PREGAME | DAL vs. MTL [11.21.17]

↳ Hitchcock: [Antoine’s] not lightning in a bottle. [He’s] a very skilled player doing very skilled things. That’s not lightning in a bottle.

bluehoppersimming  asked:

Your icon is so adorable! Is Captain based on a real breed?

aww thank youu! he really is omg. he’s originally a scottish terrier (i looooove those) but they are usually only black or white, sometimes black with a little bit brown i believe. so ye he’s not an accurate scottish terrier, but i didn’t change anything about the breed except for his coat! 

ok but lance leaving post it notes on keith’s door every day that keith keeps on a wall in his room to look at whenever he needs it. just things like:
         - “pidge and hunk looking for a guinea pig. watch out”
         - “caught allura raiding the kitchen @ 3am again”
         - “do u think shiro could rock coran’s moustache?”
         - “sharks >>>> hippos”

but also things like:
         - “good work today, samurai :)”  
         - “the person reading this is very beautiful”
         - “your smile warms me more than the sun ever could”
         - “hey guess what? i love you”

Added this Icelandic witch riding staveðarstafur-witch-riding-stave-to-go from @justins-galdrastafir that @professorgoat sent me.
“She sends her spirit on me in church” - The Crucible