There are so many things that break my heart already, but the static colour they give Kurogane in the first panel definitely contributes. 

Also the sheer DISBELIEF the other people have that the monsters are here. 

They were so safe and has so much faith in the ruling family that their first instinct is to QUESTION rather than to run or fight.

Naturally, their first thoughts are ABOUT the ruling family too. 

What about the wards, they ask. Because they can’t imagine that Kuromama could be dead. 

What about the master, they also ask. 

Because if the monsters are here then he’s probably already dead as well.


My Persona 5 OC who doesn’t have a name yet. Al Capone is his persona and his codename is Moon.

And with that, that is my 500th piece of art archived since June 28th 2016. Not entirely Markiplier, but it is all thanks to him and my cravings for art that I’ve done so much and improved so much. :D <3

I cannot believe all that I have done. Thanks obsessive scheduling in my brainhole. Can’t break the cycle and frankly, I don’t mind drawing the fucker everyday. lol

mikkeneko  asked:

Swear 2 god, the only thing this scene is missing is having Evil Wolverine turn and look Kurogane dead in the eye and tell him "THIS WAS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT PROTECTING HER"



A while back on a bored Weekend whim, i bought this game called “Death Ride to Canada”. It’s a zombie invasion game wher eyou’re trying to escape to Canada and yo have like eight days to do it. On the way you pick up people and fight and I dunno, it’s weird and funny and worth the moeny for that bored weekedn.

ANYWYA it has this character creation mode and you can randomly maybe find your custom cahracters as you go through the game. I made a few but felt like sharing this one.

I actualy pickd her up at one point!

She died.

nekokitkat  asked:

The kuromama murder scene always made me think of Chnyan and her mother being murdered. Whats going through kurogane's mind when she states she wants revenge and when she resolves to not kill him.

That is such a very good parallel! 

It’d be so much more fascinating if Kurogane had been present for that final scene in Koryo. But then again, maybe this is exactly why he wasn’t there when Chu’nyan finally confront’s her mother’s murderer. Because we all know what that did to Kurogane. 

But even so, if given the chance I feel like the closure these two might have found in each other would have been amazing.