• AT LEAST 3 different mullets, including: the 80s mullet, the redneck mullet, and the probably unintentional mullet!
  • Fun sunglasses! Sunglasses for your face, the top of your head, and the back of your head!
  • Lots with business in the front, and party in the back!
  • Portraits of Billy Ray AND John Stamos to decorate your sims’ houses with!
  • 80s music channel for radios! Who likes hair metal?!
  • Sketchy mustache to go with your hairstyle!
  • Hair salons where you can get the latest and greatest, or even the worst fashions!
  • Special accessories like the rat tail!

Wynonna Earp Crack 1 by DrRedRose8


So I had fun making my own pancakes at this restaurant we went to just now. In case it’s not clear which is totally understandable I made @therealjacksepticeye’s septic eye (which my little brother actually knew! Slightly concerned about that) and @markiplier’s (or should I say, Mr. Butterworth’s) M and mustache.

good trans new update !!!

  • things are moving forward for me at work! my supervisor has emailed hr and we’re just waiting to hear back about the best way for me to tell the whole team
  • i also asked her to ask about me changing my name so like,,, that’s really cool
  • she talked to her bosses, all of whom have been really supportive and all told me they are here for me
  • i told my two coworkers that i’m closest two and they’re both really supportive and both like,, lowkey kind of already had an idea???
  • one of them, before i had the chance to tell him, told me that he would love me no matter what “even if [i] cut my boobs off and grow a penis”
  • both of them mentioned how i have a mustache now but didnt want to be an ass and point it out haha but that that was a sign
  • they both were really kind and loving and yeah
  • i just,,, things are moving along and it’s so nice and i am so so happy??? wow !!!!
things i loved in beauty and the beast

- belle constantly denying gaston
- maurice denying gaston!!
- belle’s little ‘ugh’ in the belle reprise
- emma Watson speaking French was so nice
- lefou being affectionate to gaston
- the wardrobe dressing those 3 guys and stanley smiling
- belle sliding out of the fabric dress
- the beast with a face full of makeup
- lumiere singing “cabaret” in the deepest fucking voice
- chip nearly dying every three seconds
- human beast w tears in his eyes after turning human
- three kisses in two minutes and two are multiracial!!
- ewan was so cute let’s be real
- cogsworth’s crooked mustache
- THE!!! GROWL!!!!
in short: I need this movie to be 7 hours longer

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Unpopular Opinions || @amehanaa

;;  I’ve recently been finding out this is more and more unpopular as I continue talking to people so here goes. It’s not terribly salty, but eh. It works.

Facial hair is fucking sexy.

Man, give me a scruffy man. Beard, mustache, longer hair, full on lumberjack, I do not care but that is ridiculously attractive to me. Burly shoulders, square jaws, everything that’s masculine and nothing feminine or delicate and I am all about that.

This particular opinion brought to you by my eternal love for Asuma and everyone else’s wrong opinion on him. :D