mustache punch


Ox Baker Triumphant- The Mountain Goats

“This is a song about a professional wrestler named Ox Baker, master of the heart punch. You get hit with a heart punch you could possibly die, that’s the word on the street about Ox Baker! If he hits you with that heart punch you could land in the hospital or the grave. That’s a hell of a thing to have happen to you, if you just went in, maybe trying to wrestle scientifically. Like a goddamn good-guy, baby-face, going in there,wrestle, you know, doing like the holds and the moves, and Ox Baker comes around and he’s six-foot-four and he has a handle bar mustache and he’ll punch you straight in the goddamn heart as soon as look at you! 

That’s the thing about Ox, is that you’re there to score a victory, you know, and to gain glory for yourself and for your family name. Ox Baker has a t-shirt that says ‘I Like to Hurt People.’ So you guys have different ideologies, one of you has this ideology of like good and evil and probably Courtly Love and all kinds of other things. Ox’s ideology is primitive and dark and springs from the rocks underneath us and we can’t even understand it because we graduated from it a long time ago. But Ox is very interesting, he’s darker, more primitive, base, earthen ideas, but he doesn’t express it that way, he expresses it by punching you in the goddamn heart!

So it’s probably going to be hard times for you when you get into it with Ox cause he doesn’t really care. You care, Ox doesn’t care, the guy who doesn’t care has a big advantage! In life, generally speaking. It has the disadvantage, as far as like feeling at home with the world; where the victor would be you. This is a song that imagines that Ox Baker has been taken away somehow and dumped because they wanted to get rid of him, because they don’t understand his philosophy, right? But Ox will come back, that’s really, that’s my message. That’s why I’m in this business in the first place, to let everybody know that Ox is coming back. He will come again, in the sort of glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end!

This is called ‘Ox Baker Triumphant’