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“Alright kid, now that you’re more human we need to talk about your sense of humour.”

Longest hour in Varric’s life.

Vaxus Across Thedas series.


Newborn monsters!
For when you want a little monster pal of your own but you don’t want to have to choose.

The Mystery Monster listing lets you get a totally surprise monster in the mail! 
You can give me some basic specifications like colors you hate/love, any expression you’d prefer, but for the most part it’ll be a complete surprise what you receive!

ANAHEIM DAY 2 (Schedule/Merch/Look for me)

Hello! Sorry for the Anaheim spam but this is the last one until the concert!

Ok so for anyone who wants to buy from me, I’ll be by the venue around 12ish! I’ll update my location through my twitter (@krostiniel) or through message/text if you want me to notify you personally! (Just lmk)

If you just wanted to say hi or get a Jimin print, the chick with the curly hair, red beanie, gray hoodie, and thick calves will be me :’) Pic under the cut. Also a gratuitous picture of my dog as he watched me take selfies.

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