So I know I normally put mustaches on canon lesbian/bisexual characters, but…. I just read a supercorp fic and my girls needed mustaches. Plus Lena is gay gay gay anyway.

Lena Luthor’s mustache is her only true family.

Supergirl’s mustache always has crumbs from potstickers in it. 

If you want to see my sanvers mustaches, check this out.

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  • NAME : Reginald (Also goes by “Reg” “Reggie” or Wyoming) Adams
  • AGE : 35
  • BIRTHDAY : April 4th
  • SPECIES : Human
  • GENDER : Cisgender Male
  • ORIENTATION : Demiromantic, Pansexual
  • PROFESSION : Former agent of Project Freelancer, Bounty Hunter


  • HAIR : Dark brown, short, straight
  • EYES : Dark brown
  • SKIN : Mostly fair skin but a little on the pale side
  • HEIGHT : 5′11′’


  • SIBLINGS : He has two younger step siblings, a brother and a sister, but he’s not particularly close to them.
  • PARENTS : A father and a step mother
  • CHILDREN : None
  • GRANDPARENTS : Deceased on both sides
  • OTHER RELATIVES : A few unnamed aunts and uncles
  • ANY PETS ?: An owl that he often leaves in his sibling’s care


  • PHYSICAL PROWESS : He’s able to do okay against Tex in close quarters, but not as well as his other team members (S9) 
  • He knows how to box (assumption based off how he fights in S9 and S10 against Tex and York respectively)
  • ABILITIES : Remarkable aim with mid to long range weapons (S3,S4, S9.S10)
  •  Able to eliminate an entire team of simulation soldiers on his own (S3) 
  • Proficient enough in stealth to track down multiple soldiers without them detecting him until he made himself known (S3 though Texas was able to get the jump on him, S5, S10) 
  •  Able to set up traps repeatedly (Out of Mind, S5)
  •  As mentioned earlier, very good tracking skills (S3,S4,S5,S10) 
  • Skilled enough in firefights to get the upper hand on multiple agents (Out of Mind, Recovery One) 
  • He plays a pretty mean piano.


Resourceful, Strategic, Sense of Humor, Observant, Pragmatic, Loyal to a certain extent

Greedy, Cocky, Dismissive of others, Rather grey sense of morality, Manipulative, Deceitful


  • COLOURS : White, Blue, Black
  • SMELLS : Tea, Mint, Gunpowder, Cinnamon
  • FOOD : Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash
  • DRINKS : Hot chocolate, Black chai tea, Pineapple juice 
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? : Typically any white or red wine will do, but he does also enjoy whiskey


  • SMOKES? : No
  • DRUGS? : No
  • DRIVER LICENSE? : One real and many fake ones

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Inca Tern (Larosterna inca)

TREND: Decreasing
HABITAT: Pacific coast from Peru to Chile; breeds on inshore islands and coastal cliffs

This striking bird occupies part of the same habitat ruled by the ancient Inca Empire in South America. Inca Terns are best known by their dashing white mustaches, which are found on both male and female birds.

The species is found only near the cold waters of the Humboldt Current, where the birds feed on anchovies and other small fish. Like Least Terns, Inca Terns feed by plunge diving and surface dipping. The birds also scavenge scraps from sea lions, dolphins, and fishing boats. Declining fish stocks are one of the reasons for this species’ population decline.

It’s a gregarious species, nesting in colonies of several thousand birds. The recording at the top of this page, from Pantanos de Villa Wildlife Refuge outside of Lima, Peru, gives an idea of what these noisy colonies are like…

(read more: American Bird Conservancy)

photograph by Cristóbal Alvarado Minic in Lima, Peru

My most popular Instagramed photos of 2016. I have some notes: 1) As narcissistic as I feel for posting pictures of myself, you guys apparently like them and are therefore enabling my worst impulses; 2) I wear a lot of hats, in the literal sense; 3) A full year of my mustache as not repelled the general public, so again you’re enabling this; 4) Hi, @blcksmth! You are the only other person to appear in my top nine other than me; 5) My most-liked photo was taken paparazzo-style by @tonyrodrig 6) You also like dogs apparently; 7) Hey! I like dogs too! Let’s go pet some dogs!

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Did you ever notice the dude on the blackjack pizza box sort of looks like Dylan with a mustache?

Uuuuhh, but the’s just.. not at all quite right.  The curl in the hair, and that well endowed chin, however… now there ya go. ;)


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