CALLING ALL HORSE BLOGS- the BLM is having an auction RIGHT NOW, and ENDS IN 4 DAYS. THESE HORSES DONT HAVE BIDS, and it’s at least their 2nd strike, after 3 they GO TO SLAUGHTER. I’ve posted everywhere, but this really needs to go viral because these horses need homes. PLEASE SHARE AND REBLOG, THESE HORSES LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

Today I climbed back up the mountain to take pictures of my friend’s Mustangs. They met me halfway up the trail and led me to the top of the hill. It was a hot day so they stopped for a sip of water from a trickle stream along the way and rested in the shade when they found a nice, level spot. I spent two hours photographing them as they napped or swatted flies. Not a sound but the chirping of birds and rustle of leaves. What a beautiful place with two gorgeous animals.

Photo by T. Dawn Richard