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I’m Only Human 



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Accompanying Music - Human - Rag’n’Bone Man

Sorry for the delay on this one - got mainly delayed by work and sickness. Will try to make sure the wait time on the next one is less so. ~_~’’

Have some fun things coming up though. Hope you guys enjoyed it <3

I think what’s making me the most peeved is that like

in the trailer we see illyana as a little girl with someone who is likely bellasco, and we see sam and his father in the mines

which means the people in charge of this movie know the origin stories of the new mutants

and since berto’s origin story literally hinges on him being black and experiencing anti-black racism

that means that they didn’t whitewash him out of ignorance

this was a deliberate decision, and they’re likely going to be changing his origins in order to match their whitewashed version

which just makes it so much more disgusting honestly??


Can’t Pretend



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Accompanying Music - Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell (This links to an AMV with dialogue lines. Would recommend since I think it works well….but if you’re not a fan of it, here’s the original without the dialogue. Thanks again @kirain for helping me with brainstorming and for showing me this awesome AMV ^^

Thanks also to my fiance @george-nordington for helping me review this!

I wish Bethesda allowed us to talk to our companions about what happened in the Institute and you got to really reflect on this revelation. Additionally, I thought “In Sheep’s Clothing” had the potential of being a decent companion quest for Hancock, maybe to the tier that Valentine’s Long Time Coming was. So, that’s where we’re headed now :3

100 Episodes!

I know this drawing is INCREDIBLY late, but I wanted to upload this ;w;

I know I’m late on this, but Congratulations on 100 episodes, TMNT 2012! this is such an amazing show and I’m looking forward to more episodes in the future!