Shirofuku, Aoi, and Kimagure Prince of Musumen sang and danced to Umetora’s “Waiting for a Chance to Pounce”!

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[Musumen.] Honey Bee [4th single]
(Nico Nico Douga)

English translation and romaji
Thank you for the request, awesomenarutouzumaki!

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Musumen covered Morning Musume’s “What is LOVE?”!

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Musumen. looking hella convincing as girls~ 

1st: Aoi, Kimagure Prince, Nibansenji, Nokkuso, Shirofuku, Tomitake, and Zeararu.; 2nd and 3rd: Tomitake (he’s so pretty how is he a man); 4th: Aoi; 5th: Nokkuso and Syokupanmen; 6th: Aoi and Ririri!

[Taken from Musumen. members’ twitters]


Musumen. danced to Morning Musume’s “Password is 0”!

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Musumen: Attack of the Indie Idol Band

We do a lot of stuff on mainstream idol music. But last week, we took a leaf out of what everyone else’s books and went indie with Musumen

Musumen is a 10-man group (with 7-men active presently) made out of popular Nico Nico Dancers (Odorite) Shirofuku, Aoi, Tomitake, Nokkuso, Ni-Chan, Nozaki Bento, Asupara, Zeararu, Nibansenji and Kimagure Prince.

If you haven’t heard of them, now you have and you’re not the only one. Musumen  is far from obscure, with a healthy 24,000 subscribers on their Youtube account and a good 16.4k followers on Twitter.

(Read: Beginning to get buried neck-deep with their fair share of dedicated fangirls.)

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Musumen. (with the addition of K’suke) covered Morning Musume’s What is LOVE?! Fantastic as always~ 

Check it out on Nico here and Musumen.’s official YouTube here


LIAR by Musumen.
English translation and romaji

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Musumen danced to Morning Musume’s “Boom Boom Boom in the Yellow Sky”!

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