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did you ever come up with your own AU??

I have spoken about this with @its-captain-senpai at one point.

I had imagined something up called Treasuretale for fun one day.

Treasuretale takes place after the monsters leave the Underground and live on the surface. Papyrus eventually learns and takes an interest in treasure and puzzles Lara Croft/Uncharted style, Sans is dragged along by Papyrus and has an interest in human history and yet-to-be-discovered relics.

Both would wear some type of safari uniform variation, with Papyrus likely carrying everything in a rucksack of sort, such as maps (in tubes, hanging from the side of his rucksack) and binoculars. He’d also probably wear a stick-on mustache as a style choice. Just because. Fun ensues and they totally end up in a lot of trouble.

I have no artistic talent, though, and barely any writing talent (but I’m somehow getting by) so if anyone wants to use that AU idea and make a comic or something, go ahead, I’ll promote you. I haven’t seen it anywhere before (as far as I know).



@rainfett asked how, so here’s the answer to my hair (Pomade and Patience)! It’s a quick edit of a video that I filmed a couple of months ago inline with another video inspired by @megandear where I answer questions that I get on here! I’ve changed the technique a bit since then, so maybe I’ll film another how to for fun. I’m going to do a proper edit and have the audio included next time. If there’s anything you folks want to ask, I’ll film another video and answer any questions I receive!