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For Royai Week 2017 (Day 2 - Black tie.)

Warning: The mama!Hawk is strong with this one.

This came to me after reading @intoxicatedeuphoria’s translations of the Prince of the Dawn game. Not outright based on them, but one sure can tell where the idea came from, and some headcanons did seep through.

“I thought you might want one of these, Alphonse.”

That was a lie. In truth, the idea hadn’t been Riza’s, but she could recognize it as a good one. Among the many things Alphonse Elric had come to need after getting his body back, a bow tie had never been on the list. And neither did Edward think owning two could come in handy.

A missing bow tie wasn’t the only mishap among the confusion, the arrangements, and the general chaos prior to Emperor Ling’s first official visit to the Amestrian East. It wasn’t even what had brought Riza to the hotel the Elrics were staying at. Winry, who had been invited by the Elrics as a plus one, had come directly from Rush Valley the day before the event. The dress the brothers had brought her from home was appropriate, but she hadn’t thought of asking for shoes. She’d called Riza at the office, her voice bordering in hysteria, and Riza had to quietly inform her that her own shoes would be a few sizes too big. She’d managed to get a decent pair for Winry after Rebecca caught wind of what happened, and took it upon herself to ask around HQ.

Roy had only pressed a bow tie into her hand.

“Give this to Alphonse while you’re there,” was all he said.

Winry was almost ready in her own room, the shoes fitting well enough. So Riza followed her General’s orders, as she usually did. Awe washed over her as Alphonse’s face lit up at the sight of the piece of cloth Riza had extended to him, any trace of shyness evaporating into thin air. Alphonse, his clothes pristine, eyes bright and smile wide, would surely want to thank Roy and his uncanny gift of foresight, if only Roy agreed to let his softer side become apparent to the boys.

Unlike him, Riza couldn’t always help it. Her chest swelled with pride as she let her eyes linger on Alphonse’s smile a little longer than necessary. Behind those soft gestures laid the same strong will that had once shielded her from what seemed like certain death. The Elrics were her brothers in arms, if only not by blood, in full right.

“Thank you, Captain.” Alphonse began untying the black necktie he was wearing.

“He never really needed to dress up for any of these events when I was a State Alchemist,” Edward intervened. He was only halfway through getting ready. Riza had to resist the urge to frown. “We just… forgot.”

“It’s quite alright. You can keep it, Alphonse.” Roy hadn’t said that, but he might as well have.

“Yes, about that…” He still held the bow tie in his hand. “I have never worn one of these.”

“Here. Let me help you.” As she did, she briefly explained to Alphonse her every movement. She worked slowly, even as memory was sharp, and the result was promptly examined in front of a mirror.

“Awesome, thank you!” He adjusted the corners of the newly formed bow. “Where did you learn how to do this, Captain?”

“When General Mustang began sending me on dangerous missions, he insisted I learned to act and dress like a man. I can’t say I have done that in my career.” She smiled. “Being a woman has proven useful.”

That was only a half-truth. Roy would sometimes do her hair in new ways, and she would practice exotic knots on his ties. Fixing each other up was an odd little habit of theirs, for they seldom fell into the temptation of hugs and kisses. She’d given up on those little pleasures that day, in order to be at the hotel on time.

Edward laughed.

“Why would he think you’d be better off acting like a man? That’s ridiculous.”

General Mustang can be a jealous man, Riza would’ve wanted to answer. But she said nothing.

“Brother!” Alphonse scolded. After a brief silence, he added, “I think Brother meant to say that General Mustang has odd ideas sometimes.”

Once again, she kept quiet. Her grin widened slightly, eyes fixed on Alphonse’s tie. Her mind was far gone from that hotel room.

If only you knew.


One of my favorite things about the “fishing” mission is this little exchange between Al and Roy

Roy doesn’t try to lie to Al, or tell him it’s too dangerous or “leave this to the adults” or whatever. No, he invites him to come with them. Because Alphonse is a badass and just as capable as the adults, and a great asset to them, and Roy recognizes this. He knows him and trusts him and the two of them work together well.

