mustache kitten


Before it’s too late, my other traditional Christmas Day post:

Mr Whiskers exchanging gifts with Ruby the hungry kitten in The Greatest Store in the World aka the film that gave us the original Greatest Mustache in the World and ALSO the original SNUGGLY FLEECE.

(Appropriately accompanied here by BRIAN BLESSED)

No wonder the film is considered a modern Christmas classic!


I’m pretty sure I just fell in love with the mustache dude. 

We’re playing these characters so we can’t go, oh, this guy’s a jerk.  Here he goes again tryin’ to take over the world or whatever! I feel that he’s also not an evil guy.  He’s just made certain choices along the way. Some of those choices, some people might frown on.  I really think that this guy’s had a really hard life and he’s doin’ the best that he can to move his life forward and even taking some other people under his wing as well.  So it’s not just me twirling my mustache and petting a kitten.  That will happen next season… I’m trying to move other people’s lives forward in the way that I have as well.
—  Brett Dalton on if he views his character as evil