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anonymous asked:

tbh after a date with markiplier came out im left feeling decently concerned about warfstache - his house is a spirally pastel void, hes a fucking disembodied head, his mustache is photo-shopped on for this video, and he seems pretty much like he plans to interview us, the watcher with Chica's head

he really let himself go tbh. the fact that he’s a floating head cracks me up so much. but boi, i would let him interview me in a heartbeat 💖

  • Cassian: attention, everyone! Say goodbye to the cassian you know and love, for today is the day I change forever!
  • Rhys: ooh, are you finally growing a mustache?
  • Cassian: no, you know I can't do that, and it's cruel of you to keep bringing it up.

best things about a time travel au howard:

  • would stubbornly refuse to shave his mustache
  • deny being howard stark and then wink afterwards
  • really really really likes playing mobile games like candy crush
  • flirt with all the ladies 
  • want to go sight seeing again because why not
  • call tony “anthony”
  • call everyone pal. everyone’s his pal
  • not know how to cook or do laundry
  • wear ball caps and shades to hide his identity like all “real spies” do
  • be an actual grandpa 

“What’s that you’re drawing?”


“Oh is it? Is he wearing a funny mustache?”


“That’s right, we like our daddies without funny mustaches, huh?”


“Especially Sherlock. He doesn’t like when daddy gets a funny mustache, does he?”

No! Don’t like it!

Well. At least we all agree on something, don’t we? ;) I think it’s an exceptional likeness otherwise, wouldn’t you? Very John Watson.