“I’m artistically brokenhearted. I wanted to be a screen actor. I wanted to change the world through my sensitivity. But it was a very closed system in Italy. There are only like five movies per year. And there aren’t exactly auditions. You must be friends with the director to get a role. So I tried going to Britain. And that almost destroyed me. I was always cast as a foreigner. Usually I was a Mafioso, but I played all types of foreigners. I’ve been a Spanish waiter, a Turkish waiter, and a French waiter. And they were always making me wear a mustache. So I tried for America. I applied for an ‘extraordinary talent visa.’ It cost me $6,000. The application was the size of a book. I had to submit ten letters of recommendation to prove that I was extraordinary. What a scam that was. Nobody cares that I’m extraordinary. None of the television stations will audition people with this visa. Everyone wants to see a green card. I can only work on small productions. But things have gotten a little better. I’m getting some minor roles. I’m still playing gangsters. But sometimes I’m the funny gangster. Or the gangster with some sense. My next role is a scientist who turns into a zombie. In the movie, every stranger appears to be a zombie. But nobody is really a zombie. Strangers just seem like zombies. So, hey, there’s a moral message there.”

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Jay, in a pair of mustache glasses: One of my buddies saw Jay in the locker room, and he said Jay has an eight pack. That Jay was shredded. Kai: your friend was lying to you, jay's a punk ass bitch



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lets make a top 5 best prog facial hair

i will accept this daunting challenge, let me know what u think if u want to bc i’m sure i’m gonna miss people + this sounds v fun

anyway here are my picks for the Top 5 Best Prog Facial Hair:

5. Tony Levin

explanation: his facial hair is him. u cannot picture this dude without his mustache. he goes for a Minimalist Look to completely give ur attention to his glorious mustache that is a good strategy i think

4. Phil Collins

a wonderful, bushy beard. here it is shaped like a friend. sometimes it is too poof and messy and scary (especially when he is on stage his beard gets Wild) but overall. he had some v good facial hair

3. Steve Hackett

i think he looks wonderful with and without facial hair, but he did have a good mustache + when he had the beard and glasses he looks like a warm and jovial fellow. his facial hair is good short and good poofy which is amazing. steeb is a fashion icon for the ages

2. Neil Peart

while he is always a wonderful boi, the mustache gives him a Serious Son vibe and it is adorable. look at the floppy mustache im in lvoe the curly little ends aaaaAAAA anyway he is v good

1. Frank Zappa

is he prog idc because look at him. his mustache is the perfect curve, it is an extraordinary shape, u get one look at it and u remember it forever as the zappa trademark. his small beard thing looks like a piece of toast of something. like how did he even get this look what a legend i could not argue against this being number one in any way shape or form

an honorable mention to jeff lynne, roger hodgson, and robert fripp because u dudes had cool facial hair too and i am sorry for ur exclusion on the list ilu

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♨️-"Can I tell you something sister? DID YOU KNOW! That our mother's mustache was stronger that our father's and she didn't even HAVE ONE! Shocking I know..."

“Takumi.. Are you okay?” Hinoka asks immediately, both at the strange way her brother was speaking, and also at the overwhelming stench of alcohol she smelled.

Which explained a lot.

“Oh, gods. Okay. Takumi, just how much wine have you had?!” He was in so much trouble.