mustard coloured

“Get one of me on the car, too,” Jesse says. Gabe rolls his eyes.


“C’mon, just the one.”

Jesse perches on the hood of the convertible and - even though he rolls his eyes again - Gabe snaps the picture. Gabe looks down at the image on the camera.

“How is it?” Jesse asks.

“You look ridiculous,” Gabe says, looking back up at Jesse. The corner of his mouth is turned up, though. Jesse grins at him.

From @wictorwictor‘s fanfic Honeymooners (NSFW)

Day 1: Roadtrip for the Mcreyes Summer Break organized @mcreyesevents 

I loved @wictorwictor‘s fics so much and this prompt reminded me of that one scene from their fic (which I absolutely adore) so I had to draw it!!! 

I hope I did okay with this >///<

ketchup original and tryhard ketchup

was talking with a friend about colour-coordinated condiment costumes for the matsus but the only blue condiment i could think of was that weird blue ketchup

but it’s perf ‘cause it fits the pattern of kara always mimicking what oso does but taking it a step too far lol

anonymous asked:

i hope this isn't a weird question, but how do you do the coloring for your art? the colors you use make it so calm looking and peaceful. i really love your art!

Hello! This isn’t weird at all, I actually got a few similar questions a while ago although I believe my previous reply is now quite outdated and inaccurate. I personally pick from 1 to 3 colours and then go with the flow. Here’s a brief and possibly over simplistic visual example:

Analogous palettes (same hue, different values) can be very suggestive or calming and complementary palettes such as the one pictured above can evoke many different moods depending on the dominant hue you choose and the amount of contrasting colours you pick. I’m no expert so I do suggest looking up more thorough colour theory explanations, colours are very versatile and dependant to each other and there’s no colour that acts the same in all situations. Playing with the hue/saturation tools on softwares such as Photoshop also helps but overusing them will spoil you over time.

Washington D.C.

The seventh installment of The Live On Tour Series:

On tour with Harry,Y/N believes a lot of things.

She believes that he is the epitome of love, that he himself is made up of love.She hasn’t met anyone who spreads love as much as he does.

She believes that he looks good no matter how bright and colourful his suits are; she thinks that if he ever wears something ridiculously hideous,he’ll most likely still look handsome.

She believes that he’s extremely active on stage, especially when he performs Kiwi - where he continutinously rocks hard to the song by swinging his body to the side and stomping his feet on the surface.

She also believes that by coming on tour,day by day,she’s falling more in love with him.

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