mustache fail

Me character, Zigmond, asked my friend’s character Didi, a really friendly, likable, happy-go-lucky warrior-girl, to escort someone to our group leader, Fredrich.
Didi: “Sure thing! I’ll make sure to befriend him on the way!”
Fredrich OOC, trying to help Didi, whispered to her: “nice mustache”, since the escorted guy had a pretty nice mustache.
Didi, failing to realize that was OOC remark, wears a shocked expression, put her hand slowly to her upper lip, and whisper to herself in a distressed tone “I… I have a mustache?… since when?…”
Cue everyone losing our shit with laughter.

anonymous asked:

we all know Allura and Shiro can be silly, but do you have any headcanons for any silliness they do together?

  • looking at sparkly things together. alien jewelry is out of this world ;)
  • allura introduces shiro to all sorts of altean drinks during their late night talks (whether because of nightmares or during strategy meetings)
  • speaking of strategy meanings, they use either the mice or strange objects (think bits of fluff, small half broken figurines from old altean board games, etc.) as stand ins for the other paladins during their planning. 
  • shiro eventually gets a shiny blue stone as allura’s stand in, and allura gets a tuft of a black and white carpet for shiro.
  • shiro loves to use strands of allura’s hair to pretend he has a mustache and it never fails to crack her up - especially when he impersonates coran
  • allura discovers polaroid cameras and her life changes. her favourite thing to do is take pictures of shiro when he’s not looking/making silly expressions, and she eventually presents him a collage of them.
  • allura will steal his vest and hide it in various places in the castle
  • washing the mice and soaking each other with the spray nozzle
  • shiro tells allura all the ridiculous things their paladins have gotten up during training that she may have missed while taking care of other business
  • they like to do puzzles together. it’s quite and simplistic and it’s nice to have the feeling of putting something broken back together
  • once the war is over, they like to go camping, and shiro can’t help but smile at how eagerly allura eats her smores when they’re sitting at their little campfire.
  • having sparring matches that get more and more ridiculous in terms of requirements, like, they can’t use their hands, only their arms/elbows to block blows
  • allura likes pulling his lil tuft of white hair out of his beautiful eyes with a hair tie, and shiro likes braiding her hair.

Some Guy With A Mustache And A Monocle With Money In His Sights I Guess

This one is bit of a departure from my usual style, but I though it was worth a go. This started off as something completely different, but it’s finally at a point where it’s good enough to post. That, and I had an idea for an entirely unrelated design that I want to work on a lot more than I want to work on this one any more right now.

Where did this idea come from? A few days ago, I saw Cindy Suen’s “Two Dogs Found a Triangle on the Wall” gif, and I noticed the dog with the mustache. I thought it was interesting that the mustache was atop the dog’s nose, but then I thought “OMG, I SHOULD DESIGN A CHARACTER WITH A MUSTACHE ON TOP OF HIS NOSE TOO!” But when I tried and I couldn’t make it look right. So I was still thinking about mustaches, and I had the mustache from the failed face design, and I needed something else to go with it. So I sculpted a newer and slightly less derpy face, but it was still too bare and boring. So I added a hat. Then it was still boring. Then I added a monocle, and it looked a bit better. But then I added the “$” and it looked more complete. Then I had a different idea and it was time to work on that instead. The end.