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Sorry for the delay on this one - got mainly delayed by work and sickness. Will try to make sure the wait time on the next one is less so. ~_~’’

Have some fun things coming up though. Hope you guys enjoyed it <3

100 Episodes!

I know this drawing is INCREDIBLY late, but I wanted to upload this ;w;

I know I’m late on this, but Congratulations on 100 episodes, TMNT 2012! this is such an amazing show and I’m looking forward to more episodes in the future!

fo4 companions as aesthetics
  • Cait: broken toothed smiles, shattered vintage liquor bottles, torn lace and bite marks, winter mornings at cold harbors, old tattoos with new ink crossing over and through.
  • Codsworth: freshly mowed grass, beds with mounds of fluffed pillows, apple pies cooling on windowsills, songbirds perched on telephone wires, photo albums added to since childhood.
  • Curie: fresh bouquets in glass vases, bay windows with sea views, fine china filled with herbal tea, old bicycles with wicker baskets, barefoot walks down rainy streets.
  • Danse: swords cast into mountaintops, metal bunkers hidden in dark woods, waves washing over jagged rocks, freshly fallen snow at daybreak, dark clouds with silver linings.
  • Deacon: out of context stills from 90s cartoons, roadside diners lost in the desert, second hand tie-dye shirts, endless horizons with wild skies, empty amusement parks at dusk.
  • Dogmeat: warm slippers, homemade cookies fresh from the oven, burning log fires, legs and paws tangled in fleece blankets, light spilling through drawn curtains.
  • Hancock: torn paintings and broken statues, anarchistic graffiti on monuments, ornate knives and quills, after-parties in palaces, handwritten letters with fingerprint marks.
  • MacCready: comic panels on cork boards, blurry photos of sappy drunks, dollar bills with false promises written on, walking highways at midnight, crumpled pictures of ex-lovers.
  • Nick: neon signs reflected in puddles on city streets, title cards from old movies, stars above skylines, smokey jazz bars with dimmed lights, partners rushing into an embrace.
  • Piper: old books and rumpled sheets, polaroids tinted with age, black coffee spilled onto hastily scribbled words, lipstick stains on cigarettes, clothes abandoned at the door.
  • Preston: patchwork sewn coats and quilts, campfires fading on forest floors, overgrown treehouses, flying burned and torn flags, wooden swords and old toys hidden beneath beds.
  • Strong: broken chain links, abandoned buildings with rusted walls, bandages pulled taut against skin, thorns and vines wrapped around wire fences, vandalized warning signs.
  • X6-88: leather cloaks and silk scarves, towers with mirrored windows, clean cut diamonds, geometric statues in stark colors and fine lines, skyline pools reflecting full moons.
Season 4 ending

I just watched the last 6 ep from TMNT season 4.
I didn’t have time til now and holyshit I totally forgot how great TMNT is?????
The animation became better, the action scenes are still rad and the charachters are grown up.

- Splinter really outdid these last episodes
- Bebop and Rocksteady holding hands
- April defeated a demon cuz her love for Donnie
- Raph and Chompy ohmygod
- Aprils hair down
- no love dramas
- Leos mouth-to-mouth with Karai
- Alopex. I love her. I don’t even care if her fur not white.
- Tiger Claws story and his paw got cuted in scene jesus
- Splinter telling the real reason why Leo is the leader
- Splinter and Leo in general
- Mikey changing back Stockman. I laughed so hard
- The fucking movie referenc. what they hate with passion thank god
- Mikey is still so cute i cant even. but not that clumsy. dunno
- Karai and her gf with the mutanimals. totally chilling
- Leatherhead and Slash when fighting together. blessed
- Shredder is finally fucking dead

100% sure I forgot something but it’s 3 am here.
I’m wondering if the next season is gonna be the last. I wouldn’t mind farm episodes again.~