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iconic vines sentence meme .

​❛ suck a motherfucking dick . ❜

​❛ i thought you were bae , turns out you were just fam . ❜

​❛ i thought you were american . ❜

​❛ is that a weed !? ❜

​❛ i won’t hesitate bitch ! ❜

​❛ chipotle is my life . ❜

​❛ turn off the flash you fucking moron ! ❜

​❛ kiss my ass bitch motherfucker ! ❜

​❛ is that a police !? ❜

​❛ i’m calling the weed ! ❜

​❛ done & done , let me pull the table out of my ass . ❜

​❛ merry crisis ! ❜

​❛ i don’t have enough money for chicken nugget . ❜

​❛ i’m ready to die anytime , any place , for any reason . ❜

​❛ hey guys , we’re unboxing this cheese stick today . ❜

​❛ i aint never gonna stop loving you , bitch .  ❜

​❛ this is the comedy police ! that joke’s too funny ! ❜

​❛ i’m not going back to jail ! ❜

​❛ what the fuck ? $599 for a fucking playground ? that looks like a piece of shit . ❜


​❛ the feminists are taking over ! ❜


​❛ and they were roommates ! ❜

​❛ i’m not your friend ! ❜

​❛ there’s no saving this sweet piece of ass . ❜

​❛ hi welcome to chili’s ! ❜

​❛ yeah tip of the penis to you too . ❜

​❛ this is why mom doesn’t FUCKING love you ! ❜

​❛ welcome to bible study , we’re all children of jesus . ❜

​❛ aw fuck , i can’t believe you’ve done this . ❜


​❛ this is the dollar store , how good can it be ? ❜

​❛ step back , i think i’m gonna vomit ! ❜

​❛ oh sorry , i didn’t see ya there , i was too busy blocking out the haters . ❜

​❛ shut up ! your mother buys you mega blocks instead of legos ! ❜


​❛ i hate to do this but i specifically asked for no mustard and you just brought me a bottle of mustard on a plate . ❜

​❛ how are we gonna win if we fucking die ? ❜

​❛ why the fuck would i say printer ? ❜

​❛ the benefits of killing him would be that i’d be pushed way less . ❜

​❛ but it pays off, because i dont even have time to think about dying . ❜


This set is part 1 of a collaboration project between me and @daer0n . Thanks to her I found motivation to start making meshes, so we found ourselves a nice project to work on! :) We both worked on this set for a whole month and eventually made more than 100 new meshes (that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been very silent here on Tumblr) .

One object (a lips sign) that is included in this set, is not previewed, but the rest is. Most of the items (except wall decorations near the vending machine and hanging lamps) that are shown in the previews, but not included in this part of the set, will be shared soon in part 2/3! :)

Included items in this set are: booth benches (1 is a mirrored version), table, dividers, blinds (10 in total, 1-tiled and 2-tiled blinds), double door, napkin holder, neon signs (4), open sign and lips sign, bubble gum machine, menu card, soda bottle, sugar dispenser, ketchup mustard and mayo bottles, coffee cups (empty and filled version), coasters (stacked and single version), payphone, filled glasses, plant and vending machine.



blueblood-and-the-crossroads  asked:

Hei C! I hope you're feeling a bit better now than you did when you posted about the painkillers 💞 My question is, what is the funniest experience e&i shared?

hello my love ily!!!! also, here’s a funnyish one: they tried to watch porn together once. they were like, hey, maybe this’ll do something different for us? so they were at even’s place, no one was home, so even’s like, “here, let me play it on the tv”, and isak’s all like, “yeah ok that totally doesn’t sound like a terrible idea”, so they do

and like, at first it maybe did something for them, but also maybe not, because after the second video they tried out even started to criticize the lighting and the camera angles, and isak started questioning the acting, so then they went through maybe another ten videos trying to pick out which porn actors were totally trying to make a career out of acting and which ones just had no idea how to — you can tell, trust me — and they started writing down their names and betting on whether they were right or not — eventually, though, they found this one video, and it was like, extreme??

and so isak’s like “that is not physically possible” and even was all “well it has to be right bc they did it?” and isak refused to believe it, citing trick angles, lighting, props, whatever — so even was like “fine, let’s try it, i’ll bet you 400 kroner it’s possible”, and isak was like “fine, you’re on”, so they did try, and it was like a fucking game of twister ON THE BED which is fucking dangerous, and they tried many different positions to see if one of them led to it, but after about five minutes of trying isak told even to give up, it wasn’t happening, and they were naked and cold and not even having sex, god dammit, so even’s like JUST ONE MORE TRY and isak was like fine

so they did it one more time, but somehow, isak ended up with his back on even, and when they tried to tangle their legs together from that angle – which, like, was way off the position they were trying, let me tell you, so idk what these assholes were thinking – so, of course, isak ends up falling off the bed face-first, and even laughed too hard while asking if isak was okay, so isak reached over to pull even’s arm down so he, too, could fall, but he did not think that through, because even just fell on top of him, which made even laugh even harder, all this while a porno with really loud cheesy music was playing in the background, because they forgot to pause the video and had the site on autoplay, so then

