mustached man

music playlist shuffle taG

i got tagged by @peonysimmer (thank you <3333333333333333)!!

i think the rules are to just put your playlist on shuffle and put the first ten songs that come on!

  1. color me once - violent femmes
  2. rhiannon - fleetwood mac
  3. uncast shadow of a southern myth - parquet courts
  4. crockpot - slothrust 
  5. forever dumb - surf curse
  6. the engine driver - the decemberists 
  7. hey - pixies
  8. headsgiving - porches
  9. linger - the cranberries
  10. no woman - whitney

its late im tired i tag everyone

Last night I had a dream that for April Fools day Blizzard added an Overwatch character named “Michael.” He was a tall mustached man with a three piece suit and one of those really old game show host microphones. Like the skinny ones on the price is right. All Michael could do was laugh. His E would make him hearty chuckle, his shift would make him guffaw, and his ult would make him point and laugh at an enemy character until he passed out. He could punch for 1 damage each hit.

Also every game I joined had a Michael on both teams.


“well hellleeeewww, kaz. wait! I know you! from tumblr!” - leigh bardugo
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yesterday was amazing and i still haven’t stopped internally screaming. i read the entirety of wonder woman: warbringer and it was FANTASTIC. leigh was so lovely and gracious to everyone at the signing and just. so genuine. i love that. a BUNCH of people wanted my picture (is this what it’s like to be famous?) and i got to meet some really cool fellow fans so yeah 11/10 experience

its almost four am but I finished. imma pass out but this is The New Paladins. another screenie tingie. redraw thingie.

Black: @ulti-mal

Red: @syeriane

Blue: @jaspurrlock

Green: @waffle-walks

Yellow: @sir-scandalous

ugles i was going to put pink and mustache man but I’m practically dead. gnight world. I’ll probably do the last two when i’m mad at my other drawings again. 

P.S. Mal stole the last bottle of alien alcohol. Think of it like that Krogan drink - it really fucks you up.

hmm i have a PNG of the BG separate if you wanna save it and use just clicky this. kk imma just idk fall asleep right here night.


Markiplier’s alter egos are surfacing. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We still don’t know. Why are they coming back?

Mark promised that 2017 is the new him. He’ll bring back that ‘old him’- he needs to renew that passion once more, he needs to light it up till he rivals a bright star in the night. 

Anti came back on Halloween. Halloween, as we know, is the time when the supernatural comes back and becomes alive because the barrier is weak. Was it their way to go through?

No. It’s not their way. They already exist, here. With us. With Mark and Sean. They are like dopplegangers, however as their shadows; their ‘shadows’ as their opposite selves. They don’t need any special gateway. Anti however used that way to bring himself to the limelight. Bask in it. Revel in it.

So, why didn’t Dark appear?

Why? Because simply, it’s not Dark’s style. It’s Anti’s. Anti is bombastic. Sporadic, he appears when you don’t expect him. You didn’t expect him to appear on Halloween. 

Dark however, he’s quiet. He knows manipulation. He’s a master. He knows how to sweet talk. And when is it the best to sweet talk? Valentine’s Day. He knows the special infatuation fans have with him. He knows how to twist his words into something pleasant; something good. 

And he is good. 

If you choose unwisely, you end up within his control. If you don’t get the ‘right’ choice, you will suffer. But then it is revealed that you can reset the reality. You’re still safe.

Jack and Mark are freely talking about them now. Mark acknowledges Anti and Dark at the same time in his episode of Mono.exe. And now, Google’s back. Mark talks about Bim Trimmer in livestream.

But Google is no ‘shadow/dark’ version of Mark. And if you recall, Santa was out as well last December. So does that mean that they exist here on our plane of existence as well? 

No. There’s someone at the gateway, a doorkeeper of the worlds. He who controls the gateways of the planes of existence. He who transcends the rules of physics- more powerful than Dark.And we all know who does it.

Wilford Warfstache.

He’s the one that you encounter in the part of ‘A Date With Markiplier’ in the ‘real’ ending. He literally is the one that brings you back to reality. He shows up in the transition, explaining things and popping out of nowhere. He’s the reason why you’re repeating the date, getting a ‘game over’ style and a ‘try again’ sign when you end up badly. He’s why the loop exists.

He’s the master. He’s the man behind everything. He’s tactically making Mark’s alter egos show up slowly one-by-one to remind the people that they are still there.

Dark and Wilford, hand-in-hand. Mark’s most famous alter egos, the classics, the original alternate personalities. They’re back again to shock the world.

Maybe connected to this theory-theory

Wilford found out about the state of Mark. Who’s better to remind the guy who he started with than those guys who were beside him all time? Mark as the leader, the celebrity, the Youtuber; Wilford as the Interviewer, the pink-mustached man who is quite goofy in a particular way; and Dark, Mark’s horrifying alter ego, the one that showed up in his earlier videos. The other alternate egos turning back to help the guy rise from the slump. 

What do you guys think?