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Random, but have any of the members ever mentioned what their ideal type is?

Q: What type of girls do you like? (First tell your name)

Shiro: I’m Shirofuku! I like those with lovely smile…
Tomitan: I’m Tomitake! Someone who is cheerful, always energetic and likes to eat would be good
Nokkun: That’s cause you like to eat, huh
Geru: I’m Forgeru!
Tomitan: He’s Forgeru!
Geru: Well…
Tomitan: Well…
Geru: Hey, don’t!
Geru: I like go-ahead and cheerful people
Zecchan: Yeah, someone who goes ahead lol
Geru: Not literally ww
Punta: Okay… I’m Pun-chan… I like kind people…
*Interviewers get confused about Pun-chan’s name cause he didn’t say the full one and Punta gets embarrassed*
Punta: Shiiiit… Shit….. Shit….. Shit….. Shiiiit…..
Nokkun: Okay, I’m Nokkuso. I haven’t come up with any certain type, I just love who I love.
Senji: Wow, some serious stuff right there
Nozaki: I’m Nozakibento. Mine is someone cheerful but steady.
Nokkun: Ah, I’m looking forward to hearing Zecchan! Will you say “a denpa”? ww
Zecchan: I’m Zeararu. For me it’s someone who would laugh at everything I say
Senji: I’m Nibansenji. Uhh, what do I say.. I like someone who has contrasting traits.
Zecchan: So like.. Really pretty, but with really smelly feet ww
Senji: Yeah yeah like that wwww
Aoi: ..I’m Aoi. …… …… What should it be… I like energetic people… And… Well… Well, I.. For me, it’s not really about the physical appearance… I just love who I love.


Here’s the lyrics, romaji and English translation for Love Cheer!

All of this was done by me and @bluemooneri (thank you!!)

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List of kisses in “Shadow Kiss” MV

  • 0:24 - TomiSen (Tomitake/Nibansenji)
  • 0:34 - ShiroiBento (Shirofuku/Nozakibento)
  • 0:38 - TomiPuri (Tomitake/Kimagure Prince)
  • 0:40 - AniBento (Nichan/Nozakibento)
  • 0:41 - GeruSen (Forgeru/Nibansenji)
  • 0:46 - TomiAo (Tomitake/Aoi)
  • 0:47 - AniSen (Nichan/Nibansenji)
  • 0:49 - KusoGeru (Nokkuso/Forgeru)
  • 0:54 - TomiGeru (Tomitake/Forgeru)
  • 1:02 - ShiroSen (Shirofuku/Nibansenji)
  • 1:05 - AniKuso (Nichan/Nokkuso)
  • 1:07 - AoGeru (Aoi/Forgeru)
  • 1:10 - Oyako (Aoi/Nozakibento)
  • 1:14 - ShiroAni (Shirofuku/Nichan)
  • 1:17 - Chin Bros (Tomitake/Nokkuso)
  • 1:19 - KimagureBento (Kimagure Prince/Nozakibento)
  • 1:28 - AoPuri (Aoi/Kimagure Prince)
  • 1:35 - KusoSen (Nokkuso/Nibansenji)
  • 1:37 - NozaGeru (Nozakibento/Forgeru)
  • 1:38 - AoAni (Aoi/Nichan)
  • 1:42 - NozaKusoBento (Nozakibento/Nokkuso)
  • 1:44 - AniGeru (Nichan/Forgeru)
  • 1:45 - ShiroPuri (Shirofuku/Kimagure Prince)
  • 1:54 - ShiroAo (Shirofuku/Aoi)
  • 2:02 KusoPuri (Nokkuso/Kimagure Prince)
  • 2:04 - AniPuri (Nichan/Kimagure Prince)
  • 2:10 - Momogumi (Tomitake/Nichan)
  • 2:12 - AoKuso (Aoi/Nokkuso)
  • 2:14 - ShiroGeru (Shirofuku/Forgeru)
  • 3:15 - SenPun (Nibansenji/Kimagure Prince)
  • 3:19 - NozaTomi (Nozakibento/Tomitake)
  • 3:22 - PunGeru (Kimagure Prince/Forgeru)
  • 3:26 - AoSen (Aoi/Nibansenji)
  • 3:28 - JigokuYurei (NIbansenji/Nozakibento)
  • 3:20 - ShiroKuso (Shirofuku/Nokkuso)
  • 3:38 - ShiroTomi (Shirofuku/Tomitake)
“Shadow Kiss” by MeseMoa. English Lyrics + Translation

Music/Lyrics: halyosy
Camera supervision: KAYAC inc. & Keisuke Tamura
Choreography: K’suke

I updated the song and corrected the translation according to the official lyrics!!!

Please, do not reupload this anywhere without my permission. If you use this to translate the song into other languages at least let me know or credit me. Thanks.

Official lyrics provided by Kyoko-san, who was reaaally nice and also helped with translating the song!!!

(Dedicating this to defence squad group chat and support squad group chat, there are a lot of cool guys who can form a decent fandom)

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hii i saw some photos of the members crying do they have any videos of that?? i want to knowthe members more thxxx

Those might have been the photos from either Zeararu.’s graduation or Musumen.’s first Nakano Sun Plaza performance. Zeararu.’s graduation videos have been privated, so you can’t find those, to watch the Sun Plaza performance you have to buy the “Dream of 2222” DVD, you can do this in their official Internet shop
(btw, how will looking through videos of them crying make you get to know them better???)

Odorite on youtube

Since there are some people who don’t have an account on Nico Nico Douga or don’t have a premium membership and therefore can’t watch videos in HD at any time, here’s a list of odorite who have official youtube channels. 









Musumen (most of the videos on their channel are the Musurabo videos they’re uploading daily from Monday to Friday; check out their playlists for their odottemita videos)

Kamen Liar 217


Ashibuto Penta

*ChocoLate Bomb!!

Most of these lists are incomplete though, they haven’t uploaded all of their odottemita videos on youtube.

Feel free to add more official youtube channels of odorite!