after catching his breath, isak stood up and glared at even and grabbed his boxers and put them on before wordlessly storming out of even’s room and downstairs. even scrambled up in a hurry and put his boxers on, too, following behind isak, calling to him that he was sorry, and he totally owed him 400 kroner, but isak paid no attention to him and made a sharp turn over to the kitchen and ran quickly to the fridge, where he found the whipped cream he’d brought over a week prior for the pancakes the boys had promised him, and as soon as even caught up to him in the kitchen, isak sprayed his entire face with whipped cream

which ofc ended up with even chasing isak around the house with a bottle of mustard which ofc ended with them hearing yousef’s truck pulling up to the driveway which ofc ended in them having to run up the stairs which ofc ended with them slipping and tripping around three times each which ofc ended in them having to quickly run to even’s room and stumbling to turn off the loud porn on the tv

and ofc it ended with yousef looking at the mess, sighing loudly and irritably, and yelling loud enough so that the boys could hear him upstairs that they better stop whatever they’re doing, he doesn’t care if they’re having sex rn, they better come down and clean their mess bc he is not going to clean it for them and they better not come down naked for fuck’s sake

even and isak spent about three whole minutes laughing their ass off in the room before cleaning off what they could, getting dressed, and racing downstairs to claim the first room that looked the least messy

yousef ignored them on his way upstairs to his room, muttering under his breath, and angry that he couldn’t cOMPLAIN ABOUT HOW FUCKING ANNOYINGLY CUTE ISAK AND EVEN ARE W EACH OTHER TO ANYONE it really wears on him tbh

She Gets It From You

Summary: Becca and Bucky search for the perfect costume for her ballet class’s Prince and Princess Dance. What she finds is quite unexpected…

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Becca Barnes

Warnings: fluff overload

Word count: 1388

A/N: Requests and tags open! As always, thanks for reading :)


Bucky stared at the rows and rows of princess costumes in the costume store. There were so many choices, and so much glitter. Bucky shuddered involuntarily at the thought of having to clean up after the trails of glitter his daughter would certainly leave behind as she danced around the apartment. He was convinced glitter was the STD of craft supplies.

Becca stood in front of him, hands tucked under her tiny chin in fierce concentration as she decided on the perfect costume for Prince and Princess Day.

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Connor Murphy x Waitress!Reader Headcanons

a.n.: some hcs based on the waitress musical and deh bc I love both?? sorry if this is bad… it’s my first headcanon post. imagine it’s like 5-10 years in the future

• ok so connor comes into the diner one day high and hungry af
• u come over to ask what he wants to order
• “idk whatever tastes the best@
• so ofc you get him one of your famous pies
• while ur cutting a slice connor notices that u look really cute in your waitress outfit?? like he’s known you for all of 2 seconds but dang?? ur a cutie
• u come back to the table to give connor his pie and he snaps back into reality
• he notices u have a bit of a baby bump
• u take notice of this and “I’m about 3 months so far”
• “who’s the father?”
• “its a long story and I don’t really want to talk about it”
• awkward silence woWIE
• “can I get you anything else?”
• “no, sorry”
• fUNK connor just screwed up his chances with a really cute girl
• there’s only one way to make this better
• come in every day and try to win your heart ofc
• and that’s just what he does
• it becomes a daily routine, u get Connor a slice of pie and have small talk which turned into actual (and sometimes deep) conversations
• connor tells you his familial problems and you tell him the story of how you got pregnant (cue “The Negative” starting to play)
• dawn and becky totally have a bet going on how long before y’all get together
• as you get further into your pregnancy connor becomes extremely protective
• u have to reach up to get something ?? hahaha nO Connor will get it
• this also led to the accidental kiss incident™ and careless whisper playing on the jukebox oops
• that kiss leads to more kisses??
• you finish making a pie? boom. kiss. you fill up the mustard and ketchup bottles ?? smorch
• u don’t mind at all
• you’re in the middle of taking an order and shIR… your water breaks
• connor: Panic Mode Activate™
• connor makes u drop everything and y’all blast to the hospital
• when you get to your room the doctor rolls in
• “is this the father?” :-)
• you both blush
• before connor can say anything you say yes
• connor is stunned like you want him apart of your child’s life ?? What if he isn’t good enough ?? what if he turns out like his father ??
• you kiss him to reassure him
• “con, anyone would be lucky to have you as a dad”
• what did he ever do to deserve you??
• “ok now I need to get this child out of me because it hurts”
• you had a surprisingly smooth delivery
• connor loves your baby,, they look just like u but in little human form
• what a happy family y’all are
• scute


