Who killed Mr. Boddy?


Cami Woodruff as Sergeant Gray

Rosa Lee Marnie as Colonel Mustard

G. C. Houle as Mrs. Peacock

Miri Chamberlain as Madame Rose

Amy King as Mrs. White

and we are privileged to introduce the newest members of Countershot Press:

Lily Hoyda as Reverend Green

Robin Hoelzemann as Miss Scarlet

and Kate Ashwin as Professor Plum.

Let’s all give them a warm welcome! (or not, one of them is a murderer)

elvish-booty  asked:

I had a dream that the 11th Doctor and Amy got stuck in a time without the ability to travel. 2 years of waiting for an answer, they gave up and started a family together and then like ten years and two kids later, the TARDIS came back to them. And they found Rory, who was devastated that Amy didn't wait for him. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

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