the production sketches that are awesome and Cass was so close to being animated it hurts me.

My poor darling.

Okay back to your original question, I don’t actually feel like, given the core of Cass’ solo series and how little impact No Man’s Land was allowed to have on the Batman mythos proper (read: none, it had no lasting effect besides the permanent murder of a female character, imagine, Joker didn’t even keep his limp), I’d say it’s totally possible to structure a Cass Cain Batgirl series with her introduction being something new.

I’d probably borrow a lot from the Batman Beyond formula, with the first season having a 3-part introduction to Cass, Babs as Oracle, and Batman pushing people away from himself in the wake of traumas, that would end with Cass becoming Batgirl and Bruce begrudgingly accepting a new member of the family mostly at Barbara’s insistence.

From that point forward I’d have a Teen Titans (2003) ((or, more in my mind, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003))) structure where the episodes are seemingly stand alone with a seasonal arc. For Cass, the obvious first arc I would personally make would not be about facing Shiva, but the arrest of her father. This would tie into Cass choosing her new found family and affirming that she deserves it, while also having an arc where (vaguely similar to Bamtan: Murderer?/Fugitive) Cain sets Bruce up to prove he’s not worthy of being Cass’ adopted father and Bruce proving himself not just to Cain, but to his whole family. Lots of intros to Steph (third most reappearing supporting character after Babs and Bruce), Tim, Dick, and eventually more characters as the season goes on (Birds of Prey, eventually Damian and the al Ghuls, Rebirth characters like Harper, Duke, Luke, etc.).

Second season would be more like an homage to the classic hero’s journey of Hong Kong action fare with lots of homages to Chinese cinema like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers, that culminate in the season arc with Cass vs. Shiva.

Tones of redemption and self-loathing will still have a part of the narrative, but since this will be directed toward more all-ages, they’ll definitely be secondary to Cass consistently teaching lessons of compassion and understanding, even to her opponents, rather than focus on necessarily a death wish, though that will still play a part in her fight with Shiva once it comes – for mature viewers who are paying attention. 

Third season would have a new tonal shift that has to do with refocusing Cassandra’s main motivations around learning how to use her civilian identity as Cassandra Wayne, perhaps her and Damian having to figure out Gotham Academy together, and in general learning how to have a “life” outside of crimefighting, which would have been an underlying theme before this through Barbara anyway. Her main villain would tie into this with the seasonal arc culminating with a oft forgotten (but much loved by me) Detective Comics villain known as Facade, whose going to obviously tie into those ideas of identity and how true to yourself you can be as a teenager who saves the world secretly.

I could literally write ten seasons of this series, so I’m going to end this here XD But thank you very much for asking.

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rules: tell me your favorite characters from 10 fictional works (from shows, movies, novels, games, etc.) and then tag 10 people :)

1.Daniel “Danny” “Danno” Williams, Hawaii Five-0

2. Samuel Drake, Uncharted 4

3. Filip “Chibs” Telford, Sons Of Anarchy

4. Captain America, Avengers (MARVEL)

5. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds

6. Luke Macahan, How the West was Won

7. Leonardo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

8. Oliver Queen, Arrow

9. Barry Allen, The Flash

10. Mary Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie

BONUS: Antisepticeye, because I LOOOVE HIM, but I don’t think he counts as a fictional character.

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Closing Time

Prompt: (from imagine @imagine-marvelous-things) Imagine having the power to block out oall telepathic people while being able to get inside their head and therefore fascinating Charles.

Warning: anger, swearing,/language, little bit of angst,

Word Count: 2295

Note: this is for @girl-next-door-writes challenge. Song: Closing Time - Semisonic  and this gif

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For fuck’s sakes,” you muttered internally as you wandered to a local pub. Everyone was here tonight. “Shit, it is a Friday,” you remembered. Your eyes scanned the bar, finding nothing but drunken fellow college students. But unlike most of these students, you were a graduate student, not a sophomore that was sucking off of Daddy’s money. Scoffing and rolling your eyes, you pulled off your scarf and sat it on the bar as you chose the one end in a dark corner where no one was at.

The bald bartender asked for your order and you told him a Rob Roy. Sighing, you weren’t sure why you even left your apartment if you were just going to sit in a room full of drunken idiots. The only reasonable explanation was that your dissertation was starting to make your eyes cross and your head ache as you studied and examined schizophrenia for days upon days. Hitting a wall, you decided to come to the local watering hole to maybe drown some of your sorrows in the bottom of a glass or ten….