Originally posted by dkyeom

  • a/n: idk why i put that small angst part in there IDK IT JUST FELT LIKE A GOOD SPOT. also this came out more in a short story line fashion than the others but I still enjoyed it so i hope you do too
  • Soulmate au in which you are born with an unfinished tattoo, as you near each other, you will feel slight pain as the tattoo begins to finish itself, it will be fully finished when the soulmates meet
  • Mingyu is definitely excited to meet his soulmate, not as excited as maybe seungcheol was, but he definitely got those nervous yet excited feelings in his stomach whenever his tattoo slowly inched to its finished
  • often gets more excited about the tattoo than meeting his soulmate
  • “are you not excited about your soulmate”
  • “oh yeah”
  • tries to trace the tattoo and guess what the end product might be
  • there were a lot of tattoo interpreters specifically for those like Mingyu (they were kind of like fortune tellers)
  • basically Mingyu begs Wonwoo to go with him because “you found your soulmate, help me find mine.”
  • The first one they went to had this really really long line of people waiting so they decide to go to the second one
  • which only has a longer line so they try the third one
  • and the line is still long
  • with much pleads to Wonwoo, they are both stuck sitting on the sidewalk with others
  • finally after 4 hours and a grumpy Wonwoo swearing under his breath about how ‘this better be worth it’ and how ‘this better not be a fake’
  • Mingyu pulls up his sleeve to reveal the tattoo and the interpreter kind of has this playful laugh and smile
  • Mingyu is utterly confused because “what’s so funny about my tattoo.”
  • The interpreter shakes her head, “Sorry.” She coughs to get it out of her system before she tells Mingyu, “You possess the Sun tattoo, a very intricate one actually. Your soulmate will possess a Moon tattoo, it’s design and intricacy will reflect yours.”
  • Mingyu is actually jumping now with happy puppy eyes, “DID YOU HEAR THAT WONWOO. MY SOULMATE HAS A MOON TATTOO”
  • Wonwoo is rolling his eyes, “Is there a way we can find them.” Cue puppy eyed Mingyu smiling and nodding wildly.
  • the interpreter laughs lightly before saying how Mingyu shouldn’t rush things but as they are about to leave she hands Mingyu a card, “it is your decision, but this person can help you, tell them I sent you, you’ll jump straight to the beginning of the line.”
  • when they leave the sketchy tent (because every fortune teller has one like that) Mingyu is just staring at the card.
  • Mingyu then gives Wonwoo those really sad pleading puppy eyes and Wonwoo is just
  • “fine.”
  • Again they walk towards another sketchy tent and Mingyu has this giddy look on his face and a skip in his walk. Mingyu notices the lady starting to pack up and now he’s running
  • and now Mingyu is once again pulling up his sleeve for the lady and she kind of marvels at Mingyu’s tattoo before stating that they cannot leave as she rushes out
  • Wonwoo: “that was really sketchy, maybe we should leave
  • Mingyu with a giant smile on his face “she probably has something to do”
  • a few minutes pass before Mingyu feels a strong stinging on his forearm. Wonwoo and Mingyu stare in wonder as the tattoo starts to rapidly finish in front of their eyes
  • and when they look up, they see you, standing alongside the interpreter
  • Mingyu then kind of falls still, bc ‘shit she’s pretty’
  • Mingyu has this far off look on his face because he just can’t stop staring, it isn’t until Wonwoo shoves him with his elbow that he kind of comes back to life
  • the lady smiles, “this is my daughter.”
  • Mingyu really can’t smiling afterwards because “wow Wonwoo, she’s beautiful.”
  • You and Mingyu kind of start off slow before it develops into a really playful and intimate relationship
  • LOVES showing you off to the other
  • LOVES showing off the tattoos
  • “yes Mingyu we’ve seen it before”
  • Will wholeheartedly suggest getting new tattoos
  • he really loves cooking, so you become his taste tester on a lot of his new food creations
  • “are you sure chicken should be stuffed with 3 bottles of mustard”
  • “just trust me y/n”
  • you smile a lot because he’s a little airheaded sometimes, and you’re not smiling because it’s funny, you have this kind of sweet smile while you pat his head as if he’s a little puppy
  • the first time he made you cry, he didn’t know what he did
  • Mingyu was really confused when he stepped into the apartment and you were sitting at the kitchen table, two plates set out
  • “what is this?” his question was innocent in his mind, he really didn’t know what was going on
  • Your voice was kind of dull as you picked up your plate, “just an idiot waiting for her boyfriend who agreed to have dinner with her 3 hours ago.”
  • and you kept thinking it was trivial to cry over this, but when you turned to face Mingyu, a few tears slipped out
  • Mingyu feels really ashamed and guilty that he made you cry, that he made his soulmate cry
  • He approaches you slowly, and the weight on his shoulder becomes heavier with each step, he brings his hands up to wipe your tear stained face and he’s spilling apologies over and over again and now he’s stating about how to make up for it, he’ll tell the boys of his stupid mistake
  • and you just laugh
  • He stares as your eyes crinkle, your lips turned upwards, the sweetest of melodies spilling from your mouth, and Mingyu just holds you close, still saying how sorry he is.
  • Mingyu eats the cold dried food on the table that night, no matter how much you tell him that its gone bad, he sits and stuffs his mouth with a toothy grin
  • And when he gets sick the next day with food poisoning, you hold back an ‘I told you so’
  • Mingyu is a very puppy like soulmate. He does everything you say and will do anything for you even if it means picking up pads and tampons at the store. He loves you with his whole heart and will do anything to make you stop crying as well as won’t let anyone forget about how sad he got when he made you cry the first time. He never wants to make you sad.

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prompt: domestic Supercorp grocery shopping. Kara buys so much that Lena's like, 'are we throwing a party?' Kara says no, that's just her usual list? where it goes from there is up to you, I trust your judgment :D

Just a quick little Supercorp snippet!

Groceries Fit for a Hero

“Why are you getting five boxes of pancake mix?”

Kara stops in the middle of the aisle, looking down at the quickly filling shopping cart.

“One for each day of the week! And then Saturdays is breakfast with Alex and Sundays is brunch with you.”

