Inner circle & feysand’s son (requested by @illyriangoddess and @lovenewerdies) 💜

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So I played Dream Daddy and what can I say..Damien is my absolute favourite. He’s such a precious cinnamon roll! ♥

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Commissioned the fabulously amazingly wonderful @laskulls and honestly? I could not be happier??


Photos (Finally) Explained.

Slowly, we start to make sense of the pictures that were leaked when BTS were filming in Hawaii.

#1 This must have been when Jungkook was ‘busking’ with his rendition of ‘Paper Hearts’, and ran away with Jimin’s money, leaving a speechless Hoseok behind who couldn’t control his laughter and the kids running around. 

#2 And this photo that got everyone asking, “WHERE’S JIKOOK?!”. Seems like their paths just didn’t cross with the other members. Funny how the other 2 groups bumped into each other twice, but Jikook only bumped into RM/Suga/V once when they were about to reach their lodging. 

While the rational side of me attributes this to the lack of coincidence between Jikook and the others, the irrational shipper in me wonders if they had purposely steered slightly off-course so that they are less likely to bump into the other groups, just to get more screen time of just the both of them being together, getting lost, bickering and doing random shit. I’m not saying that they’re behaving like a long-time couple, but… (that’s probably what I meant.)

Can’t wait to see if there’s gonna be even more Jikook moments behind the scenes! 

badassindistress  asked:

I'm taking advantage of my sisterly powers and asking for a short Musichetta pov piece about that bus meetcute with Joly :)

Now, Musichetta considers herself a patient woman. (In her more honest moments she agrees that this technically does not mean she is a patient woman, but she is at least a great deal more patience than she could be.) The woman she currently has on the phone, however, is testing her patience severely. Musichetta is this close to having had enough…

Scratch that, she has had enough.

“Yes, thank you,” she cuts in icily, making the woman indignantly swallow her next sentence. “I am well aware that you don’t answer to me and I would be more than happy to ask Ms. Bois to call you back herself-” That is a bluff. There is no way Musichetta is going to her boss over stupid linens on her first almost-solo event. “-but let me tell you something,” she continues. “This is not about what Ms. Bois wants. Right now, I don’t work for her. Right now I work forBrian Settler. Who so far has been a delightfully laid-back groom and a joy to work with, but who was very clear he wanted cherry red linens. Not orange. The samples you sent were red, what you just delivered is orange. So how do you propose to fix it? Not for me. For the future Mr. Pattel-Settler.”

There is a short silence on the other end of the line and then: “There was a mix-up at the warehouse, I am sure we can find a way to fix it.”

“That would be very much appreciated,” Musichetta says in her most pleasant voice. “I am available at any time if there is anything you need to discuss.”

After securing a promise that she would be kept up to date, she ends the call and lowers her phone with a sigh that is equal parts triumph and frustration. She glances around with an impatient movement of her head. How late is that bus going to be? There is no bus, but there is a young man now also standing at the bus stop. He is looking right at her and unlike most people that get caught staring, he doesn’t look away.

“Can I help you?” Musichetta says, a little coolly.

“Sorry,” he says apologetically and he looks away for a moment. “I’ve just never seen anyone so much.”

He smiles at her and Musichetta feels the annoyance roll inexplicably off her shoulders. She feels a smile pull at the corners of her own mouth. “So much what?” she asks, in a considerably warmer tone.

“Just…much,” he says admiringly. Oh…he’s cute.

She smiles a little wider. His smile is infectious.

“So you’re a wedding planner?” he ask and then he adds with nervous recollection: “I’m Joly, by the way, if that’s- I’m Joly.”

He’s not cute, he’s adorable. “Musichetta,” she replies cheerfully. “And technically I’m an event planner, but yes, mostly weddings.”

“It sounded like a stressful job just now,” Joly says pleasantly and Musichetta is trying to remember the last time someone focussed so much earnest cheerful attention on her without her getting even the slightest feeling of ulterior motives being at play.

“Oh that was nothing,” she grimaces. “Last week I had to convince a couple they couldn’t release chickens instead of doves at the ceremony.”

Joly laughs and dammit if he doesn’t snort adorably too. “Chickens are cool though!” he says. “They’re related to dinosaurs you know.”

“Is that what makes them cool?” Musichetta smiles.

“Well, it certainly makes them cooler,” Joly replies.

Now it is no longer being watched for, the bus arrives. Joly makes a movement like he wants to let Musichetta get on first, but halfway through he changes his mind and quickly steps in himself.

“Afternoon,” Musichetta greets the bus driver. When she turns into the bus Joly has sat down by the window. There’s an empty spot beside him. Did he hurry in so she could choose whether to sit with him or not? She smiles and gestures at the empty seat. “Can I?” she asks.

“Of course!” Joly beams.

She sits down and wonders what it would take to make him pull that face again. Because she really needs to see that again. “You know anything cool about chickens and dinosaurs?” she asks merrily.

There’s that face again. “I do!” he grins. “Like, when they were making the first Jurassic Park movie, they wanted the dinosaurs’ movements to be as realistic as possible. So they threw Hollywood amounts of money at a team of palaeontologists so they could figure it out. And they made these awesome models based on the bone structure of fossils and when they were done some of them took a step back and went: wait a minute guys…and hurried off to find a chicken.”

“They did not,” Musichetta laughs.

“Well they should have,” Joly laughs back. “Anyway, they found out dinosaurs probably ran like chickens do. Isn’t that just the best.”

Musichetta can only agree.

No bus ride has ever gone by this fast. Joly is a joy to listen to. Musichetta hadn’t even realised she had so much stress bottled up from this morning’s meetings until she starts laughing it away. By the time her stop is almost coming up she is starting to feel seriously conflicted. This guy is…awesome company. It’s like chatting with human sunshine. And he’s so cute it’s almost unfair. Should she give him her number? Judging from the way he looks at her, he might be interested. Then again, it’s not entirely clear if the Bossuet he has mentioned several times now is a roommate or more than a roommate. Still, having this guy as a friend is hardly a worst case scenario.

“I have to get off at the next stop,” she says regretfully.

“Oh!” Joly says and she’s pretty sure there’s a flash of regret on his face too. “Well, it’s been lovely talking to you.”

“Likewise,” Musichetta smiles at him. “And if you’d want to talk to me again…” She quickly opens her purse and takes out one of her cards.

Joly takes it with a startled, but very pleased expression.  “Thank you,” he says and yes, he’s actually blushing.

Musichetta gets to her feet and smiles down at him. “Text me any time,” she winks. “Doesn’t even have to be about dinosaurs.”

His blush heightens a little and she really regrets having to leave now. But she’ll probably regret missing her stop more, or at least she will when Ms. Bois finds out she was late to the flower appointment. So when the bus stops she dutifully gets up. “Bye, Joly!” she says.

“Bye, Musichetta,” he replies happily. “Talk to you soon?”

“You better,” she calls back. The bus driver smirks at her and she shoots him an utterly unapologetic grin.