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@mutandis-extremis993 requested: “Can you do an imagine where the joker loves someone who looks completely sane but when someone messes she turns badass and beats them up and can you do it with a Harley incident where she messes with the reader because she’s jealous of her relationship with the joker and the reader just beats her up and the joker watches and is proud of the reader”

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November 4th 2013, 12:22:00 am

I preach about things like feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all, yet I find myself doing nothing but lying in the stagnant puddle of what my life has become. People have stopped telling my how much I could achieve because it’s been years now and I haven’t lived up to anyone’s expectations, most of all my own. I only keep falling even more behind.

A genuine spiritual path does not avoid difficulties or mistakes but leads us to the art of making mistakes wakefully, bringing them to the transformative power of our heart. When we set out to love, to awaken, to become free, we are inevitably confronted with our own limitations. As we look into ourselves we see more clearly our unexamined conflicts and fears, our frailties and confusion. To witness this can be difficult. Lama Trungpa Rinpoche described spiritual progress from the ego’s point of view as, ‘one insult after another.

Jack Kornfield, A Path With Heart

The gods, in short, had better things to do than concern themselves with the plight of humans, and it follows from this that it was often something of an uphill battle to enlist their support. Their attention had to be attracted first by a prayer in which the petitioner reminded the deity of his or her relationship with the petitioner. Following the prayer, the petitioner made a sacrifice, poured a libation, or offered a votive offering, since the gods did not do anything for nothing.”

“… Rites of passage were also conducted at later moments in his life- notably at adolescence and adulthood and, of course, at marriage and death. Overall, the various rites of passage signaled membership of the various affiliations to which each individual belonged- oikos, genos, phratry, tribe, deme, and polis, and, though our evidence is less than complete, we can be certain that entry to all these groupings was predicted upon elaborate ceremonial. Rites of passage have the effect of strengthening group solidarity, and virtually every freeborn Greek would have experienced a sense of multilayered communial belonging that is virtually unknown in the modern world.”

“…As such, it was an act of communion, in much the same way, mutatis mutandis, that the Eucharist is (in a double sense) an act of communion, in that only those who have been through the rite of initiation (termed confirmation) are permitted to partake of the host.”

- Ancient Greece: Everyday Life In The Birthplace Of Western Civilization by Robert Garland.

Charles Murray is worried about colleges aiding assortative mating and thereby intensifying cognitive stratification.

But Gregory​ Clark points out that assortative mating has always been really high. There might have been aspirational folk tales about princesses and stable hands, but mostly princesses married princes and mutatis mutandis for stable hands.

In fact, marriage between elite families is selection based on genotype, whereas marriage at Harvard is selection based on phenotype. You’d expect to see a lot more regression to the mean in the latter case. So it seems plausible, much to the chagrin of Harvard newlyweds everywhere, that cognitive stratification might actually be decreasing.

Has anyone raised this point elsewhere?


You don’t have to wait til next year for a POC or woman lead in a superhero film!

Writer/performer Maya Glick took matters into her own hands in late 2013 by launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring her epic vision of Ororo Munroe to life.

RAIN was recently completed and released to the public, and the results are truly electrifying.

Watch now:


Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand
Produced by Matt Joyce
Score by Luqman Brown
Vfx by ZaneFX
Written by and starring @mayastormx

“Welcome and congratulations!” the lady greeted you as you stepped off your bus. Your eyes couldn’t help but drift upward toward the large skyscraper building. It almost felt like it would never end and would reach the heavens. It tickled the clouds and peppered the clear blue sky that early afternoon. You wondered what could be in those rooms that overlooked Tokyo’s city. What did it look like to be so high up? 

But your day dream was cut short as the woman spoke up once again. A friendly, warming voice that sounded like a mother welcoming you home. “We’re so happy to have you students here at, Mutandis Inc. We’ve been looking forward to you for quite awhile. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you around. Feel free to ask me any questions as well.” 

That is when you step through the door after her, listening to her expensive black heels tap against the tile floors. You can feel the excitement begin to well up on you because this trip has many promises for you and your future. 

Mutandis is a Dangan Ronpa OC submission based group, set in the skyscraper of the famous company, Mutandis Inc. 18 students have been accepted to go on this field trip.

Artist and Student Applications are Open and the deadline is May 28.

[ Application ] [ About ] [ Rules ] [ How to Play ]

there seems to be this weird  assumption among LWers right now that the two types of trans woman is “tomboyish lesbian or bi programmer who transitions relatively late” and “straight, very feminine hair dresser who transitions early” This contradicts my anecdotal experience pretty strongly.

When I was 13 and going to support groups for 13-17 year old trans kids, some of whom had started hormone blockers at 11 and such, the trans girls were still disproportionately bisexual and lesbian relative to the cis female population. They were mostly very feminine, though a few were mildly tomboyish. This is partially a selection effect: if you were gender non-conforming relative to your gender identity, it was a bitch to get treatment and you often had to fake it. It also seemed really common for young trans girls to think they’re straight early in transition but later realize they were bisexual or lesbian, or to become more comfortable with being more tomboyish once they’ve lived as girls for a while. Mutatis mutandis for trans boys.

