Authorities arrest two in connection with large-scale Butte County marijuana operation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —The Butte County Sheriff’s Office said authorities arrested two people in connection with a large-scale commercial marijuana growing operation in the 16900 block of Musty Buck Road.

Authorities said they found 2,137 marijuana plants at three grow sites. They said it appeared that the plants were harvested once this year and that the current crop had been set for an October harvest.

Authorities said they found miles of drip tubing and fertilizer. They said the plants were grown under a manzanita bush canopy and other vegetation.

Under the Stars

Here’s the first chapter of the Kristanna summer camp round robin

Chapter One

WC: 1861 Rating: K+

There it was. Kristoff could see the familiar cabin at the end of the trail. Sure enough when he arrived at the doorstep he could read the hand carved sign nailed next to the door: “Reindeers”. He smiled to himself at the grammar faux pas.  That sign was probably made fifteen years ago, maybe even before that. He could remember being a camper in this very cabin when he was a kid and that sign was in the same place then as it is now. At this point it wouldn’t feel right if they fixed it. It was just one of those things that made Oaken’s Oaken’s.

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 Sent by Anonymous,

Can you write about were dean and Castiel have a crush on the reader, and dean get jalouse because Castiel is always protecting her and dean feel like he’s useless Ps: the reader like them both :3 Ps2: I love your writings ❤️

A/N: Thanks so much! I’m glad you love it! I love writing it! This was by far one of the most fun to write and I added my own spin on this prompt.

Warnings: swearing, fluff

This case was seriously becoming a chore, the ghost the four of you had been chasing was moving around much quicker then you could track and it didn’t help that the Ghostfacers were also on this case.

~A few hours earlier~

“This way.” you instructed walking down the dark corridor with you shot gun loaded with rock salt in hand. The house was musty, this place was clearly abandoned so who knew what could be in there, so that musty smell could have been mold for all they knew. The eerie silence made even the mighty Dean Winchester feel uncomfortable. 

“I don’t think it’s here (y/n),” Sam said quietly as the three of them walked down the dark hallway, there were soft voices at the end of the hallway, who else would stupid enough to be here? 

“No.” Dean said, “It can’t be.” he muttered to himself, 

“Should I scare them?” you asked with an evil grin on your lips; Dean shrugged and made way for you. Let out a soft giggle you kick the door in with your gun raised, 

“POLICE!” You screamed loudly; you heard shrieks but they didn’t come from girls.

“Please don’t arrest us.” one cried but the instant he saw you his eyes went wind, “On second thought,”  he said as he began to eye you up and down, 

“Oh great, not you guys again.” Dean groaned out; Castiel and yourself looked him Dean, 

“Who exactly are they?” Castiel asked looking at him, 

“That’s Harry and Ed, they have a show Ghostfacers.” he groaned out; you smirked, 

“So their ghost hunters with a death wish?” you asked smiling and crooked smile.

The two of them looked at her with wide eyes, 

 “Where’s the rest of the gang?” Sam asked looking at the two nerds; Harry shrugged, 

 “After the last time we met they all quit when the information was wiped from our computer’s.” He said angrily causing to giggle softly but now wasn’t the time to mess around, 

“Alright enough messing around, we have some serious business to attend too.” you say holding you shot gun, “Lets get this son of a bitch.” you say looking at them, “I say we go in teams, cover more ground.” you explain, 

“You’re the leader.” Sam teased with a smirk, 

“Shut up Sammy, now Dean and Harry come with me. Sam you go with Castiel and Ed.” you instruct, “We will take the basement, you three take the upstairs.” you say and all of you break. What a job this would be. 

~A half hour later~

Going down the to basement was the worst idea you had ever had, the smell of rotten corpses filled you nose. All of your flashlights had died the moment you took three steps into the room, all you had was Harry’s camera on night vision but the battery was only at twenty five percent which made you a bit nervous. 

“You think the corpse is down here?” Harry asked; you sighed heavily, 

“Yes Harry for the last time.” you said slightly annoyed, all he did was ask questions. The three of you stayed close to each other, 

“There!” Dean yelled and rushed over with you two. He began to salt the bones when you felt yourself being grabbed and thrown across the room. Yelling out in pain you tried to see something but nothing was clear since it was dark. I thought I was going to die but the sound of fluttering wings made me remember there was hope. I felt arms pull me from the wall, seconds later there was a loud crash. Ducking your head into whoever’s chest was right there, there was a bright light as Dean was able to burn the bones. Everyone was out of breath, Castiel helped you up the stairs and towards the exit of the building where everyone was. 

“Are you alright, (y/n)?” Castiel asked you; you nodded gently. 

