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gomboc123  asked:

For the headcanon thing, could you do an FMA Marvel AU please?

Oooooh yes!

  • Roy was an average young man who joined the military during the WWII era because he wanted to protect his country and help bring about change. After a training exercise leaves him severely injured and unable to be sent to the front lines, he agrees to be a participant in a program that could heal his body and in turn, after the procedure, he discovered he had incredible physical strength and endurance. He vanished toward the end of the war after fighting the H.O.M.U.N.C.U.L.I. and was found in a semi-frozen state in the arctic in modern times.
  • After being recommissioned, one of his first assignments was to engage a possibly hostile ‘alien’ that appeared out of nowhere. Upon further investigation, he met with and spoke to the princess, soon to be queen of the distant planet of Amestris, Riza, who he found clad in armor and wielding a hammer called Hayate *shot*.
  • The above two are very unfamiliar with the way the modern world works, though Roy is more so familiar with it, so when not helping save the world they explore and go on dates alsdkfjsa.
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric are mutants who excelled at their father’s carefully crafted school for ‘the gifted.’ Edward’s abilities are similar to his father’s, where he is able to read minds but also telekinetically move objects, whereas Alphonse has incredible strength and speed.
  • Winry Rockbell was the top of her class at the world-renowned technical institute she attended, earning a prestigious award for the prosthetics she engineers for wounded veterans. But after playing around with her equipment more, she discovered that she had the tools to build a nearly impenetrable suit. And with how crazy the world had become, she kept it under wraps for a time where she may need to use it…

Soooooooooo in my desperate search for 2k16 Bebop’s real name, I noted a few things…

Rock’s booking date: 08 August 2014. We can assume Bebop’s is the same, given that they’re never far apart from each other. Or… maybe they met in prison? That’s an intriguing possibility… (ultimately I prefer them having been friends much longer).

They were held at Riker’s, awaiting transfer. That means they’ve been there basically two years by the time the second film takes place! Two years behind bars… woo, would they be squirrelly by the end of that.

Tantalisingly, Bebop’s details are just barely visible at far left. Nothing can be read, just a sliver of his mugshot seen. This makes this next instant even more agonising:

That’s right - though Casey is looking at Rock’s sheet, at the extreme close-up of him flipping to the next page, the sheet flipped is Bebop’s! The height and hair colour give it away. Dammnit!!! So close and yet so far!

(and yes, I did painstakingly go through every micro-second to make sure I didn’t miss anything)


oh, SNAP.

under last name: ZECK/ROCKSTEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now we know for sure, Zeck is Bebop’s last name in this verse too.

And under first name?


Can we reasonably assume that if the last name is Zeck, the first name must also be Anton? I’d prefer it that it’s not - I’d like it if he had a whole new name, like Rocksteady, for this verse - and I think it’s also reasonable to assume that Zeck is being used in tribute, as Ivan Steranko was, and the rest of the name would be different. 

Anton Zeck is a great name, but I don’t particularly care for 2012 Bebop & Rocksteady and prefer not to have overmuch associations between the two verses. Also, I’ve love to see a little play on ‘Bebop’ worked in there like they did with Rocksteed. It’s cheesy and fun and they should match that way.

But, sadly, as of right now… there’s just no definitive evidence any way. 

The manager. A6, 2016.

You only want those things because somebody else has them. When nobody has them, nobody will want them.