Taa’leef Collective Documentary. This video made me cry. SubhanAllah…look at all that one organization ONE ORGANIZATION is doing in nurturing and bringing people closer to Allah, people who are converts, people born into the faith, those who aren’t Muslim, people in prison…just…SubhanAllah….
Traveling Light :: Mustafa Davis | Amir Sulaiman more patient…

Traveling Light :: Mustafa Davis | Amir Sulaiman

although time and space
have displaced us
i know we are not in different places
as i speak this i am racing
although my feet won’t touch the pavement
yet as you hear this i am running

its hard to pen a poem
my body still
my heart has a heart of its own
its left me and made its way
on its own
to your home
to its home

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When shooting outdoors I typically use a very simple lighting setup of just a single light. For portrait/fashion work my favorite modifier is the 22" beauty dish with diffuser (shown in photo). I put it on a monopod and

 my assistant wears the battery pack over his shoulder. This keeps us mobile and allows us to set up our scene quickly. You don’t need a bunch of fancy lights or elaborate lighting set ups to capture compelling images. The goal is to know the technical aspects of your camera and lights so well that you don’t have to focus on them during a shoot. While shooting you want to be focused with your subject… not messing with dials and controls trying to figure out your gear while your model waits.

I have owned quite a few flashes, strobes and lighting modifiers. When I was starting out I truly believed the more gear I had, the better photographer I’d be. I have since sold most of that gear and now use just a few simple modifiers for most of my work. I learned the hard/expensive way that having the best gear doesn’t necessarily make you a better photographer anymore than owning fancy running shoes makes you Carl Lewis. #HappyShooting

Model: Wesam Dawah 
Assistant: Jeremy Abdul Malik Stern
Location: San Francisco, CA
© Mustafa Davis, Inc.