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I had a dream that the 11th Doctor and Amy got stuck in a time without the ability to travel. 2 years of waiting for an answer, they gave up and started a family together and then like ten years and two kids later, the TARDIS came back to them. And they found Rory, who was devastated that Amy didn't wait for him. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

Do you hate me?

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read Warm Bodies, it’s so good!

I think I’ll do this before I go to bed. I need to read it before the movie comes out. 

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I’d go with Mass Effect, the game revolves around choices.

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OKAY. I’ve only been playing for about half an hour and I’m in love. The cinematics and yeeesss. 

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Do you really have time to key smash at me when you should be CHAINED TO YOUR ART MAKING STATION AND WORKING?! 

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I think tumblr eated my response, it didn't publish it! Unless I sent it privately to you? ANYWAYS HAVE A JOLLY GOOD DAY AND EAT YOUR DAMN CARROTS.

You answered privately. Twice. I TRIED TO EAT MY DAMN CARROTS, BUT SOMEONE KEPT TAKING THEM. It’s weird how half my family puts all this pressure on me to eat (multiple times a day! Ugh.) and then this part of the family takes my food away. MIXED MESSAGES JIOAJGFLJGLWAENGIOWEAJAW.

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I DON'T KNOW BUT I DID AND \RORY GAVE UP LIFE, BASICALLY. AMY WAS ALL THAT HE HAD WORKED FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS IN HUNTING HER DOWN TO BRING HER BACK HOME SO SHE COULD BE WITH HIM AND RIVER. And I didn't dream this part: BUT what if the Doctor and Amy and their kids came back, and River, who had basically waited for the Doctor like Rory had for Amy -- what would River have done? Rory would have given up, but would have River-- I DON'T KNOW

Why do you hurt me this way? Why? Did you forget the part where I told you an hour ago that I JUST FINISHED END OF TIME AND CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE SAD. 

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This is the awkward moment where I’m 85% certain that you’re Mustard, so I want to say something rude. But then I’m not so sure. So I should be nice. Then it occurs to me that I’m usually mean to everyone who isn’t Mustard and I wonder why this is different.