“Right.” Lena isn’t quite sure she understands, but Kara seems certain in her purchase, so she lets it slide and follows Kara down the aisle to the deli counter.

“Hey, Rosie!” Kara waves at the girl behind the deli counter. “Can I get two pound of roast beef, please?”

“Sure thing, Kara!” Rosi moves to the meat slicer, and Lena looks questioningly at Kara.

“Two pounds of roast beef? Really?”

“Oh shoot! You’re right!” She raises her voice to carry over the counter. “Hey, Rosie? Could you add two pounds of the honey glazed turkey too? Oh, and a pound of cheese!”

Rosie doesn’t seem surprised at the gargantuan order, so Lena keeps her mouth shut.

Surely she’s missing something.

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First Holidays Together Headcanons

-First valentines day together as a mated couple and the Omega expresses their love with sappy heartfelt cards and making all the Alpha’s favorite foods. The Alpha expressing themselves by writing cheesy poems on post it’s and sticking them everywhere, also leaving teddy bears and other gifts where they know their Omega will find them and lots of lovely kisses

-An Omega mating with an Alpha that doesn’t know much about St. Patrick’s day and enjoying pinching them all day because they didn’t know they were supposed to wear green

-Painting eggs together on Easter and all the Omega’s eggs are so intricate and cute while the Alpha’s are all just one color or a murky brown color from being dipped in too many different colors

-The Omega hiding all the eggs for fun and being so incredibly amused when the Alpha’s hunting instincts kick in and they go searching around the house and yard like a small child

-4th of July and the Alpha being so excited about the fireworks and the Omega low-key dreading the frighteningly loud noises but enduring it to make their mate happy. Holding their Alpha’s hand tightly and staying tucked into their side through it all

-First Halloween as mates and the Alpha really wants to wear a cheesy couples costume and the Omega is just completely against the idea, so the Alpha keeps begging and bribing and “Oh my God did you just try using your Alpha voice to make me agree to dress up as a bottle of mustard?!”

-Going to a pumpkin patch together and the Omega picking out a small perfectly round pumpkin while their Alpha bounds through the rows of pumpkins like a puppy, searching for the biggest pumpkin they can find, while also low-key trying to impress their mate with how heavy of a pumpkin they can lift

-First thanksgiving as mates and spending it with the Alpha’s family. The Omega helping their mate’s Omega parent in the kitchen and being lovingly interrogated, “what do you love most about my child? Do they treat you well? Do you want children? How many? Etc.” and the Omega blushing and responding all quiet and shy but with such obvious affection in their voice, and the Alpha is quietly listening from the hallway with a red face and a goofy grin, being so happy about hearing the love and adoration in the Omega’s tone but also being so glad that the two most important Omegas in their life are getting along so well

-The Omega watching in awe as their Alpha clears three entire plates of thanksgiving dinner before deciding they are full…and then heating up leftovers just a couple hours later after eating half a pumpkin pie

-Decorating their first Christmas tree together and the Omega had insisted on getting a really tall tree but in order to decorate the upper half they have to sit on their Alpha’s shoulders. The Alpha blaring cheerful Christmas music and then tightly gripping the Omega’s legs before spinning in circles in front of the tree till the Omega is shrieking/laughing about how they are gonna fall

-Baking Christmas cookies in matching holiday aprons and the Omega being really into actually baking while the Alpha is more focused on trying to steer them under the mistletoe or “accidentally” smearing icing/dough on the Omega’s neck and face and then insisting on licking it all off…finally getting the Omega under the mistletoe and exchanging heated but sugary sweet kisses, the Omega not realizing that their Alpha had left very clear flour handprints on the ass of their jeans and then trying to figure out why their mate keeps smirking later on when they go to the store

-Watching Christmas movies and talking about how excited they are for future Christmases when they have children

-New Years Eve, watching movies and cuddling on the couch and the very sleepy Omega trying so hard to stay awake but they doze off and once the clock strikes midnight they wake up to a light kiss being placed on their lips and a whispered, “Happy new year, love” before they are carried upstairs and warmly snuggled into bed with their mate

A (bread)piece of Your Heart

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Wordcount: 2191

Warnings: None

Summary: You are working part time at Delmar’s Deli and developed a crush on Peter Parker who’s a regular customer. Mr. Delmar thinks it’s finally time that you stepped up your game and ask him out.

Notes: Okay, i have to confess something here. This story was on a different tumblr blog of mine, but only because I thought people would be annoyed if i posted something different then Uncharted or other video-games. So, now that I see that my last fanfic has so many notes (150+ in one day HOLY SHIT) I present to you my other one :-). Enjoy!

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Let them sleep, they will figure it out in the morning. (unorthodox Sleeping Arrangements May 1st)

Starfire could barely contain herself when she saw them.  It did help that Robin was right there to hold her back.  It was two in the morning and the happy couple had come down to raid the fridge after ‘activities’. They were both dressed in their night clothes, Robin in a pair of sleep pants and Starfire in a red robe that matched her hair. They just came into the kitchen when they found Raven and Beast Boy asleep on the couch in the adjoining ops room.  

Beast Boy’s head laid back on the back of the couch, his left arm limp to his side, and the game station controller still resting in his hand.  The TV played animation of the game station with the red words “game over”.  In his lap Raven’s head was resting. She laid on her back stretched out down the length of the couch. A blue leather bound volume was open and splayed across her chest using her body as a bookmark.  

