Weasel Friends:

(1) オコジョ (2) ホンドテン (3) クロテン
(1) Stoat (2) Japanese marten (3) Sable

(1) カマイタチ・ 転 (2) カマイタチ・切 (3) カマイタチ・治
(1) Kamaitachi* (2) Kamaitachi*  (3) Kamaitachi*

* The last three are youkai, 転 goes for using her weapon to make you fall abruptly, 切 goes for cutting you, 治 goes for healing the cuts so that they won’t bleed. I didn’t want to translate each kanji (As in Ten, Setsu, Chi) because they had pretty specific jobs here and I’m not good at kanji so I didn’t wanna mess up.



The veery (Catharus fuscescens) is a small North American thrush species. Alternate names for this species include Wilson’s thrush (named so after Alexander Wilson) and tawny thrush. Up to six subspecies exist. This bird has a breezy, downward-spiralling, flute-like song, often given from a low and concealed perch. The most common call is a harsh, descending vee-er, which gave the bird its name. Veeries have been shown to decrease the rate and duration of singing when exposed to Barred owl playback, possibly to decrease the chance of predation.

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