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I missed it by a day but I'm still gonna respond anyway...I actually don't remember the exact reason I started watching the show (I was in jr high so it's been a while) but I do know I was watching as it was airing...I must have caught a commercial while watching the WB and checked it out. I taped every new/rerun episode and still have the some of them in a box in my garage (no VCR tho). I can't justify getting the DVDs because of the different music...(cont.)

omg, another one that owns roswell on VHS! I’d buy those if I could, lol. you know, a while ago when I moved out from home I took the VCR and my mom was like ‘why don’t you just throw that away. you don’t even use it. it might not even work anymore’ needless to say, I still have it. ‘how else am I gonna watch all my disney VHS tapes, mom?’ in case you were wondering, my VCR still works, miraculously so. we gotta get together! you bring the tapes, I have the VCR, lol. the music really was everything <3

make me choose meme - mustcollectallthethings asked Rose Tyler or AND Felicity Smoak

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Have you ever read a story and you don't know why/how but you just get sucked in and you read and read and just love every moment and suddenly it ends - you frantically check the completion level, double check for sequels, and are devastated when there is nothing. It's just over. But all you want is more. You just need to read /more/; every moment you are so sure is just past the end chapter, every word that could be there, every missing scene; you just need to read /more/ of their /everything/

I feel like this is literally my experience with every good fanfic I read.

All of them end…one way or another.


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So I’m overqualified to work places now???? Like,…

I don’t get that…I would think that you would get hired right away at a lot of places??? but what do I know I’ve been unemployed all of my life…I am apparently underqualified for everything

That’s what I thought??? But apparently you get one job out of college, move up in the organization and get an impressive title, get overworked to the point of emotional collapse … that counts as overqualified to do half the job for half the stress? I don’t know.

Like the job market is so weird. You’re either underqualified because you need experience (but you need a job to get experience???) or you did good in your last one so why would you leave you’re too overqualified??

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I haven’t travelled by bus across state lines so I wouldn’t be any help. Well, except the charter bus to D.C. almost thirteen years ago…

I’m pretty much just looking for suggestions for cool places that are somewhere on the east coast, or really anywhere that’s east of Chicago and west of Boston… and south of both. The Greyhound goes just about anywhere worth going. We’re actually considering D.C.!

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I think my new ship is Kaszan. U+EVRY TARZAN THING EVR=OTP. And you reside in Sassland…where Disney sends you free things and you get into every park for free and I bet they even schedule Jane and Tarzan around your park visits and

u r like my favorite follower and i’m going to screencap this message and put it in my about me page because it’s just so perfect