To anyone else walking in, the situation might have looked like random happenstance.  Two people that might have just fallen asleep in an odd way. But to the Alien princess, and the Titan leader knew better.  

“Do you think they will tell us soon?”

“They will tell us when they are ready Star, I am not sure if they even know themselves.”  

“How could they not?”

Robin couldn’t keep an awkward smile from forming on his face “Starfire, I was attracted to you from day one, and it took me how long before we finally got together?  Human feelings and how to deal with them can be confusing.” Robin leaned on the counter looking at his sleeping friends.  

“Yet are you sure that they have the feels?”  Star asked as she pulled out bottles of mustard and water, almost handing Robin the mustard.

Even after all this time Robin still loved how Starfire used the English language.  That odd mix of earth slang and reversal of descriptive words.  Robin’s eyes narrowed as it scanned for any details he might have missed at first glance.

“Look close, Raven’s not wearing her cloak and Beast Boy took off his gloves.  Those only come off when they are really comfortable. ”

Robin was right while Raven would remove her cloak for practical reasons she never felt secure without that layer of protection around her shoulders, or having her hood to hide in. Beast Boy almost never took off those clunky gray gloves. He was always afraid of hurting someone with his claws.  Robin held back a laugh imagining Raven yanking those gloves off his hands insisting that he didn’t have to hide them from her.

Robin continued “Listen, the TV is on its absolute lowest setting only Beast Boy would be able to hear it. ” Beast Boy often commented that video games were best at the highest possible volume.  

“So Raven can read!” she stated loud enough for Robin to put his fingers to his lips.

“Exactly” he whispered hoping that Starfire would understand.

“Raven is not wearing shoes”  

“Nice spot Star” Robin smiled.  It was a bit obvious but he liked encouraging her and it was true Ravens boots were neatly placed on the floor next to the couch. The whole display was two people being and finding comfort with each other. Somehow this worked for them, being able to spend time together and still doing things that the other couldn’t stand.

Robin started looking through the cupboards as Starfire sailed through the air into the common room to check on her friends.  

“They look peaceful”  she flew back silently to the kitchen.  

“Then we will leave them that way.” Robin said pulling out a bag of cookies from the cabinet “Come on, let go back to your room.” The two quickly disappeared down the hallway.  

One of Beast Boy’s eyes popped open just to confirm that Raven and himself were alone once again.  He lifted his head up and looked down at Raven’s
sleeping face in his lap.  He ran his fingertips though her hair lightly.  

“Rae, I think they’re on to us”  he whispered.   Raven’s only response was her steady relaxed breathing.  Beast Boy smirked “Yea okay, we can deal with that tomorrow babe” he let his head fall back again to join her in slumber.

This one took about 3 false starts, originally was going to do something with BB and Raven with Beast Boy’s Bunk bed. Couldn’t get it to flow so might try that later. This showed up around 8am this morning.  Please enjoy your fluff and the rest of the week. 

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Red loses his voice and sans is freaking out thinking that he did something wrong because red isn't talking to him

Sorry for the long wait! And I tried ^^”)

Pairing: Kustard

Words: 923

His makeshift throat ached, and that was first thing he noticed when he woke up on the floor. That was probably the loudest and longest yelling arguments he had with his brother.

The short skeleton sat up to stretch and crack his aching bones. He decided not to worry about it and headed downstairs to eat something.

His brother left a note on the fridge when Red teleported in front of it that he’d be back later than usual. And if he squinted, he could see the words beyond the scratch marks of the pen used: ‘I’m sorry’

Red let out a small sigh and smiled before jotting down his response. ‘I’m sorry too’

In that moment, he heard a ‘pop’ that made him turn, to be greeted with a nonchalant wave from his counterpart.

“'Sup Red.”

With his voice decommissioned for the day, Red nodded his head to Sans before grabbing some food his brother cooked for him.

A bit weirded out by the silence, Sans shrugged his shoulders and made himself comfortable on the couch. “So what you’ve been up to? Got any plans for the day? Sorry to pop out of nowhere by the way,” Sans grinned at the pun. “Papyrus wanted me to do the laundry today. I mean, I’m sure it could be loads of fun, but it can put quite a hamper on the mood.”

… The silence hit him like a brick to the face and Sans deflated a bit. No laughs, no comebacks, no nothing? The skeleton was starting to worry that maybe he did something to deserve the silent treatment from his lover. Sans began to rummage through his memories of the things they’ve done that could’ve warrant it.

Red on the other hand was beside himself, shaking with delight at the puns. It was too bad he couldn’t retort back. He was currently making tea, which he hated mind you, but knew that it would help with his throat.

The skeleton took a sip of the beverage in resignation, and his face contorted in disgust after swallowing. He really hated tea.

“Okay, so, um,”

Red was startled at suddenly hearing his partner behind him and turned to face him with an annoyed frown. More to himself that Red hadn’t been alert enough to hear Sans at all.

Seeing the expression, Sans began to inwardly panic, and began spouting apologies of the shit that may have angered his lover. “Okay, the whole switcharoo with mayo in your mustard bottle was probably too much. Or staining your favourite shirt with condiments. Or putting a white sock with your red clothes to make them pink.” And on and on the list went.

