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Malec Appreciation Week Day 1 - Favorite Magnus Moment

He would never keep something this important from me. 


The Hasekis of Sultan Ibrahim I

1. Hatice Turhan Sultan  (1626 - 1683) - Ukranian, daughter of nobleman Samiylo Tuçapskiy. He was captured by Tatars during war and his 5 years old son and three years old daughter were taken to Istanbul as slaves. Kör Suleyman-paşa presented them to Kösem Sultan, and she presented the girl to her daughter, Atike. Her brother was raised in the Palace and took the name Yousouf. When she gave birth to şehzade Mehmed, sultan lost interest to her. Despite she was Başhaseki she could not influence the sultan much. Nevertheless she made her family rich and helped her hometown. When Turhan became Valide Sultan, and then Regent, her power and authority increased. 

Name Hatice means “prematurely born baby-girl”, name Turhan probably means “of mercy”.

Children: Mehmed IV Avci (1642 – 1693), Beyhan Sultan (1645 – 1701)

2. Saliha Dilaşub Sultan (1627 - 1689
) - Croatian-Bosnian origin, the daughter of a nobleman Mehmed from Baboniçi family. Father presented the future Sultana and her sister to Kösem Sultan.

Name Saliha means “pious, devoted to God”, name Dilaşub probably means “unrestrained, wild”.

Children: Suleyman II (1642 – 1691), Ummü Gülsum Sultan (1642-1655), Ayşe Sultan (1642-1675)

3. Hatice Muazzez Sultan (1626 - 1687) - 
Abkhaz origin, daughter of nobleman Hasan Bey from  Akuçba family. Valide Halime Sultan, Abaza Mehmet-agha, Ipşir Mustafa-paşa were her relatives. Brother of Muazzez Sultan, Mirahur Abaza Ahmet-paşa married Ummü Gülsum Sultan, the eldest daughter of Sultan Ibrahim. In 1656 he was executed in Edirne.

Name Hatice means “prematurely born baby-girl”, name Muazzez probably means “saint,honorable, precious”.

Children: Ahmed II (1643 – 1695), Şehzade Suleyman (1642- 1642), Fatma Sultan (1642 – 1694)

4.  Ayşe Sultan (1628 - 1683) - Crimean Tatar, from a noble family of Bulgakov. Father - Şahin Bulgakov, mother - Sülünbike Giray.

Name Ayşe means “happily-living one”.

Children:Şehzade Murad (1643 - 1644), Gevherhan Sultan (1642- 1694)

5. Mahienver Sultan (1628 - 1690) -
Albanian, from family of Murad Bey Muzaka. During the wedding, which lasted more than one day, the sultan threw gold at her feet. Cousin of Mahinenver - Zafira Khatun - also lived in the palace and was married to Mustafa Paşa, the keeper of the palace chambers.

Name Mahienver probably means “moonlight”.

Children: Şehzade Osman (1644 - 1646), Kaya Sultan (1642 - ___).

6. Leyla Saçbağı Sultan (1629 - 1694) - Circassian, daughter of Birhan Ahmed Mirza, sister of Hasan-paşa and Hubiyar Khatun. She was smart and cunning.It is known that she was often confronting Turhan Sultan, Muazzez Sultan and Şivekar Sultan. In 1669 her only son was executed. She witnessed the death of all her children, and lived for the rest of her life in the gloom and sadness.

Name Leyla means “night”, name Saçbağı probably means “hairband”.

Children: Şehzade Selim (1644 - 1669), Atike Sultan (1646 - 1686), Bijan Sultan (1648- 1675).

7. Şivekar Sultan (1625 - 1693) - Armenian from Istanbul, the daughter of rich merchant Aruşan Efendi. In summer 1646 sultan and his wives Leyla and Mahinever were riding a carriage in district of Yenikapı. Suddenly they saw a very beautiful house which sultan wanted to see. There he noticed a very fat girl running from garden to house. She was a daughter of hostess. Sultan took her to the Palace and married her. Şivekar`s weight was around 120-140 kg. She was tall, fair-skinned, dark-haired and brown-eyed. She often helped Armenians of Istanbul. Some people believe that thanks to her request Sultan Ibrahim presented to Armenians the building of St. George’s Church in Samatya. Her brothers Zaven and Vasak also had posts in Palace. After Turhan Sultan became valide,she ordered to execute them and sent their bloody clothing to Şivekar.

Name Şivekar probably means “coquettish”.

Children: Şehzade Bayezid (1646-1647), Şehzade Cihangir (1646-1648)

8. Hümaşah Sultan (1634 - ___) - Circassian or Crimean Tatar, Bahadir Khan’s daughter. She is known to be a very beautiful tall girl with marine blue almond-shaped eyes and blond hair. Hümaşah was the only one wife whom sultan married in public. The ceremony of nikah was very luxurious and magnificent. As a gift for the wedding she received the palace of Ibrahim-paşa. In addition Hümaşah owed income from Egypt. Their son was born after the death of the Sultan. She was very afraid that her child would be poisoned, so she tried to protect him by all means. However, in 1650, probably by order of valide Turhan he was killed. The date of Sultana`s death is authentically unknown - 1677, 1680 or 1686. 

Name Hümaşah probably means “queen of joy”.

Children: Şehzade Orhan (1648-1650)