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89. Road Trip Au. Greek Fire

89. Road Trip Au.

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Yang places down the crinkled up map on the hood of the car. The large piece of paper is old. Once white, it is now mustardy yellow color, pieces from the edges are either torn or missing, and some of the ink of the words scattered across the map hare starting to fade away. Still, the map is good enough to use.

“So where do you want to go next?” Yang asks. She looks up at Pyrrha, who sits at the side of the hood. The red head studies the map of Vacuo, looking for any spots that may be good to visit. She sticks out her hand and places a finger on a large red dot. “What about this place? It is some historical site. I read into it a while back and it might be a nice place to stop at. What do you think?”

“I wouldn’t mind to much,” Yang says. She starts to figure out in her head how long it will take for them to reach their new destination. They might have to stay a night at a motel. Yang really does not want to spend another all-nighter driving. Early morning drives are just fine, night time ones are murder on her. “If you really want to go there then we will.”

Pyrrha grins. She hopes off the hood of the car. Yang carefully folds up the paper and hands it to Pyrrha. “Then let us go!”

Pyrrha hops into the passenger seat while Yang takes the wheel. Yang turns the car one and heads back down the highway.