Red could see Sans nervously look around, clearly avoiding eye contact as sweat beaded from the other’s head. Needless to say, Red took another a sip of his drink, thoroughly amused at the confessions spilling forth.

He supposed that he should be mad, but to be honest, he enjoyed their little shenanigans of pranking each other from time to time. The only thing Red regretted was not being able to record this moment. A shame indeed.

Stars! I don’t know if there’s more. There probably is, but I’m sorry for those too! I really am.” Sans grabbed for Red’s free hand, and the latter’s eye sockets widened at seeing tears beginning to form. “I-I swear I’ll make it up to you, or better yet, I-I can change! Just tell me what I need to do Red, and I’ll do it.” The skeleton was outright crying at this point, but continued on. “I-I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want us to end. I love you so much, Red. Love you so much.” Sans was hiccupping and sniffling that Red put down his mug on the counter to pull his dorky lover in a tight embrace; making sure to rub the other’s back in a soothing motion.

Red almost wanted to roll his eyes at his partner’s overactive imagination. He hadn’t even said a word and a whole bunch of assumptions were made. Still, he can understand the insecurity, but it was still going to amuse Red when Sans knows the truth.

They parted when Sans’ calmed, and Red signed.

“My throat hurts, so I can’t talk you dork. I’m not leaving you or anything. Stop thinking too much. And I’m not mad at you for anything either.”

“… O-Oh.” Sans felt a bit embarrassed, but was more than relieved to hea—see it. “I … I feel silly now.”

“I don’t think of you any less Sans. I love you too, even if you’re an ass.” Red grabbed his mug again, and the other held Sans’ as he dragged him to the couch. Once seated, Red immediately made himself comfy by sitting beside Sans and resting his head on the other’s shoulder; turning the tv on with his magic. “Can we just relax and be lazy like usual?”

Sans smiled, his arm looping around Red’s waist. “Like usual.” The skeleton chuckled. “Stars, the silent treatment is a scary thing. No wonder people hate it.”

“A deadly weapon indeed. You confessed so much.”

A blue tint coloured Sans’ cheekbones. “W-Well, I was worried when you didn’t respond with a comeback or even hear you laugh at my puns.”


Sans snorted. “Oh shut up … I was really worried.”

Red moved to kiss Sans’ neck and snuggled closer. “I know. Sorry.”

And Sans laughed wholeheartedly. “I think there’s enough apologies said to last a lifetime.”

Hope you still liked it anon! Wwwww Sorry if it sucks Orz

A lil mini fic thing about Red and his cat like tendencies :3

Red was sitting on the couch, sipping some mustard and flipping through TV channels to see if anything good was on. Skell was in her dragon form sleeping beside him, the little ball of scales that she was shifting every so often in her slumber. He gently pet her side, admiring the soft yet oddly hard feel of her scales.

Suddenly, a flicker of red light caught his attention and he gazed down curiously. His eyes widened in excitement.

A red dot. THE red dot. His eye lights went from their usual thin slits to large oval shapes as he took in the beauty that was the red dot.

He slowly put his bottle of mustard on the coffee table in front of him, not taking his eyes off the tiny, precious red circle of light. He then slid off the couch and onto his hands and knees silently, his eyelights widening even more as he grew closer. He had to be quiet. He didn’t want to scare it away…

He crouched down, his butt wiggling as he prepared to go in for the kill…



He leapt at the dot, but it moved swiftly away just before his hands reached it. He rushed after it with equal swiftness, growling as he went after it on his hands and knees. The dot began to turn in a large circle, and Red determinedly went after it.

Stretch snickered at his spot on the second level of the house as he flicked the laser pointer to the right. The other skeletons around him giggled and snorted as well. Red turned too tightly as he tried to grab the dot and face planted into the carpet.

Sans snorted loudly and covered his mouth, while Papyrus was rolling on the floor behind him, practically crying with laughter. Blue was laughing with him, and Puppy watched quietly, a soft smile and a light blush dusting his cheekbones as he watched the skeleton below them. Boss chuckled, a genuine smile on his face as he watched his brother pick himself back up on his hands and knees and stare at the dot angrily. This had to be the most adorable and funniest thing he’s ever seen his brother do…

They had planned on just using the laser pointer on Skell. Sans had been messing around with the laser when Skell happened to be in her dragon form, and she was all over it. They were planning on playing her for a bit, but their new discovery was much more amusing for the moment.~

anonymous asked:

Hiii, how do you think would UF Sans, SF Papyrus and if you do Mobtale, MT Sans react to an s/o who tries to sligthly copy them. Like they sit the same way, or try to stand the same way as those skeletons, because they want to seem as intimidating as they do. But it just looks silly. (Ah also your ask box says it is closed, but your descrption says it's open,I hope I'm not sending this when your closed ) ~ bonelynomore

