mustikkakotako  asked:

What things inspire you at the moment?

oh man what an awesome question!!!

porpentine’s twine games  (and twine games in general, really! totally into the idea of short, surreal interactive poems and hoping to eventually try some of my own)

kaneoya sachiko’s art (powerful, bestial women and this little waifish pubestache’d dude who’s perpetually bloodied and in some compromising position, styled after 50’s anime but with a pop art/lowbrow twist)

maud traon’s rings (definitely want to see if i can figure out some of her techniques and make some rad stuff - i’ve been doing a wreck this journal that i got for christmas and i want to do something special for the cover)

internet k-hole

a while ago i was on a website that offered like page after page of live feeds from public webcams and i went to find it again but it……………. didn’t exist and that’s super weird but when i was last on it i was up at like four in the fucking morning with shannon and it was just so strange to be able to look in on so many different places - bakeries, beaches, offices, labs - and not have anyone looking back. it made me want to write something weird and voyeuristic and hitchcockian and tensely erotic.

self-made tattoos (one of my summer goals this year)

warsan shire’s poetry and also her tweets (always, always, always)

tweeting as storytelling more generally - some people have like perfected the art of creating these bizarre little snapshots with their tweets and i dig that shit

completely inhuman, terrifying, incomprehensible angels, passion as suffering, and divine ecstasy