mustache tutu

teosclub  asked:

AP and DiE are helping female reader to revenge her ex boyfriend. They gather at reader's ex boyfriend house in disguise. What will be next is up to mod (please make it crack, love this blog so much _(:3 ] <)_

Add cracks his knuckles, grinning.  He’s supposed to be in disguise, but “disguise” for him apparently means slapping on a fake mustache and a tutu.  It’s not a good look for him, but who are you to complain, really?

Ain at least made an effort.  He’s not wearing his normal skintight, oddly revealing outfit.  He’s in jeans and a T-shirt.  It’s weird.  You wish he’d go back to normal.

“Don’t do anything to hurt him,” you remind them both.  “I just want him to regret breaking up with me like that.  Uh… what are you planning to do?”

“An experiment,” says Add, and cackles.  You turn to Ain, who sighs.

“Apparently, there is a human phenomenon where you drop a small object and can’t find it ever again.”

You’ve been on the receiving end of that a few times.  You nod.  Ain tilts his head.

“We’re going to… artificially arrange for all the small objects in his house to disappear.”

You’re still laughing when Add and Ain go inside.