No, you’re fine that’s my fault. I think I fixed it. Thanks for asking♡

Uf!Sans(Red): Sweetheart…what are doing? He started to notice you copying his way if speech., but it wasn’t very…intimidating. It was just humorous. Red didn’t want to address the issue right away. He first wanted to see how far you would go. Much to his surprise you started sitting like him, well at least trying to. You looked kind of weird with your legs spread apart all the time since you usually crossed your legs. Finally, Red thought it would be best to take you to Grillby’s. You both sat at the bar, as Red continued to ponder how to address this ‘copycat’ issue. Honestly, it was funny to watch you slip up on your words when you tried to use slang like him, but it was also a little bit irritating. Eventually, a devious idea came to mind. Grillby came to bar ready to take you guy’s order. Red ordered, “The usual, Grillbz,” smirking when you attempted to say the same order. Grillby gave you a questionable look before going off into the kitchen. A few seconds pass and Grillby comes back with two bottles of mustard. Grillby approaches the bar once more placing your mustard in front you whilst practically slamming the other one down in front of Red. Grillby mumbles something about a tab, before walking away to take the other customer’s orders. Red shrugs grabbing the bottle. He eyes you out of the corner of his eye(socket??), watching as you hesitantly grabbed your bottle as well. Red smirked as he quickly chugs from the bottle before placing it back down on the bar. Red turns to you propping his chin on his hand. “S’ delicious as always, huh, darlin,” Red comments. You still sat there staring at the mustard bottle like it would kill you at any moment. “well, aren’t'cha goin to drink it?” Red chuckles. Your gaze travels back to the yellow mustard in your hands. How far are you willing to go? That’s what Red wanted to know. You took a deep breath as you placed the opening of the mustard bottle between your lips. You gave it a big squeeze before getting a good mouthful of mustard in your mouth. In your opinion, too much for comfort. Unable to fantham the bitter taste you began coughing and spitting it out. Red didn’t even try to hide his amusement of your misfortune. “oh gosh, sweetheart!,” He laughs hitting the bar with his fist in amusement. You finally are able to regain your composure, using the napkins on the bar to wipe away any mustard remaining on your mouth. “Why are you laughing? It’s not funny,” you choked out, the taste of mustard still lingering. “sweetheart, ya been copyin me all day. I just wanted to see what was up,” Red explains wiping away the tears that developed after his fit of laughter. You let out a huff of frustration as you fold your arms sinking into your seat. “aw don’t be like that darlin, you actually did pretty alright,” Red lied. “Really?” You question with a raised eyebrow. “course, but ya mind tellin me your reason? or do ya just love me that much?” Red chuckles scooting closer to you wrapping a bony arm around you. “I-” you started, but after running it through your head you decided it would just be best to keep your reason to yourself. You quickly plant a kiss on your boyfriend’s skull before giggling, “Yeah, I do just love you that much.”

Sf!Papyrus(Rus): “What?” Rus raises a eye(bone??) brow at you. “You want a smoke?” You shake your head up and down in agreement. Rus let’s out a small chuckle. He had noticed how you started slouching like he does. Rus even caught you stretching your back since your weren’t use to the unnatural posture. As well as earlier, he saw how you tried to prop yourself on the brick wall like he did. With your arms folded and your foot placed on on the wall behind you. Rus chuckled at the memory, almost dropping the cigarette in his hand. “Well…if you insist,” and with that Rus reached into his pocket pulling out the box of cigarettes. You timidly take one, before putting it in between your lips. “Here let me light it for you,” Rus offers as he digs into his other pocket. Trying to hold back his laughter, he quickly lights your cigarette. You smoothly take a breath in as if you’d done this a million times over. But just as soon as you sucked in the smoke, you began to cough and gag. Rus, obviously, couldn’t hold back his giggling and began to full on howl. You quickly throw the cigarette to the ground before stomping on it liked it called you a horrible name. “Oh - my…Honey, honestly-” Rus couldn’t even get the sentence out because he found it so hilarious. Rus holds the place where his stomach would be attempting to calm himself down. You stand there still a little shocked, but definitely unamused that your boyfriend found this funny. Rus looks at you, his smile not disappearing. He chuckles deeply before bringing you into a hug. “It looked easy,” you mumbled, your arms folded in his embrace. “easy…hehe. Honey, even if you could smoke I wouldn’t support it. Unlike you, I don’t I have lungs to ruin,” Rus trails off. “What made you want to suddenly do that?“ You shyly glance up at the taller skeleton before hurrying your face in his jacket. “J-just to be a b-bit more….intimidating, I guess, ” You admitted hesitantly. Rus grabs your shoulders pulling you away from him. “You think I’m intimidatin?” He asked his eye lights wide. You give him a faint nod, and Rus slaps a bony hand onto his forehead trying to hold back his laughter that seemed to be bubbling up again. The skeleton peeps at you through his fingers before removing his hand from his face and hugging you once more. “Hehe, thanks for the compliment, but you don’t need to he intimidating. You’re fine just being your adorable self. And…heh….much like that cigarette I had earlier…You take my breath away,” Rus finishes. “You ruined it,” You added plainly.

