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End It- Rick Grimes Imagine

Requested by Anon      
Request: Imagine being Rick’s girlfriend and Negan wanting you. And it being sad

Trigger warnings: Violence, Language, Negan (I mean ya’ll already know Negan so don’t be shocked by his actions)

Ricks arms tightened around my waist when he felt me stir, “trying to run already?”
I giggled softly, “Maybe.”
“Stay, Judith isn’t even awake yet.”
“I have to start breakfast, I promised Carl.”
“You win.”
He kissed me gently before I moved out of bed, throwing a shirt and a pair of jeans on, “Be up in thirty.”
“Yes ma'am.”
“Make it twenty.”
He laughed at me, throwing a pillow my way as I exited the room.

I was stirring the eggs in the pan when arms wrapped around my waist and a pair of lips hit my neck, “I thought I said twenty minutes.”
“Didn’t know there were rules,” Rick teased, pulling back.
I was about to get into some teasing banter with him until Enid rushed into the house, “It’s Maggie!”
“Maggie? What happened?” I asked, hitting panic mode.
“It’s the baby, something’s wrong.”

“We’re going to go as soon as we can,” Rick said.
“I’m coming too.”
“No,” he said. “With his men out there it’s not safe for you.”
“Maggie is my best friend, Rick, I’m going.”
“You’re going to go no matter what aren’t you?”

“Rick?” I asked quietly, seeing the men standing in the middle of the road.
“Stay here,” he said.
“Don’t go out there.”
“It’ll be alright.”
When he went out, I looked down at Maggie, “We’re going to make it there.”
“Have you seen any signs of Glenn?” she asked.
“Not yet, if I see any you’ll be the first to know.”

“Is this going to be a good idea?” I asked Rick as we stood around the dark forest.
“it’s the only way,” he said, squeezing my hand.
“I have a bad feeling about this.”
“We have to get Maggie to the Hilltop, this is the only way.”
“Okay, tell me what you want me to do,” he kissed my forehead.
“We’ll be okay.”

We were surrounded, there was no way to escape this. “Alright, get her on the ground and everyone get on their knees.”
A few men came toward Maggie but I stepped in front of them, “We got her, don’t touch her.”
They chuckled before slowly taking a step back. Aaron and Rick helped Maggie off of the stretcher, getting her to her feet.

“On your knees,” the man with the mustache said, looking at Rick and I.
Rick gave me a slow nod before sinking to his knees, “On your knees.”
“Or what?” I asked.
One of the men came up behind me, kicking me in the back of the led to get me to the ground.

When Negan came out of the RV, he wasn’t what I expected. During his whole speech my face was at the ground, looking at him wasn’t my top priority, that is until he stopped in front of me.
“I like to be looked at while I’m talking sweetheart,” he said but I still refused to move. “She’s a disrespectful little shit isn’t she?” His bat was placed in front of my face, “Look at me.”
My head raised and I stared at him, before Negan gleefully spoke, “Holy fuckin’ shit, we got ourselves a hot one. She’s giving me a hard-on even with those evil eyes.”
“Leave her alone,” Rick said, trying to use a powerful voice but it came out as a whiney beg.
Negan grinned at Rick, “I see how it is, you’re getting her pussy huh? Bet it’s fan-fucking-tastic.”
Negan crouched down in front of me, “Such a pretty face, maybe you should come home with me, I’ll show you how a real man does it.”
I felt the anger finally build up inside me before finally sending a glob of spit in his face. He stood up, wiping off my spit before shaking his head, “That shit was not cool.”
“Shouldn’t have been in my face.”
“I knew she was hiding some sass, I fucking knew it!” he pointed Lucille at me. “Get her into the RV, we’re going to have a chat in a few minutes.”

The screams and cries of my friends were terrifying. The tears were already falling down my cheeks when the RV doors re-opened, Rick being shoved inside , Negan following close behind.
“Nuh-uh pretty lady,” Negan said. “Stay in your fuckin’ seat.”
My eyes were trained of Rick, seeing the blood on his face, “Who was it?”
He couldn’t look at me, “Abraham and Glenn.”
My lip quivered even more, Abraham was like a brother to me, “No.”
Rick finally looked up, his blue eyes filling with tears, I knew that look all too well, he wanted me in his arms but we knew Negan wouldn’t allow it.

Negan sat close to me, putting his arm around my shoulder, “I bet your even prettier cleaned up.”
“Keep your hands off of me.”
“How come Rick the prick gets a taste and I don’t huh?”
“Because I love Rick.”
“Well Rick isn’t here, I won’t tell if you won’t,” when he didn’t get a reply he said something else. “How long have you two been together?”
“A while.”
“So vague.”
He leaned closer to me, making me uncomfortable before we heard a thud on the roof, “Rick’s a cockblock huh?” he asked with a grin, standing up.
“If you say so.”
He pulled out his gun again, pointing it towards the roof, “What are you dong?”
“Getting him moving.”
He started shooting at the roof and that’s when something in me snapped. I jumped at him, throwing a punch but his gun going off stopped me. I felt a pain and looked down, seeing a seeping blood stain forming under my breast.
“Well shit pretty lady, look what you made me do!” he yelled at me with a grin.

My body was on the ground when Rick pushed his way into the RV, blood pooling around me.
“Y/N?” Rick asked , dropping the axe and grabbing my body.
“You’ll be okay,” Rick’s hand was pressing down onto the wound, trying to stop the bleeding but there was too much.
“You need to do it.”
“No,” he shook his head. “No.”
“Rick I’m not going to make it.”
“Don’t say that, we’ve lost so much today, I’m not letting you go too.”
“She’s not going to survive Rick,” Negan said, leaning against the wall. “It hit an important part of her body, look at all the blood. It’s up to you now, let her turn or end her suffering.”
“End it,” I begged Rick. “Please…I’m ready to go.”
Rick started sobbing, his head placing itself on my chest, “Okay, okay I’ll do it I just-”
I coughed, blood spurting from my mouth as I did so, “you kill this son of a bitch Rick, you better win.”
He kissed my forehead gently, “I’ll get him, I promise you that.”
“Tick tock prick.”
“I’ll do it,” he whispered.
Negan gave him a knife, “Try anything smart and I’ll kill your friends outside.”
Rick looked back to me, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” I said, barely able to speak, my body becoming weak.
He pressed the tip of the knife against my head, sobbing loudly before letting out a yell, shoving the knife deep inside my skull.

AN: The person wanted sad, hope this was sad enough. I’ve never written a fic about Rick before so this was my first one ever.