Werewolf pups about 2

“They seem to be coming along nicely.” the man commented, raising a hand and setting it on Sanders’ stomach, causing the young man to blush.

“Uh…s..sir?” Sanders stammered in surprise.

A strange feeling came over him, a warmth in his stomach as well as feeling of pressure building up. He tried to ignore it but when his stomach pushed out and cause his uniform to get tighter, he stifled a groan and the man noticed this. Standing up, the height difference was very clear, the man was six ft seven in. Pretty big compared to Sanders’ five ft nine status in height. They were also pretty musuclar and their big hand landed on his shoulder.

“Come.” The man instructed, giving Sanders no choice and just pulled him along.

The feeling of pressure and his stomach growing was still there as he was dragged along and out of the restaurant. He would’ve protested but the growth made it hard to say anything without a moan so he choose to not try. A limo was parked nearby and the man had Sanders get into it, they were nice enough to help him get in. Once seated, his stomach finally stopped growing and he looked overdue with twins at this point. His uniform had popped several buttons an the weight was really strong now. The man got into the other side an sat across from him and the limo started to move.

“I suppose I should explain but first, I am Lukan Braxter.” the man introduced. “You my new friend, are carrying my pups for the pack. Werewolf pups to be exact.”

“What?” Sanders asked in disbelief