“Yes thank you.” you say and looked at the other, everyone looked alright. Everyone went their separate ways silently, the four of you pilled into the Impala and headed towards the hotel room. The car ride was awkwardly silent, the only sound was the radio playing Metallica’s Enter Sandman, you seemed to be the only one enjoying the sound of the music because you felt you eyes get heavily and slowly you fell sleep. 

You weren’t sure what time it was but you knew the guys were up, 

“Sammy I don’t know what to do. Cas keeps saving her and I know he likes (Y/N) but I like her too.” Dean said; you could clearly hear the distress in his voice, 

“You should tell her Dean, it’s a fifty-fifty shot because I’m pretty sure she likes you both.” Sam said to his brother, 

“No Sammy, I won’t tell her I just fell useless you know. Cas is always swooping in to save her.” Dean said, 

“So me saving her is an issue now?” you hear Cas interject. “I’m sorry that I am trying to protect her.” Cas snapped, oh god I’m going to have to choose. An argument broke out and you decided to stop it, 

“Guys stop!” You snapped as you slowly sat up; they all looked at you with wide eyes. Slowly you go up and went over to them and sighed, 

“You two are acting like children! I shouldn’t like either of you!” you blurted out and they looked at you with wide eyes. “I don’t want to choose between you two because I like you evenly…” you began 

~You choose Dean~ 

“But I have to choose Dean.” you say; the sound of wings fluttering was heard and Cas was gone as well as Sam. You turned and looked at Dean, he had a wide smile on his face, his green apple eyes filled with happiness. You went over quickly hugged him tightly before you slowly pulled away and looked up at him, you nearly got lost in his green eyes so when he placed a soft kiss on your lips….

The kiss was sweet, Dean’s hand caressed you cheek with one hand while the other rested on your waist. You felt the cliche ‘fireworks’ as your lips stayed connected. You two pulled away and you looked at him, 

“I love you.” You say to Dean causing him to smile, 

“I love you too.”  he said 

~You pick Castiel~ 

“I am going to have to choose Castiel.” you say looking at Cas who was smiling happily; Dean and Sam both left the room leaving you with the blue eyed angel. He smiled softly and went over to you, 

“So what does this mean?” he asked confused; you giggled at him. You slowly leaned in and kissed him.

He seemed hesitant because he didn’t understand what was going but he slowly began to kiss back. You smiled softly and moved his hands to your waist while you put your arms around his neck. The kissed didn’t last long but you enjoyed it, slowly pulling away you looked into Cas’s bright blue eyes, 

“I love you Cas.” 

“I love you too.”

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Run – do not walk – over to Medium for this fascinating article on how libraries decide to weed out their collections.  And then go check out an old favorite book, even if you’ve got no intention of reading it!

Since every system of elimination is based, no matter what they say, on circulation counts, the number of years that have elapsed since a book was last checked out, or the number of times it has been checked out overall, if you feel strongly about a book, you should go to every library you have access to and check out the volume you care about. Take it home awhile. Read it or don’t. Keep it beside you as you read the same book on a Kindle, Nook, or iPad. Let it breathe the air of your home, and then take it back to the library, knowing you have fought the guerrilla war for physical books. 

– Petra

anonymous asked:

bryana gets front row for free but spends the concert on her phone do u know how much i want to be able to go to more than 1 show but i couldnt bc tickets were hella expensive and travelling and such also bryanas at ur show tonight lmao

a. the ticket bryana gets is from Ashton like she is his gf he’s gonna give it to her there’s no way anyone else was gonna get that ticket it was Ashton’s to give like he’s not going to make his gf pay that’s why it’s free just like none of the band make their family or friends pay
b. I was there and I saw her and she was takin pics of Ashton like everyone else at the God damn concert takin pis of their fave hers just happens to be her actual bf
c. take ur bitter musty ass out of here bc I’m not here to shit talk her she’s cute and they’re cute and y'all are nasty idk where u got the idea that I am an enabler of the shit talking but I’m not so either grow up or cry to someone who cares

summer, sans Stanley

Fandom: Gravity Falls

Characters: Stanford Pines, Fiddleford McGucket (feat. Psychic Mom & Unimpressed Dad)

Length: ~1000 words. Ish. Give or take. 

Summary: Stanford comes home for the summer. Glass Shard Beach isn’t the same with just one half of a dynamic duo.

Notes: Now also over at ao3!

It’s sweltering in Pines Pawns. Stanford is sketching the only living person in sight, a hunched old lady convinced she’ll find her sister’s wedding ring somewhere in the mess of jewelry in the front display. Stanford’s dad shows up just long enough to cackle dryly from the doorway, but then leaves Stanford in the stuffy, musty downstairs shop, sweat trickling down his neck, his hand sticking to the paper he’s trying to sketch on.

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