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You such great person to translate from other when they ask you to translate,but you know in ANN Radio,myao,shimada and chiyori write letter for kojiharu too,can u translate that?And then when there is mc with sashi,jurina,kitarie,yuki and michan they talked about memory with kojiharu. if you don't mind please translate for kojiharu oshi...


“Dear Kojima Haruna,

I never thought it would come the day in which I’d have written a letter to you. First of all, thank you very much for letting me attending this All Night Nippon broadcast with you, being it your last one. I was sure that, for your last broadcast here, you would’ve gathered with all others very popular, up in SSK rankings members, and that my letter would’ve just gotten sent to you; yet, here I am, a not so popular member who doesn’t even know if she’ll make it in SSK this year, chosen by you to attend tonights bradcast. You really are a goddess, after all. You know, among the members we’re really asking ourselves if you aren’t a goddess for real, lately. You’re usually told that you’re beautiful, both in the inside and outside, but it’s actually the truth. 

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WAIT A SEC?!? JAX did you say that if Young Justice came back you'd Cosplay Aqua Lad :) Time to get that dye out

Yup  a While ago I said if Young Justice Season 3 came back I’d cosplay Aqua Lad since we both have widow’s peaks, both black both musuclar and insanley handsome xD lol Time to dye my hair and get the contacts out and ive been meaning to try on that red spandex suit

people thought i was a slut in high school because my right arm was more musuclar than my left and they were like “hey do you give a lot of handjobs or something” and i didn’t want to tell them it was really from playing guitar hero

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What do chu look forrr in a guy??

  I usually look for Jungkook ;)

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I look for so much, like way too much, but the most important thing for me is that  he’s genuine and real. Idk if you get what I mean? Like someone who’s not afraid to show all of them to me ( k , that sounded FREAKIN PERVY but that’s just a detail).

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Someone with Confidence who’s hardworking and humble. I’m searching for a kind & savage guy tbh. A man that is sweet but can always switch up the tables and be sneaky lollll. Ya know the two polar opposites? It’s kinda hot when a guy is all sweet and kind, but then he’s not afraid to give you a piece of his mind.( no , Jungkook is definitely not influencing my tastes in men *pffttttt*)

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I want a man who feels like a lover but also like a best friend. I don’t want to feel shy everyday and blush like in those shoujo mangas. I want to watch bangtan bombs and brag openly about how jungkook’s jaw is amazing. I Want us to kiss naturally/ or maybe getting laid without having to be all awkward about it lol.So, someone who makes me feel comfortable at a max level ( Jungkook is checked off this part of my ideal type, cause’ I can’t feel comfortable around him lolll)

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A smart guy. Intelligence is something that is a must.I want someone who’s fast to catch on things and react.A guy that can solve something without hesitating. Idk why but being intelligent is just very sexy and it’s something I will always seek for in my man.

Kook be like :Pardon??

( sorry but you don’t fit in this part jungkook loll I STILL LOVE YOU)

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A man who has the body of a guy who hits the gym a few times a week. I like bodies like jungkook’s TBH LOLLLL.Slim but musuclar , with the right amount of muscles. I’M SO BIASED. I used to hate looking at thighs before stanning him and now look at me… wtf have I done to myself

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- Knows how to cook ( that’s like a bonus)

- Knows how to do his own laundry ( GUYS THAT’S SOME ISH that made me love jungkook)

-Straight soft and fluffy hair ( Black/ Brown)

-Cute face & hot body

-Wears Dress shirts and tucks them in his pants.


-Has a good sense of Fashion, similar to Taehyung’s <3

- Over 1m80 >.< ( I want to bury my face in that chest)

- Nice eyes,cause’ I want to fall in love harder everyday

- Has a smile that will make me love him more.

- Accessories ( rings, watch,Earrings) Blame BTS THEY MADE ME DO IT.

I’ll stop here, cause’ bruh… my list is probably as long id not longer than jungkook’s ideal girl list.