mustard yellow jeans


Im not saying that the movement is exclusively for POC but the focus of the movement was not originally to have flashy expensive art supplies, kankens, and ugly mustard yellow sweaters. The art hoe movement was started to get artists who are  POC recognition and appreciate them. IF YOU ARE A POC ART HOE SHARE YOUR ART, SHARE POC ART. THIS IS WHAT ART HOEING WAS ABOUT!!!

the signs as aesthetics
  • Aries: overalls, cute buttons, vhs boxes
  • Taurus: stacks of money, plants
  • Gemini: stripes, glitter, chokers
  • Cancer: blue skies, patterned socks, big glasses
  • Leo: lace, tennis skirts, sunshine
  • Virgo: bookshelves, messy buns, small houses
  • Libra: thigh highs, adidas jackets, stilettos
  • Scorpio: video games, rain, half made beds
  • Sagittarius: nikes, cigarettes, hot coffee
  • Capricorn: warm hugs, clean sheets, the sky at night
  • Aquarius: thick eyebrows, mom jeans, mustard yellow
  • Pisces: art supplies, splattered paint, mixtapes