mustang in it deep

Nothing’s perfect. The world’s not perfect, but it’s there for us, trying the best it can. That’s what makes it so damn beautiful.

Roy Mustang,  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Roy Mustang quit the military and joined the seirin high school basketball team because he knows deep down that ball is life


You stepped out of the motel, seeing your date waiting beside his deep blue mustang. Holding a rose, he approached you.

“Wow Y/N.. You look amazing.” He looked at you with such awe that you blushed.

“Thanks-” you were interrupted by your two annoying brothers, carrying a pistol each and- was that blood on Dean’s shirt?

“Well hello, you must be Y/D/N… You are taking our little sister out?” Dean stood in the poor guy’s face.

“Umm yeah.. I really like-”

“Listen pal..” Sam cut him short. “You know that if anything happens to our little sis, no one will ever find your body.”

“Just think about that..” Dean added, smiling so innocently.

Your mouth had fallen open.“ Excuse me Y/D/N” you said grabbing both men and pulling them back into the motel room.

“Unless you want your hair cut off..” You looked at Sam “And your baby scratched.” You tilted your head at Dean. “ I suggest you go back out and apologize..”

You walked back out, hearing scoffs and rushed footsteps.


I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, but I finally got it down.  There probably isn’t actually a law like this (as great as that would be), but it’s fun to dream.  As always, I’d love any comments or suggestions, as I’m always trying to improve my slightly strange writing style (is it strange?  I’ve always felt it was strange.  I could be wrong).
Implied Royai
1091 words


Colonel Roy Mustang of the Amestrian army was knee-deep in procrastinated paperwork on the day that Edward Elric flounced into his office and dumped the largest book he had ever seen onto his desk, sending unsigned and signed papers alike flying everywhere.

Perhaps, though, this was an unfair judgment on Roy Mustang’s part.  The book that the young alchemist had brought in was not in any way the largest book the Colonel had ever seen, though it may have qualified for the title if the book had been presented to someone else.  Mustang had seen numerous books of such stature in his lifetime of alchemic research, and indeed had long been of the opinion that the lifting of such books was in part responsible for his physical fitness.

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Oh snap, snap! Spark, spark!

It’s time to light up the diggy-diggy-dark!

I’m the Flame Alchemist and I’m gonna be Fuhrer

My beats are hot and my rhyme’s on fire!

I like the ladies in the miniskirts

I’ll be posing in the mirror without my fancy shirts

I’m gonna set your heart on fire, whoosh whoosh!

And you know my heart burns bright too! kaboom, kaboom!

My firepower tonight is feeling just right, kablam kablam!

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