Pretty sure one of the things I love most about 2012 Raphael is when he’s teasing Donnie about his crush on April and being all “It is never going to happen dude, you don’t stand a chance!” and then as soon as he realises that Donnie is actually genuinely serious about April he goes straight into Totally Unsubtle Matchmaking Mode like “April, Donnie is a genius and a great guy and a cool brother AND ANYONE WOULD BE LUCKY TO HAVE HIM!!” and then in a later episode when Casey’s all “Hey, Raph, so do you think April likes me?!” Raph’s all “You keep your unwashed pubescent paws OFF my brother’s future wife, Sunbeam, or I will END YOU!” because like seriously he has the hardest shell and the squishiest heart and I don’t think anyone loves nearly as hard as Raphael Hamato does and it breaks my heart in all the best ways.