Les amis as things my friends have said (part 4)

Enjolras: the Republic is in peril and I’m tired

Ferre: i have pet peeves about sentences

Courf: when i die, cook spaghetti, i’ll be happy in valhalla

Grantaire: enj smells like teen spirit

Bahorel: broseidon

Jehan: i love how the world cryptid has the word cry in it

Feuilly: dying+organization

Bossuet: i’m smemeing (memes+screaming)

Joly: I don’t know how i’m still alive but I am so I’m considering this science

Marius: memes, but supportive


Cosette: don’t be mean to supervillains

Eponine: oh man the not being straight is so relatable

Montparnasse: lol pal i know a lot about sin

Valjean: Happy Father’s Day: if your dad is shitty I will come to your house with a fake mustache and physically pick you up and take you to sign the adoption papers so I can be your dad.

Javert: Hi hello I have no self control

Gavroche: Get rekt old man

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So I got my got7 album this morning and I was in my shorts, t-shirt and I had no bra underneath cause I just woke up. I open the door and there’s this old dude with a pedo mustache. He scanned me from head to toe, stopped at my boobs n said I look cute and that my messy hair is adorable. I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE. His crusty ass hand kind of caressed mine when he passed me the pen to sign a paper. I was done at this point, I snatched the package out of his hands and closed the fucking door without saying goodbye. He was so creepy it ruined my whole day :(

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: At the end of 'Beauty and the Beast' when the Beast is human again and he growls at Belle, does that mean that the curse will forever have effects on those cursed? Like will the Beast retain animal like qualities? Will Lumiere forever have that little spark at the top of his head that goes off sometimes? What about Plumette with feathers in her hair? Or Cogsworth and his slightly askew mustache? Is the Enchantress so extra that she leaves these small reminders?

anonymous asked:

Okay but can you imagine tyler bate eating you out.... like his scruff scraping your thighs, the kisses he leaves around the lips and how he would tease.....

Can I imagine??? CAN I?

The answer, sweet anon, is I imagine it all too much. Literally it is pretty much a constant thing in the back of my head because now? He doesn’t just have his cute mustache, he’s also growing the scruffy scruff. And well. I’m all for the scruffiness scratching against my thighs and.. Really everywhere tbh, I’m good with it everywhere.

And Tyler, he’s not the ‘you lay down and I’ll just go down,’ type okay. He’s the ‘sit on my face and if you try to squirm away, I’m only going to hold you tighter,’ type. Like, he’s a huge tease okay, that’s just the kind of person he is. Y'ALL THINK HE IS THIS SWEET LITTLE GOOBER, TRUST ME I DID TOO, but he’s not. HE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW HOT HE IS AND he knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s a god damn tease and I hate him.

And he wouldn’t just leave it at eating you out, oh no. HE’S GOnnA BE AN ASSHOLE ANd the dirty talk, oh my gooooooddddd, the dirty talk. So it would start with him kissing your thighs like while you’re already embarrassed and dying and he would nibble on them and like “you gotta tell me what you want love,” and like??? THIS WAS HIS IDEA WHAT, so you would just. “Tyler,” and he would probs be like “as much as I love you whimpering out my name like that, that isn’t what I asked for,” AND MY h e a r t i s m e l t i n g. And so you would squirm a little bit when he bite down on your thigh again, his scruff rubbing a bit as he did. “Please,” “Please what love,” AND THSI BOY “Eat me out,” AND THEN HE WOULD SMIRK A LITTLE AND one last kiss to your thigh before HE JUST GOES FOR THE GOLD. AND YOU WOULD BE SO SHOCKED BY HOW FAST HE JUST WENT FOR IT, You would falter a little bit, his grip would just tighten and you would have to hold onto the headboard because damn.

And after a lil bit he would move away, teasing licks to your clit all while he’s muttering about how sweet you taste which is making my heart hurt. And you’re just like a moaning mess above him, one hand on the headboard to hold yourself up, the other on your breast and you’re just immersed in the way his tongue is pleasuring you all while his scruff is leaving burns and he’s like hornier than he was before because the sight of you. And that’s when he focuses because he needs to make sure you get off to his tongue before he even thinks about fucking you and?

Basically he would probs make you cum twice with his tongue because he’s a cheeky bastard and then WOULD COME THE SWEET, SWEET LOVE MAKING, I NEED TO STOP BEFORE MY HEART EXPLODES KAY THANKS FOR PLAYING, BYE.

Allura: For this mission, we’ll need someone to infiltrate the central hub by hiding in plain sight. Unfortunately, our faces are now common knowledge. I myself need to stay in the Castle to continue negotiations, so we sadly cannot shapeshift our way out of this problem.

Hunk: Ugh. I hate it when Plan S doesn’t work.

Allura: We must find a way into this hub. Does anybody have any idea how?

Coran: Princess… I think I may be able to do it.

Allura: Coran, are you sure? Your face is also exceedingly well-known… what kind of disguise would you even use?

Coran: The simplest one there is, of course! You want me to hide in plain sight, correct? Then there’s only one way to do this.

(scene change)

Lance: (cautiously weighs the razor in his hand) Coran… are you sure?

Coran, clutching onto his seat with a white-knuckled grip, tears in his eyes: Yes. Just, make it quick, please. For all our sakes.

Lance: (flips on electric razor’s switch) Godspeed, my friend.

Coran: (closes his eyes as the razor leers over his face)