Mt!Sans(uh…sniper??) “Another drink, please Grillby!” You managed to slur from your mouth as your fifth drink was carefully placed in front of you. “Kitten? Uh…maybe you should slow down a bit,” Sniper warns placing his hat on the bar beside him. You shake your head abruptly. “I- have…t-o be like Y-you,” you stutter out. “Y-you can down L-like twenty drinks,” you add trying to swallow the sip you had taken before. Sniper stares at you bewildered. Honestly…things were starting to slowly line up for him. Your attire slowly changed to be like his. You began to use slang at home, and papyrus had corrected you prompting you that ladies shouldn’t use slang like that. Finally….all those times you started asking people of they “wanted a bad time” made so much sense. Sniper faced palmed himself as he let out a chuckle. How could he have not noticed sooner. Of course,you’d do something like this. That’s who you are, and once again you have proven to him that you are only able to get even cuter. “A-another- please-” Sniper quickly covers your mouth pushing the drink in front of you to the side. He lazily waves Grillby off before saying, “Just put in on my tab,” Sniper whispers picking you up from your chair and carrying you out of the restaurant. At home you both sat on couch, Sniper holding you in his arms. “Need any more water, darlin?” He asked. You grunt in disapproval before cuddling close to the skeleton. “Noo…I just want…to sleep,” you saw slowly. Sniper chuckles buzzing your neck. “That’s the best idea you’ve had in a while, hun.” And with that settled the two of slept the rest of the night away. Sniper planned to ask more about your actions when you were more….sober. Needless to say, he felt like he needed to keep a closer eye socket on you for now on.

(These were long, I’m sorry if the last one seemed rushed. I had fun writing this one thanks for asking @bonelynomore I hope you enjoy♡).

Real serious RWBY thoughts...

Team RWBY.
4 girls in one room.
Eventually. They’re gonna sync.
And when they do, once a month people are going to be really confused as to why every member of that team is just sort of off.

Ruby gets irritable and short tempered when her teammates don’t preform the tasks she’s dished out. However these tasks consist of making cookies to satisfy her cravings and hand-knitting matching sweaters because they clearly “need them to be the prefect teammates DONT YOU GET IT WEISS?! EACH STITCH IS A SYMBOL OF OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER!”

Weiss on the other hand takes bitchy to a whole new level. If you as much as drop a pen in her presence, she will glare at you as though you personally murdered all of her ancestors.

Blake gets really bad cramps that cause her to resort to laying in the fetal position under piles of blankets because for dust’s sake she just can’t keep warm. She hisses if you try to uncover her.

And then Yang. Poor baby can’t keep it together and cries over everything. Not even an angry cry, but like a sad puppy needs a hug cry. Spilled coffee? Cries. Dropped fries? Cries. Has to pee but doesn’t want to get up? Cries.

All of this happens for a few days and then it’s all back to normal. Really freaks the all male teams out.

Ok but now imagine JNPR. Pyrrah and Nora sync and the boys always know when it happens because on day 1 Nora will barge into the room shouting “IM NOT PREGNANT” and the complain about how hungry she is all of a sudden. Ren is always prepared, having memorized Nora’s cycle after years of being together. The moment she enters the room he hands her a stack of pancakes and and a bottle of mustard because her cravings are weird as shit.

Pyrrah on the other hand doesn’t want to draw attention to it, but you can tell she’s not feeling her best. She spends more time alone than usual and there were a few times Jaune caught her silently crying while watching a movie. She tries to play it off like it was a sad movie but Jaune knows she always watches School of Rock and Shrek.

When they start to become closer friends, Pyrrah and Nora sit and cry to movies together while eating ice cream out of the cartons (Pyrrah’s covered in chocolate and Nora’s in yogurt and hot sauce.

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How do you think UF Sans, US Papyrus and SF papyrus would ask out their S/O for the first time?

Underfell Sans

Red plays it off cool and suave, but inside he’s a nervous wreck. He calls you and tells you to meet him at Grillbys  because he has something important to tell you. When you get there, Red is already on his usual seat, chugging down what looks like his third bottle. You greet him with your usual hello and ask him what he wanted to talk to you about.

“sit down. this is a date,” Red nonchalantly swings his mustard bottle. 

“What?” you blink in surprise, not expecting this at all. 

“do you want to be on this date with me or not?” Red growls roughly. 

Despite his rudeness, that is the only way he can cope with his feelings. He means well, as your relationship progresses, you find that he is very caring and protective, but you don’t know that yet. Taking a seat next to him, you order the fries. 

Underswap Papyrus

You and Stretch are just lounging on the couch together, enjoying each other’s company while the two of you play on your phones. Your legs are swung over his lap and you’re laying on the pillows while Stretch leans back on the cushions. His hands are stroking your legs, but you don’t mind. You’ve been friends forever and even have seen each other naked several times so nothing fazes you anymore. 

Suddenly, in the midst of the silence, Stretch speaks up, “So do you wanna go out?” 

Without missing a beat you shrug, “Yeah sure.”


The two of you silently resume your browsing, but inside, you are both eternally screaming. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Rus has been preparing for this for a long time. He wears his nicest suit and brings a bouquet of roses and gift that he saw you eyeing one time. It shouldn’t be so hard to ask you out, you’ve been friends with him for a while. I mean, you could reject and never speak to him again, thus ending your friendship forever, but hey, at least he got an answer right? He’s nervous as hell, but pulls himself together. Rus drives to your house and rings the doorbell. 

“Dinner tonight?” he asks as soon as you answer the door. 

You blink in shock, but swifted nodded your head and accept the flowers with a smile. He tells you that he’ll pick you up at 8 and as soon as you close your door, he’s jumping with glee. 

Just looking through my photos and came across this one. I feel so much nostalgia because this was the very first mushroom terrarium pendant I made! Little did I know I would end up with a wee store a year later. 💛