I think this is something a lot of people overlook tbh. I see a lot of fanfiction where- assuming Al and Roy acknowledge each other’s existence at all- Al is incredibly naive and oblivious, while Roy totally babies him and treats him like a fragile little thing, and that’s completely backwards. Al is incredibly capable and Roy knows it and respects him.


Wild Horses and Burros find homes at Cheyenne Frontier Days

By Emmet Pruss & Brad Purdy, Public Affairs Specialists

17 wild horses, two burros and one mule were successfully adopted during the 121st annual Cheyenne Frontier Days event on July 21st. The event was hosted by the BLM along with the Mantle Ranch Wild Horse Adoption and Training Facility.

This is the second year that BLM and the Mantles promoted BLM’s wild horse program at Cheyenne Frontier Days in their Western Experience area. Each day hundreds of people stopped by the pens to view the horses and watch training demonstrations.

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More “Turn Back” AU (what I have dubbed the Ed and Al turn Mustang an Hawkeye into kids) headcanons! Like more about Mustang and Hawkeye interactions and how each kid interacts with Armstrong, Al, and Hughes!! Pwease? 😘😘😘

Oh man okay here are some more headcanons based on those interactions :’D

  • Roy and Riza play very well together. Almost too well. They’re very in-sync and almost seem to know what the other is thinking. Their favorite games involve puzzles, and when they’re together they’re able to work through things that are levels above where typical children ‘their age’ would be.
  • Like I mentioned before, they say that the other is their best friend. They’re more comfortable if the other is around too.
  • They tire out easily and have been found sitting on the floor leaning against each other and asleep often. Ed and Al have photographic proof thanks to Hughes…
  • Riza is scared of Armstrong at first - he’s just so loud and big. After a while, like Al, she warms up to him. Though she doesn’t understand why he takes his shirt off because that isn’t necessary.
  • Roy wants to be a big and strong alchemist someday, and he tries to pick up heavy things after meeting Armstrong. Whenever Ed tells him he can’t he’ll flex his arms and puff out his chest and say that he’ll be big enough soon. And that’s pretty true, Ed figures…
  • After warming up to Al, Riza loves getting read stories by him. Even though he doesn’t have the facial expressions to go along with it, the voices he uses are more varied than Ed’s, who doesn’t put in as much into his storytelling. She thinks he’s really funny. He has this way of reading where she’s able to fall asleep.
  • It becomes obvious after a while that Riza prefers Al to Ed because they’re similar in a lot of ways
  • Roy thinks Al is cool and thought so from the get-go. He wants to know about the alchemy that made him that way, and claims that he’ll be the best alchemist ever and will know how to do all of those things, while also helping others. He lowkey idolizes the brothers and Ed can’t wait to rub it in his face once they figure out how to restore their original bodies.
  • Hughes has a soft spot for little girls because of Elicia, so he always tries to make sure that Riza has what she needs. She thinks that he’s really nice, albeit a bit over the top.
  • Roy thinks that Hughes is annoying because he’s so over the top. Plus he bugs him about Riza and she’s only his friend and he doesn’t have time to think about girls and Riza isn’t a ‘girl’ so the argument is moot.

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Roy and Al, 8 or 9 I couldn't decide but they're similar? xDD

9) Bullied

“Hah! Take a look around kid, big brother isn’t here to protect you now!” a voice jeered.

Glancing up from the food he had been pushing around on his plate, Roy looked around the Mess Hall.  It was packed, that’s for sure.  It was one of the few days of the week that served reasonable food, and everyone was itching to avoid the onslaught of work that had come with a recent string of crimes within Central.  Unable to find the source of the jab, Roy looked back down and turned the page of the report Lieutenant Hawkeye had sent with him to read.

“Aw poor thing can’t even eat,” another voice joined in. “What, do you need your mommy to feed you?  Oh - that’s right, you don’t have one!”

Roy grumbled and slouched further on the bench, willing himself to focus on the writing in front of him.

