Reasons why I can never get over Maes Hughes death
  • He never got to see Elysia grow up
  • He never got to see what Al really looked like
  • He never got to see Roy restore Ishval
  • He never got to see Ed grow up and have kids of his own
  • He never saw Roy’s horrible mustache
  • He missed Elysia’s first day of school
  • He missed the opportunity to tease Al about Mei
  • He never got to gloat about being right about Ed marrying Winry
  • Elysia will only barely remember him
  • He could’ve had more kids
  • He never saw Amestris change for the better
  • Gracia never really got over his death
  • He missed out on so much and was important so so many people and left a big gaping hole that never really heals