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If anyone is interested in Lascivious, my Lust!Roy Mustang FMA AU fic that went on hiatus for over a year but will now be updated regularly until the end (Yeah… I know I lost my whole reader base for doing that, whoops lol), these are all the chapters that have currently been posted. 

One Two Three Four Five 

Summary:  If alchemists live by the concept of Equivalent Exchange, it seems only natural that Roy Mustang must replace what he has destroyed. Lust!Roy

Mustang (again, again, yes)

(”Red RIsing” trilogy by Pierce Brown @pierce-brown)

It’s quite peculiar that I tend to draw some characters more than others despite my intentions - just because I feel at peace scribbling them ^_^’’’
And I just wanted to do a simple sketch…Seems my brain and hand conspired against my own free will and made me paint this LOL:))