“Why are you even here?” a third voice, this time a woman’s, added to the onslaught.  "You don’t even do anything, you’re just another one of Mustang’s stupidly loyal dogs…"  Roy’s head snapped up at that comment.  Hearing some bastards throw around their power in the Mess Hall wasn’t uncommon, and most soldiers were used to it and ignored it, but if this was one of his men…

Standing up, Roy scanned the Mess for any members of his ragtag team…  There was no familiar shock of salt and pepper hair… Not Falman.  Good.  No unassuming young man with his ever-present headphones, not Fuery.  Also good, the kid didn’t need any animosity in his life. No Breda, sitting eating a large sandwich and playing with his deck of cards.  No tall, sandy-haired Lieutenant trying to talk to Rebeca Catalina, and certainly no Hawkeye.  She would’ve given the jerks the her patented glare and that would’ve shut them up right away.

Suddenly a glint of sunlight on metal caught Roy’s eye.  His gut twisted as began to walk purposefully over towards where Alphonse Elric was seated.

When he reached the boy, the three officers who had been taunting him were laughing loudly, still unaware of Roy’s presence.

“What,” Roy ground out, “is the meaning of this?”  The laughter stopped.  Alphonse was wringing his hands, his soul-fire eyes fixed at some point beyond the soldiers. 

One of the men, a Warrant Officer Henley Roy thought fleetingly, spoke up.  "Colonel Mustang, Sir.“  Offering him a hasty salute.  "We were just joking around with the boy here, no harm-”

“No harm my ass,” Roy spat.  Henley stiffened.  "This ‘boy’ is one of my most talented subordinates, and your intent was clearly malicious.“

“With all due respect sir,” the woman spoke up, a Sergeant Major.  "Warrant Officer Henley spoke the truth, we mean no harm.“

"But harm you’ve done,” Roy said, glaring at the three officers.  Henley met his gaze for a second before looking away, the Sergeant Major did the same. However, the final soldier, Major Jeffers, a fellow State-Alchemist, held Roy’s gaze with a challenging sneer on his face.

“Aw c'mon Mustang,” he said, lips parting to reveal disgustingly yellow teeth.  "The kid didn’t even stand up for himself,“ spreading his hands, Jeffers continued.  "I guess you don’t teach your subordinates how to survive in the real world hmm?”

Roy’s eyes narrowed even further.  The Major continued.  "Besides, he’s pretty much useless on your team, I don’t see why you keep him arou-“

Roy couldn’t help himself any longer.  His fist connected with Jeffers’ face with a satisfying thud, and the younger man was sent stumbling backwards, hands flying up to his nose in a vain effort to staunch the flowing blood.

"I keep him around,” Roy growled, wiping his fist off on his pants, “because he is talented, loyal, kind, and a good man, unlike yourself.”  With that, he put a hand on Alphonse’s shoulder and led him out of the Mess Hall.

The boy was silent the entire walk up to Roy’s office.  When they went through the main room, they were greeted with Falman, Breda, Fuery and Havoc playing a game of Poker.  The men all offered quick greetings before turning back to their games.  Lieutenant Hawkeye, perceptive as ever, held Roy’s gaze with a silent question. Shaking his head slightly, Roy answered it, I’ll explain the blood later. Seeing his hand on Alphonse’s shoulder, she accepted his response and continued to work.  Roy led the boy into his office.

“I’m sorry Colonel Mustang,” Al said meekly as Roy closed the door behind them.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Alphonse,” Roy said as he gestured to the couch.  Al sat down and watched as Roy went to his desk and rummaged through his drawers. 

“I should’ve stopped them,” Al said, looking at the ground, “then you wouldn’t have had to hit that man…they’re right, I don’t do anything…”  Roy slammed his drawer shut, startled Al looked up.

Wrapping his hand in a small bandage, Roy crossed the room and crouched in front of the boy.

“Al,” he said, “look at me.”  The suit obliged, glowing eyes meeting Roy’s obsidian gaze.  "You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about, do you understand?“ Al sighed. 

"Alphonse,” Roy said, placing his hand on one of the large metal knees.  "They’re wrong about you.  Totally wrong.  I meant everything I said.  You’re incredible, you’re kind and stronger than they’ll ever be, hell, you’re stronger than I’ll ever be-“

Al made a noise to interrupt but Roy continued.

"Don’t let anything they said affect you,” Roy said. “I know it’s hard, we’ve all been there before.”