Little did you know, Charles Xavier was there blowing off steam as well. He was working on his Ph. D in psychology just as you were. Using his powers, he was going around the room, scoping out the most obvious prey with a pretty blonde girl who chastised him occasionally. So far though, surprisingly, he had struck out quite a bit. Some of the girls thought he was actually too flashy, too…handsome…too smart. Yes, they were actually put off by the fact that he was wealthy, educated, and handsome. Probably too intimidating.

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“Y/N! I finally found you…” Kilgrave said with a mellifluous voice, standing in front of you.
Him coming back was your biggest nightmare and you couldn’t believe it was happening. He placed a hand on your shoulder and you were petrified.
“Come, Y/N, like old times.” he took your hand and began to walk.
You looked at his evil smile and then at his eyes, not even far from being ready to live all that again, but surprisingly you didn’t move from your spot.
“Did you understand me? I said, come” he repeated, but you kept on standing still. In that moment you understood he couldn’t affect you and was the most relieving sensation of your life.
“No” you said firmly, walking away.
“What? Y/N, come here!” he shouted but you kept on your own way. 
“I’ll come back! I swear! And you will do what I say!”
But he never came back again.

With You In Mind (Ch4)

Chapter 4: The Remnants of Your Humanity

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Rating: M

Warning: Graphic Violence 

Ship: Iwaoi


Oikawa’s body is weightless in his suit, the black spandex clinging to the curves and crevices of his skin. He sits on the bench, Iwaizumi watching as he’s prepped.

“Make sure he’s branded.” A soldier says clutching Oikawa’s arm. He runs a black light over his shoulder lighting up the hidden ink he was given when he was 16 and sent on his first mission.

“This isn’t my first mission,” Oikawa says pulling back on his arm.

“Well, I’ve never seen you before?” The soldier responds. Oikawa slips his arms into the sleeves of his suit zipping the front up to the edge of his metal collar.

“That’s because it was 5 years ago.” He looks at the slot of missing fabric meant to reveal his tattoo, the 07 in his skin, tagging him as an animal, as a monster.

“You think you can talk to a soldier like that, Camd?” his eyes squint, threatening him.

“Tanaka!” Iwaizumi calls.

“And aren’t you supposed to control him, shock him or whatever.”

“As far as I can see he’s not hurting anyone, so there’s no need to inflict pain.” Iwaizumi stares down the other soldier, their eyes locking until the other scoffs and turn away, mumbling curses on Iwaizumi’s name.

Iwaizumi’s shoulders relax once he leaves, releasing a breath. He approaches the bench and puts his clipboard next to Oikawa’s usual clothes. Oikawa stands next to him, watching him with interest.

He’s not like the others, he doesn’t treat him like he’s scum like he’s something to pick and prod at. He treats him as if he’s almost human.

Iwaizumi picks up the black light and puts a hand on his shoulder. He can feel Oikawa’s body heat through the spandex. He takes note of its warmth, but he’s not sure why.

He pushes Oikawa back down on the bench hovering the light over the slit in his suit, the numbers appearing like a hidden message.

“07, do you know what the numbers mean?” He asks. Oikawa looks up at him. He nods.

“They represent the year they locked me up.” He says, watching the light reflect off his boots.

“Well, that may be true, but they actually represent your placement. You must have been the seventh person to be interned in the facility.” He says, picking up his clipboard. He looks out at the other soldiers, watching them shuffle to their places among the jets.

“And now there are almost 2,000.” He says, his breath attempting to escape in the wind, but Oikawa captures it before it’s lost.

“Come, it’s time to load up.” he looks down at the clipboard knocking its wood with his knuckle. Oikawa stands and nods, following him through the crowd of soldiers, their eyes peeling away from their thoughts to judge his humanity, to recall the rumors, to listen to their beating hearts.

Iwaizumi’s suit isn’t much different from his own, the black vest around the spandex body suit protects his vital organs, his gun holsters strapped to his thighs, the weapons blending into the black fabric, his thick boots heavy on the ground sending vibrations up to Oikawa’s bare feet.  

It’s not an overnight mission like his first, so he doesn’t have his own containment unit. He’s buckled into his seat in the aircraft, along the walls with the other soldiers, their eyes uncomfortable and lingering on him. Iwaizumi sits next to him. The silence in the space, suffocating.

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