I’m still not sure if I ship them in Ash/Kenyan order or Kenyan/Ash. I  can see Ash being all clueless about everything while Kenyan is obsessed with him. Or then I can see Ash totally being into Kenyan, trying to always hug his super-nice body, while Kenyan is only obsessed with battling against him.

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How about Mustard Ice Cream shop AU? Kenyan works at the ice cream shop and Satoshi is trying to buy an ice cream cake for his mother's birthday

“— and with chocolate sprinkles, and Rawtz Berry sauce, those are her favorite, and of course sugar flowers.”

“Listen, kid —”

“And if you can make an extra Pikachu cake out of lemon ice cream on the side, too, that’d be great. Thanks!”

“I’m telling you, we don’t make cakes —”

“What? But it’s gonna be my mom’s birthday!”

“Cool, happy birthday to her. How’s she doing?”

“Great, thanks. But I’m your best customer!”

That’s not far from being true. “We can’t start making exceptions like that,” Kenyan tries.

Satoshi’s face falls into an fearsome, heartbreaking disappointed pout. “Not even for me?”

Kenyan is good at keeping his customer-service face on when people get angry, but stopping himself from blushing is a harder task. “Nope,” he says, as firmly as possible. “Not even for cu— not even for you, Satoshi.” Damn it. “Can you please step aside and let the next customer through now?”

Satoshi puffs his cheeks like an adorable crestfallen Minezumi, and obeys, though he doesn’t go very far. He hangs around the corner of Kenyan’s counter, frowning and apparently strategizing with his solemnly chirping Pikachu.

“What about for a friend?” he tries, two customers later.

Aouch. Kenyan plasters on the customer-service smile at the speed of light. “Like I just told you, we can’t…”

“No, no, I mean, not as an employee. Like, if I invite you over and you help me make an ice cream cake?”

Kenyan’s brain freezes over as if it had been replaced by a full tub of the ice cream in question. “I guess,” he hears himself say. “That would be fine.”

Satoshi’s face lights up and his beaming grin could make all the ice cream in the world melt faster than a hot summer’s day. “Great! Tomorrow?”

Kenyan can’t muster the brainpower to command his face to fight the blush this time. “Sure.”

“Hey, lovebirds,” the red-haired girl at the counter snaps, “sorry to bother, can I order already?”

“We’re not lovebirds!” Kenya protests, right as Satoshi brightly declares, “It’s a date then!”

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• when or if I started shipping it: I think it was seeing you blog about it! I already liked Kenyan and Satoshi’s relationship with all his rivals, but I think I didn’t ship it yet. I shipped it by the time of the Donamite and their eating contest, though.

• my thoughts: *yells some more about how Kenyan was Satoshi’s main rival and a sweetheart and I love and miss him and all the rivals squad*

• What makes me happy about them: Casual, respect, fun, genuine encouragement and happiness for each other when they win, what good kids!!!! Also I really loved the Donamite.

• What makes me sad about them: why not more popular blabla

• things done in art/fic that annoys me: not enough in existence for there to be things that annoy me

• things I look for in art/fic: honestly just Kenyan fanart at all

• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: laundry list of Satoshi ships (if we’re talking specifically Best Wishes!, then Iris and Dent), and Kenyan with the rivals (especially Bel-Langley-Cabernet) but I mostly think of it as a platonic friendship group.

• My happily ever after for them: They win a tag-battle tournament’s first prize: lifetime supply of junk food Reunite by chance and start the world-traveling foodies club with Haruka and Dent!

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity? Eating then training then sauna