“All of you?” Al asked, glancing up at Roy.

“All of us,” he confirmed.  "Havoc, Breda, Fuery, Falman, Me, even Hawkeye.“

"The Lieutenant?”  Roy nodded.

“But none of what those jerks say is ever true, do you understand?”  Alphonse nodded slowly.

“I’m still sorry about your hand…”

“Don’t be,” Roy laughed.  "I did that of my own accord, and besides, you can’t be as sorry as I am, I have hell to pay when I have to explain to the Lieutenant that I just punched a man.“

Alphonse laughed weakly, and Roy felt a surge of affection for the younger Elric.

Offering his fist to the boy, Roy continued.  "You’re part of this team, Alphonse,” he said. “You’re part of our family, and family protects each other, even if it means getting yelled at later." 

Alphonse bumped his fist with Roy’s and laughed, a real laugh this time, and Roy couldn’t help but grin.


Hi, guys! So this is a post I’ve wanted to make for a long time. In part because I just love this particular fanfic community, though primarily because I found these kinds of posts really helpful when I first started looking for fanfiction to read. Basically, if you’ve finished FMA and are in utter disbelief that these two losers never professed their undying love for each other and would like to pacify your shipping angst with some awesome fanfiction, YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Without further adieu:

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Royai and 11 or 13, please?

Anon, this is… certainly not what you had in mind. Yes, I just know. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Even if it’s longer than originally intended.

send me a number and a ship  //  11. can you hear me

“Slow night, Elizabeth?”

I’m going to ask something very difficult of you, Captain.

That’s how she was after an officer from Aerugo who was secretly working with the Ishvalan separatists. They had gotten orders from Central to handle this with maximum discretion. Which Roy had interpreted as, take him out as quickly as possible. Since Aerugo denied all current involvement with Ishval, they wouldn’t be able to explain such a case to the public.

That’s how Riza was in Ishval with her rifle once more.

Roy’s plan involved her, Breda, Fuery… and Scar of all people. Scar, everyone suspected, dreamed of an independent Ishval free from Amestrian rule just as much as any of the separatists. But Scar, Riza was almost certain, despised the separatists more than anyone. Creating tension, perpetuating prejudices, pushing for war. Hatred leading to hatred. Roy had thought the same, and their suspicions were confirmed when Scar begrudgingly agreed to be part of the mission. Scar became the spy they didn’t ask for, and it said a great deal about his reputation that the separatist leaders weren’t suspicious.

That’s how Scar was asked to cite the target in a designated spot during the night, to supposedly discuss his knowledge of Major Miles’s activities. The area was clear; Riza and Breda had scanned it hours earlier. She’d been keeping watch ever since, so unless they’d missed anything, the foreigner didn’t suspect anything.

Not a defenseless civilian, Riza reminded herself. My target is a spy from a different country, seeking to destroy our own from the inside.

“I cannot complain,” she said. “I was expecting it to be crowded, but it looks we’re going to be alone.”

“I could come over and keep you company.”

“Feeling lonely, Roy?” It was easy to be playful, when he was such an excellent lead. “I can assure that having me on the phone will do well enough for company.”

That’s how they’d ended up connected to the civilian grid, which had taken three years and a massive effort to build. The line, still new in Ishval, rarely worked properly and it was being used mostly within the military. Fuery could even work it to their advantage, making the call nearly impossible to trace. It was more than enough. It was, in fact, still too dangerous. But Roy, feeling so inadequate, so dejected back in East City, had insisted on installing a line. At first Riza protested, but she had to admit that their banter was helping her concentrate.

“You can say you miss me, Elizabeth. It’s fine.” That was no lie.

“Wishful thinking, Roy Mustang. It suits you.”

“Well, a man can dream.”

Before she could think of an answer, a figure approached the meeting point from her right. Riza looked through the scope, but the insufficient light didn’t give her any useful information.

“Wait a minute, we have a customer. I think I know him. Kate, what do you think?”

Fuery, behind her with the equipment, spoke on a different line.

“Do we know this guy?”

Riza kept her eyes on the figure that approached Scar in the darkness, then looked through the scope as he slowed down. She had a clear shot, but she needed to wait for Breda’s confirmation as he carefully watched from a closer spot.