Congratulations!” read the letter in big bold prints. On a whim, you signed up to go on this field trip to Mutandis Inc.. The company was known world wide for their large work and research on planes and rockets. There was not a single Japanese plane that didn’t come from Mutandis. It was not the first big company to reach out to your school and you doubted it would be the last but there was a lot one could get from visiting such a famous and well known company. The CEO promised to meet with all the students as well. Just that promise alone made the trip worth it.

You look around the wide eyed faces as you step out on to the city street. Tokyo was always buzzing with life. Today, your eyes shot upward. You couldn’t even make out how tall the skyscraper was for Mutandis Inc,as if to symbolize their reach. As the lady dressed in a tight, short skirt herded your class inside, you knew things would change, were going to changing, and were already in the process of being changed.

Mutandis is a Dangan Ronpa OC submission based group, set in the skyscraper of the famous company, Mutandis Inc. 18 students have been accepted to go on this field trip. 

Artist and Student Applications are Open and the deadline is May 14. 

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We need a new word for the criticism of Islam. I’d like to live in a world where people respect dictionary definitions, but I’ve seen “Islamophobia” used so often to mean “anti-Arab racism” that the term is of moot utility, as I’ve mentioned before

Trashing Arabs as a race is, clearly, racism. Trashing Islam as an ideology is not.

Ricky Gervais digs us out of the hole using the ladder of “bullshitaphobia”, which, if we decided to follow the Greek pattern, would be “malakiesophobia”. This term incorporates criticism of other religions, but that doesn’t matter, at least in my case, because my criticisms of Islam apply to other religions mutandis mutatis. It’s not going to take off because it’s a facetious tweet, but I like it anyway.

jeriais  asked:

Hey there! I was wondering if you could recommend any trans Erik or Charles fic. I've read like two now and I'm interested in knowing if you have any in mind you could rec or if you could direct me to an answer if this has been asked before. Thanks!

This sat in the drafts for literal ages because I wanted to make an exhaustive list. Let’s make a list of favourites instead, before this takes even longer!

Second Chances by Red [NC-17, Cherik]

In a modern AU where mutants are still treated as second-class citizens, Erik once found himself an unlikely friend at a state-run boarding school. When Frances went off to college early, he felt abandoned and figured he’d never meet her again. Fifteen years (and almost three thousand miles) later, Erik runs into an oddly familiar man.

Mod note: The fandom classic and with good reason too; It’s awesome!

Chancers by Obstinatrix [NC-17, Cherik]

Erik has always had special talents.

Mod note: The very hot remix of the one above.

Mutatis Mutandis by introductory [PG-13, Cherik]

Charlotte Xavier graduates from high school and is never heard from again.

Mod note: I love the title drop so much…

Your’re the only place that feels like home by betamax524 [PG, Cherik, Soulmate AU]

In this world, the name of your soulmate is marked onto your chest, on the skin above your heart. But what if they decide to change their name along the way?

Mod note: Interesting concept with loads of angst and pain.

Sharing is Caring by moncube [NC-17, Cherik]

Charles shows Erik what it is like to be on the receiving side of a handjob.

Mod note: This is such a clever use of Charles powers! Warm and fuzzy PWP.

Pregnancy is Magical by cygnaut [PG-13, Cherik]

“But—” Erik stopped. “But you can't—you don't—”

“Have a womb?” Charlotte suggested, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Well, apparently, sometimes that’s not necessary.

Mod note: I don’t even know how to tag this but it’s here, it’s queer, and I love it.

Even as Love is, Undivided and Paceless by Red [PG-13, Cherik]

The first ten anniversaries, they spend apart. But for each one after, Erika finds herself suffering yet another extravagant gift.

Mod note: Heartbreaking yet hopeful. One of my all-time faves. Make sure to check out the porny interlude!

Know you more, and different by pearl_o [PG-13, Cherik]

For all of Charles’s slight apprehensions about this visit and meeting Erik’s mother, he hadn’t been expecting this, the slight air of awkwardness that’s been following Erik around.

Mod note: One of the best fics from last year’s Secret Mutant Exchange. Very touching, very real and I wish there was a lot more.

Legally Charles by until_the_earth_is_free [Mature, Cherik, dark topics]

The fic where Charles Xavier one day wakes up and decides to go to Harvard Law, where he meets Erik, the sullen teacher’s assistant.

Mod note: Last but not least: this gem. Don’t let the Legally Blonde AU tag fool you, it’s not a glitzy, bubbly comedy but a quite dark modern AU. With some great humour sprinkled over it; ergo a fantastic read.

Illyana brushes her hands over her blue and yellow uniform as she walks down the hall, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles in the fabric. It’s a nervous habit, one she doesn’t show often. Then again, it’s not every day she has to give someone news like this, especially not Kitty and especially not given their…circumstances. She’d say it’s hard to believe, but they already know it’s true. They’ve seen the truth literally look them in the eyes. When she makes it to the bedroom she shares with Kitty, she slips inside and makes sure to the lock the door behind her–now is not the time for them to be interrupted, and she hopes there is nothing Rachel decides she needs to telepathically ‘ring’ Kitty for, either. She puts on a smile, “Katya?”

foreverjeangrey warrenworthington3rd cryokinesi twoclaw

[ She stands at the edge of
  the not-yet-properly-running
  Danger Room, leaning on
  her Soulsword for support. ]

Don’t worry. They’re less likely
  to kill you with me here.