“It’s him,” Fuery told her.

“It’s him,” she repeated, then hesitated. Roy had planned carefully, down to the last detail, yet he hadn’t thought of giving Scar a codename. “Our new girl is greeting him.”

“Your new girl?”

“You’ve met her. Fairly pleasant. Wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Fuery snickered quietly, and then Roy’s ringing laughter soothing her enough to dispel all the tension she had accumulated in the last few minutes.

That’s how she got the trust she was missing, that trust that always faltered, but never proved wrong.

“I must go greet him properly. It shouldn’t take long.”

“Ah, Elizabeth. Always giving such good service to those who deserve it. I’m proud of you.”

Warmth settled in her chest. Roy was not only reminding her of the righteousness of their mission, but acknowledging the fact that this wasn’t easy for her.

Thank you, sir.

“You’re speaking nonsense, Roy Mustang,” she said. “Have you been drinking again?”

Again? Why, Elizabeth, I’m offen—”

The call fell. Fuery let out an exasperated sigh. She imitated him, more calmly. Breathe in, then out, holding that position as she made sure that the forehead of the target was right in the middle of her scope. That Scar couldn’t possibly get hurt.

And then, she pulled the trigger. The sound spread and echoed along the deserted streets. Her chest hurt. Blood splashed out as the target stumbled. Then he fell. Riza closed her eyes. Yet another life taken by her hand. Another corpse without a tombstone. Another soul waiting for her in hell.

This is the enemy. This is what I’m here to do.

“I can’t get us back on. I fear we could’ve been intercepted,” Fuery informed her. “You got him, didn’t you?”

“I did.” And this meant they needed to leave. She remembered now, she had strict orders not to worry about the target. Leave it to Breda, now she should help Fuery dismantle the equipment. She ignored her rapid heartbeat, the breaking sweat, the inclement weather finally taking a toll on her senses. “We should go. We can communicate later as we-”

“Elizabeth!” The voice in her ear startled her. “Elizabeth, can you hear me? Please—”

The memories that crept up weren’t those from the Civil War, but memories of Roy blowing his cover so he could make sure he was safe. Roy’s anguished expression when she’d been bleeding out in front of him. Riza had sculpted it in every corner of her mind when she’d believed it to be the last thing she’d ever see. And it haunted her in dreams, it haunted her when sadness caught her off guard.

It was everywhere now. And Riza felt his fear, deep, devastating, as she knew he was feeling it. This was difficult for her, being back in the battlefield that had seen her become a murderer. But it was just as difficult for Roy, having her on the field when he was miles away. He knew this mission was of relative low risk. No one was after them; they were too many steps ahead from the enemy. And he still feared. He still grieved.

“I can hear you. I’m sorry. We’re having some issues with the line as of late.”

“Right.” Roy sounded defeated. “I knew that. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, I was too distracted by our customer to notice either way. I did an excellent job, if I say so myself. But it’s closing time now, so I believe I should go.”

“Well, Elizabeth, I can tell you’re in a hurry. Have a good night.”

Oh, if only she could reassure him, time and time again, that everyone was safe, that the mission had gone without a hitch and they should be back in East City by morning. If only he could acknowledge her state of mind, that he could remind her it was over, and she was doing this for the greater good.

“Thanks for keeping me company,” was all she could muster.

She signaled Fuery to end the conversation he’d pretended not to hear. Fuery, with those big eyes behind round glasses, eyes that asked questions he was too polite to speak aloud. But Riza had no time to lose, no time to worry about discretion. It was over. East City, home, Roy waited for them.

“Let’s go.”

Bada Boom

I saw this headcanon asked by an anon on @the-flame-and-hawks-eye‘s blog and got super excited…  Hope it was okay that I took off and ran with it.

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(assume pre-codenames)

“Aw, c’mon Boss,” Havoc whines.  “Just this once.”

“I said no, Havoc.  How many times do I have to repeat myself?” Roy replies.

“Colonel, you always want to brag about your dates, what’s so different about this one?”  Breda adds.

“Everything,” Roy mutters.

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